Name: Faedron

Age: ?

Title: The Light of Justice

Team: 3

Melee: Tank/Support

Passive - Balance the Scales: When Faedron no longer has enough mana to cast spells, he gains 30% AD, Armor, and Mr until he can cast spells again.

Q - Divine Light: Faedron casts a divine light on an ally or an enemy. Allies are healed by a set amount + (1% per 40 AP) of their missing health. When cast on an enemy it has the opposite effect.

mana: 80/ 90/ 100/ 110/ 120

cd: 12/ 11.5/ 11/ 10.5/ 10s

Base damage/heal: 70/ 110/ 150/ 190/ 230

W - Flaring Rush: Faedron charges in one direction, up to 500 ft, taking any and all enemy or allied champions hit with him. If he does pass a champion, he can use the ability a second time free of cost. Additionally, allies he pulls gain a shield for a set amount + (50%) AP, that lasts 3 seconds, and stacks with both uses.

mana: 70/ 80/ 90/ 100/ 110m

cd: 12/ 11.5/ 11/ 10.5/ 10

Base shield: 60/ 90/ 120/ 150/ 180

E - Pain Split: Faedrons puts an aura on an allied champion that massively increases Armor and Mr and deals a % of the damage taken by that ally to the attacker and himself, evenly, as magic damage.

mana: 90/ 105/ 120/ 135/ 150m

cd: 15/ 14.5/ 14/ 13.5/ 13

% damage back: 10%/ 20%/ 30%/ 40%/ 50%

R - Reckoning: Faedron uses his total current mana, split evenly among those in range, to both heal allies and deal magic damage to enemies within 5500 ft, after a 3 second charge. Additionally, he gains a huge burst of mana regeneration for a time after use.

mana: all current mana

cd: 240/ 200/ 160s

mana regen duration: 10/ 15/ 20s

mana regen: 400%/ 500%/ 600%

Lore - Thousands of years ago, a single child was granted the powers of the god of justice. He was to act as a judge and executioner of justice in his deity's name. Faedron only remembers the bare essentials of his mission: reward those that fight for just reasons and punish those who would go against the standards of justice. As well as being a vessel for holy light, he was blessed with the ability to reincarnate himself as old or as young as he wants should he encounter death.

His mission has sent him all across Valoran and has now brought him to the Fields of Justice. He openly does not trust the summoners in charge of the Fields of Justice, and as such has near forced his way into the League of Legends to better keep an eye on their affairs. Officially, he is the third person in League history to pass through the Doors of Acceptance without need of observation or reflection.

"How can you all call this place the 'Fields of Justice' when the light of justice does not shine here?" -Faedron.

Game Quote - "Justice is blind to good and evil."