Stiles instantly knew what he was doing was wrong, but he couldn't help it. The man Stiles had shared himself with was now putting his life on the line for him, and this made Stiles uneasy. Plus, Stiles liked being told off by Derek. He kind of had the fantasy of sharing make-up sex with Derek.

The inner conflict Stiles was having with himself made him zone out for a moment. He had not realised that simultaneously he was thinking and walking further forward, thus leading him farther away from the house. He started to realise what he was doing but ignored it, simply pretending he hadn't noticed the motion of his feet moving slowly forward.

He reached the end of the forest in which Derek's house was in and saw his lovely little blue jeep parked on the road.

How did that get here?

Stiles wondered for a while. He didn't drive his car here. Nonetheless, he found his keys in his jean pockets.

What the hell?

Stiles questioned no further as when he got further to the car he saw a note slipped into the windshield wiper.

Guess you wanted your baby. I called Derek last night and he said you were with him. Love, Dad.

Stiles held the note tightly in his hand and read over it a few times, just because he knew his father had wrote it. He missed his dad all of a sudden, but then noticed another note that had been directly underneath it.

Stiles. I told you to stay in the fucking house.

Stiles kinda smiled for a moment, noticing the colourful language and post-kindergarten scribbles of Derek's hand writing. He let the note go in the breeze, once again choosing to ignore the warning.

Derek's car was gone. Presumably, he had driven to where he was going and not run around as a big fury monster attracting attention in the daylight.

Stiles was always fond of the smell his car reeked of. A mix of onion rings, Scott, new school books, lacrosse uniform and unfortunately, a little bit of marijuana. He sat in his car briefly, not starting the engine, or adjusting his seat, but merely smelling the familiar smells he loved. He then proceeded to start the engine, remembering that Derek had mentioned something of Peter, Derek's uncle. Peter often dwelled in the mountains above Beacon Hills, so instinctively, Stiles began to drive up there.

Nothing really seemed out of place up in the mountains. No big black sports car or scary wolves running around like lunatics. Stiles drove slowly through the mountains, keeping his eye out for any sign of Derek. All of a sudden, Derek was standing no more than a few feet away from the car and was staring angrily at Stiles. Stiles slammed his foot on the break, jerking himself forward onto the staring wheel and coming to an exasperated halt. They both just stared at each other, the majority of the tension burning from Derek's eyes and the nervous tension exuding from Stiles'. Abruptly, Derek walked around to the side of the car and pulled the drivers door off of it's hinges. Derek pulled Stiles from his seat by his collar and slammed him against the side of the still intact door.

"Eh! What are you doing! That's going to cost..."

"What the fuck are you fucking doing here!" Derek yelled through gritted teeth.

"I could smell you from a fucking mile away. Do you know how dangerous it is for you up here. You fucking idiot."

Stiles sunk down in his shirt, feeling both hurt and ashamed.

Derek released his grip and Stiles dropped back onto his feet.

"I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean that." Derek said, noticing the hurt look on Stiles' face.

Stiles did not reply.

Derek stepped forward, getting closer to Stiles.

"I didn't mean that. I'm just angry you followed me. I don't want you to get killed."

"I don't want you to get killed either." Stiles whispered, reaching for Derek's hand and holding it. Derek smiled and looked at Stiles.

"Don't worry. I am not going to get-"

"So. What are the two love birds doing up here?" Peter's sarcastic voice laughed from behind Derek.

Derek quickly let go of Stiles' hand.

"Oh, don't be shy Derek, I can smell the gay on you from here."

Derek closed his eyes, as if ashamed of Stiles.

"I though maybe your distant cousin Mark could be gay but you? Wow."

"Shut the fuck up Peter. I'm not with him."

Stiles looked at Derek puzzledly and Derek gave him a We can't tell him look.

"Well, from the sound of kinda are. You know, the Eligendo?"

"Fine. Alright. I'm with Stiles."

"Stiles. Nice to meet you. Welcome to the fucked up Hale family. I presume he is one of us, Derek?" Peter said sincerely.


"No? Then why is he out of the house? Haven't you told him about the Eligendo?"

"I have but-"

"Then why is he out here?" Peter said, his voice expressing a tone of annoyance.

Derek looked at Stiles sadly.

"I followed him."