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Midorima Version.}

Welcome to lucky Items!Would you like to take your favorite Item for today?
Midorima looked at the lucky Items he saw a bunny wearing a small clock necklace on his neck. Midorima looked at It for a long time the bunny Is sweatdropping and move his eyes a bit midorima saw It "uwaa It moved" Midorima followed It When the bunny runs, and he felt a strong air but he Ignored It. when he was running he felt like he keeps on stepping on something and he felt like he Is having a hard time running. he spot a mirror and looks at It "wha..what the hell am I wearing?what the hell Is wrong with this gown?"

"You lost young lady?" when midorima looked at him "Your not a lady!" the prince runs away. "Stupid" midorima blurted.

The bunny transformed Into a human "Ahahaha that prince Is funny"

"Well I have no Intention to let you pass In the kingdom!First of all you need to win on me. 1 on 1"
"Huh?No! In an eating contest."
"Sure I'll take you on aomine" Midorima takes off the gown.
"Why do you keep calling me Aomine Im an Usagi ok?"((In japanese Usagi means bunny))
"Alright let's start" A familiar voice joins the talk.
"Madhatter!what the hell are you doing here?"
The mad hatter clicked some button on a remote control and a swimming pool Is shown.
"What's up with the pool madhatter?" The usagi raises his eyebrow "Swimming for 1 on 1"
"Alright! Bring It on!" usagi said arrogantly. "Your going down megane kun!" ((In english 'Glasses kun' coz midorima wears a glasses))Midorima and The usagi started to swim at the swimming pool but Midorima Is the only one who made It.
"Congratulations!"Said the mad hatter while patting midorima's shoulder. "Where's The usagi?"
"Oh that guy?I dont know that he cant swim just look at that" mad hatter looked at It and saw a body floating "He's a Funny guy and one to talk"
"Anyways you cant survive this kingdom. There's a lot of challenges you need to survive"
"Doesn't matter I'll go anyway and why the hell am I stucked here?"
"Including my challenge"The madhatter disappears.
"Nyan" "A cat?" Midorima looks at It "Kise?"
"Im cat not Kise!" He coughed "I heared your conversation with madhatter and hey!where are you going?Listen to me Im the next one who'll take you on!" The cat(kise) follows the alice (midorima).
"Hey like I said Im the one who'll take you on next"
"Your noisy!" Midorima bumped Into something " Murasakibara?"
"Im the one who'll take you on"
"What's with you having those colorful wings at your back?!"
"All you have to do Is to pass my riddles"
"Let me through!"
"Alright" The butterfly(Murasakibara) moved a little "Ah thank you" and Midorima continues to walk.
After a few seconds the butterfly realized " you tricked me!" The butterfly runs and stand In front of Midorima's front "What now?"
"Go ahead"
"Sweet . ."
"That's It?" The butterfly nodded In response.


"You passed!"

After that midorima continues to walk and the cat just follows. The cat facepalmed "His riddles are easy" While walking both of them Noticed that they keep walking and walking at the same place all over again.

"This Is wierd"
"Uh-Oh this might be madhatter's challenge for you"
"I dont really get this challenge.I just followed a stuffed toy bunny that moved and then this Is happening" He sighed.
"Finally made It alice kun?"
"Of course I made It!even you,can pass the easy challenges"
The cat laughed "I dont know how you get through the bunny though"

"He drowned" Midorima blurted.

"oh my god That guy cant swim ahahaha"

"Shut up already" Midorima sighed.

"This challenge Is for you to find out on how are you supposed to get out of here. you have 5 minutes to get out. Start!"
Midorima started to run but everytime he keeps on opening the door he's always at the same place. "damn" he's perspiring.
"Oh what Is this paper?" Midorima looked at It and the Instructions on how to get out Is written on It midorima followed and managed to escape. "Where the hell Did I place the prince's Instructions On the maze?I wonder" The madhatter says while holding his chin.
"Madhatter I made It"
"Uwaa that was fast!You passed then" When midorima Is about to walk, the castle suddenly breaks down "uwaa earthquake?"

Real world...
"What's happening To midorimacchi?"
"Yeah!His funny specially His face"
AKashi brings out his video recorder and records Midorima's actions _

Akashi Version.}

It was night that time akashi heared a lot of gossips that there's a ghost floating around the school every night. but those gossips Is nothing but tales for him. one night when he was left at the school,he was reading at the library and he was assigned to close the library so he stayed for a longer a few hours the lights turns off then turns on he Ignored It and after a few seconds he's still reading a book, he heared a footsteps coming towards him It's a ghost floating around the school he remembered "If It's floating why can I hear footsteps?" he thought. He didn't turn his way to the sound of the footsteps that stopped at his back he didn't looked at who It was and It feels very cold at his back. after a few minutes he heared the empty chair Infront of Him moved a bit the attention of akashi's eyes Is still In the book but he can see someone sitting Infront of him though kinda blurry he sighed silently and look at who It was and saw this young scary lady staring at him she has no eyeballs at the left side of her face her lips Is ripped while there's a hole near her nose her face Is really scary. he stares at her for a long time but akashi can feel a goosebumps on him he turns his way back on the book. then the scary young lady stands up and started to crawl on the table and she's about to touch the book of akashi.

Real world..
AKashi woke up and open the lights "Damn scary" he sweatdropped.
"Oh It's Morning?" someone calls him It was atsushi telling that AKashi Is already late he sighed and facepalmed "I should have cut that scary young girl's hair and make her bald"
"Seii your late for..".Yondaira noticed akashi's dark aura. "seiiichan your aura!" Akashi's dad runs away as fast as he could.

Aomine Version.}

"Man,Do you promise that you will love this woman forever?"
"Yes I do"
"Woman, Do you promise that you will love this man forever?"
"Yes I do"
"You may kiss the bride" Both of them are about to kiss.

Real world.
"-Mine kun!"
"Aomine Kun!" Kuroko pinches daiki's cheeks hardly ."Uwaa...Ouch!" Aomine looks at who It was "That Hurts Tetsu!"
"Your dreaming" Kuroko blurted and started to read her book again.
what the hell was that dream?And why the hell am I the bride and the guy seems like the male version of Tetsu. He thinks. "That's wierd but funny!"

Kise Version.}

Kise Is chased by amazonas In the school. a random guy helped him and shows him a way where to escape so Kise goes there. The place Is like a normal guild. he walks slowly and saw snacks and wrappers and some used cans "Is this A hideout for deliquents or something?" while walking he heared wierd noises "Uh? what's that?" He saw a lion running towards him the lion seems very hungry Kise Is afraid so he runs away "wha..what the hell Is wrong with this guild?" while running he saw a sign saying 'press button' "I got a bad feeling about pressing that button" he has no other choice so he pressed the button and after that a net grabs him (It was actually meant for the lion) after a few minutes an arrow Is coming towards him the arrow managed to hit the rope of the net kise managed to escape but he cant, coz the number of arrows Is increasing plus It looks Like It Is meant for him.

there 's a big hole at the left so he runs there and managed to make It In time. "Fuwahh what was that all about?"
Kise turns his way at the voices."Why the hell Is there an ocean In here?And what's with that drama?"
"Always remember that I Lroove yoou"
"Me too joseph" "Both of them really loved each other" The narrator Is narrating while walking slowly and kise saw him and an arrow on his back "Oi are you still alive narrator san?" kise shouted but the narrator Ignored him.
Someone tapped kise's shoulder "Mind joining us Ikemen?" (Ikemen - Pretty boy) "Eh?ah..sure" Kise goes with the ladies and saw 3 host sitting on the beatiful chair "why the hell Is there a hosts In this guild?What's wrong with this guild?"
One host walks towards them "Oh what a beatiful girl" The host touched kise's chin "Your face Is very familiar have we met before?"The host chuckled "I know. We are past lovers" "His a guy Idiot!" " A guy?" The host fainted but nobody cares. the ladies continues to walk and Introduced Kise to the others and the 2 host. They are having fun kise Is having fun not because he's getting flirt by the ladies but because he's safe. Afterwards he fell asleep but then when he wakes up he can hear a big voice of Inhaling and exhaling he looks at It "Uwaa what a giant" It's a giant monster Infront of him but It's sleeping Kise can only see It's back so he walks slowly and then he saw a dead dead bodies. They are familiar,they are the generation of miracles Including momoi and tetsuya. His eyes widened and accidentally stepped on the giant's finger but since he's too small the giant didn't noticed. He cried. "everyone.."

Real world...
"Oi kise!Kisseeee" Aomine drops his water on kise's face "Ack.." kise opens his eyes "a..aominecchi?"
"The practice will start soon and wipe those tears will ya?"
"Ah.." kise smiled "Yeah"

Murasakibara Version.}

Murasaki Is In the world without sweets and snacks he survived this world however his life Is just the same,The next day he will do the same thing there's no day for him to play or have a weekends he just keeps studying and studying he gets tired of his life. One day he met an object named candy and the other one Is snack.they keep telling murasaki that he should eat them but murasaki cant, since In that world they are the only friend of day comes that he became peniless he decided to eat candy and snack but the next day he woke up he no longer lives In a city with people around just a shop full of sweets however his not happy about It being alone seeing no 's this one boy that murasaki saw so he immediately calls for the young young boy Is holding a cookies In his hands when murasaki looks at the boy It was him when he was young. the young boy said "You should eat us" the voice Is the same to candy and snack murasaki Is shocked the young boy started to cry so murasaki kneels down to reach for the boy "Stop crying" the young boy hugged murasaki and whispered "I should eat you" "Eh?" Murasaki looked at the younger boy his blank and laughing on a whispering way. murasaki Is shocked and his about to run away but the boy managed to catch him and started to eat murasaki's arms "Your next mister. you got tricked by them dont you?" Murasaki remembered "You should eat us the day will come for you to meet your destiny" murasaki shouted "This Is not what I want!"

Real world...
Murasaki opens his eyes gently "akachin?"
"WHat happened to you?"
"Nothing."Murasaki saw some candy and snacks beside him but he Ignores It for the meantime.

-end of extra chap.-

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"Uwaa we're all In the same Class"
"This Is gonna be great"


"Kyaaaa kiseki no sedai Is In our class" Momoi Is sitting at the left corner of kuroko and the GOM members keeps scaring the students sitting on the right corner,front corner and back corner of Kuroko because they want to sit near kuroko.