It all seemed to happen so quickly to Stiles. One moment, he had been have the most erotic sexual experience with Derek and now he was being told he was being hunted. This is why Stiles was hesitant to get into a sexual relationship with Derek. He had so much baggage it scared Stiles.

Derek stood before Stiles, in a twitchy and awkward way.

"Look, Derek. Just. I d-"

"Stiles please don't leave. I only just got you and you can't leave. Please don't leave." Derek interrupted in a quick and nervous pace.

"Derek I won't leave. Just be honest next time okay. I don't care that I am your mate or whatever. The only thing I am mad about is the fact I can't protect myself. I hate it when you stand up for me."


"You're so controlling, Derek. And you know it."

Derek laughed. Stiles found Derek's laugh contagious and started laughing too.

Derek had never found himself so happy then in the last day. He had never felt like this. He had been so secluded his whole life. He had no family left and he felt alone. Derek often pushed away those he loved the most. But he couldn't find it in himself to push away Stiles. Not after everything Stiles had done for him and Scott. Stiles was the only thing that made Derek feel something.

"Sometimes...I wish I was like you and..." Stiles trailed off, halting the laughter the two shared.

"You don't want to be like us, babe."

"Why wouldn't I...babe."

"Ah, there's good old sarcastic Stiles." Derek smiled.

"I would want to protect you like you protect me. I am sick and tired of being the damsel in distress. I want to fight those alphas and hunters." Stiles sighed.

"All in good time, Stiles."

Stiles wanted to fight more, but Derek's calm nature was making it hard for Stiles to urge a reaction. Stiles loved the reaction.

Stiles walked forward and gazed deeply into Derek's eyes, smiling with joy.

"You were that piece." Derek whispered, the low decibels of his voice only audible to Stiles. They were that close.


"There was always something missing, Stiles. Ever since my family died, I had nobody to talk to. But I have you, to talk to, to hold, to...have. You are mine."

Have. Mine.

There was something about the possession Derek had in his voice. Almost like Derek owned Stiles. And for some strange reason, this pleased Stiles.

"And forever I shall be yours."

Derek ended the conversation abruptly by kissing Stiles, their lips gently but erotically touching and devouring.

Releasing the kiss, Stiles and Derek just stood for a while. Doing nothing, just kind of staring at each other in lust, love, joy, happiness and some such things. They both did not feel the need to say anything or do anything. They didn't need to touch or kiss, just the strength of their gaze was enough to make them feel intimate and together.

After a while Stiles mumbled something.

"So, does this mean I am your boyfriend now?"

Derek looked down on Stiles and grinned.

"I suppose it does."

"Well, being your boyfriend, I think I have the right to know if there is anything I can do to help you kill the alpha or alphas hunting me."

Derek sighed.

"Stiles, seriously."

"I just want to know."

"Now you're just being pushy."

"And you're just being controlling."

Derek rolled his eyes and placed his hands on Stiles' shoulders.

"Stiles Stilinski, hear me now. Stay in the house. I have to go out and consult with Peter."

Stiles knew that even though his exterior maybe be saying he will stay in the house, there was no way he would. Stiles wanted to help.


"Please, Stiles. Please just stay in the house."

Stiles nodded. Derek once again kissed the temple of Stiles' head and commenced a staunch walk out of the house. Stiles watched from the window, making sure that Derek disappeared from plain sight before he made his way towards the door.

At first, Stiles just opened the aperture, and let the sunlight leak through the trees onto the deck in front of his. He peered through the branches, in search of finding the source of the light. But it all just seemed to be one blur. Hi eyes were still trying to readjust to the brightness after being inside for such a long time. He stepped forward. The line in which had been created as a shield around the house was visible now, the sun enlivening the rich black powder like glitter.

He contemplated for a moment.

Should I? Shouldn't I?

And after a small debate with himself, he stood over the line.