This is just a compilation of a "few" ideas I've had about a certain game I've recently become infatuated with, i.e. League of Legends. Now it's a personal habit (and a favor I have been asked of) to make these characters. Because I like league so much, I made them in a league champion format. While this is for my brother, for his stories, I want to see what you guys think of them. Also, if you have any name and champ title requests I can try to make them to anybody's liking or something.

Well, now that I think about it, I made 45 of these guys so 5 abilities and a lore times 45 is just enough for me... But if you do have an idea, you can put it up in the reviews or PM me with their abilities, name and lore as well as the name of which I should give credit to, so I might be able to put them up in later sections. Id really appreciate reviews for these guys, too.

Please tell me if they need to be nerfed, too. XD

Those who review get special thanks after each team of 5 champs as well as those who review this selection! Enjoy! :D