"You fucking followed him?" Peter spat violently, tethering at Stiles' confession.

"Do you even know what is out here? Derek is a bloody puppy compared to this guy."

Stiles frowned at Peter, knowing he was wrong in following. His heart raced nervously.

"Peter, don't talking to him like that. He was only looking out for me." Derek said finally at Stiles' defense.

Peter looked at Derek, then back at Stiles and then repeated twice over.

"Him? Protect you? Derek, you are still a fool. You haven't changed on bit. He can't protect you. I am surprised you haven't changed him yet."

Stiles shrugged in partial agreement to Peter. He couldn't help, and he should be changed in order to be of some sort of assistance.

"We can't change him. What if he dies?" Derek hissed.

The over-protectiveness of Derek was refreshing. Stiles had never really had anyone ot look out for him, so it was a nice and pleasant change. He flushed.

"Derek. If you don't change Stiles, he is of no use. No use to anybody. Not even to you. The Eligendo alpha will kill him either way. So if you change him, at least he will have some sort of chance." Peter said sternly, intent and reasoning in his voice and eyes.

Derek looked at Stiles and sighed.

"I would have to take him back to the house to do it. Not hear. He's to vulnerable " Derek whispered under his breathe, barely audible Suddenly, Stiles got nervous and fidgety. He didn't think Derek was going to actually turn him.

Derek turned to Stiles and once again picked him up from his collar then placed him back in the car. Derek walked around to the passengers side of the car and hopped in ever so gracefully.

"Drive us home." He sighed. And nervously, Stiles fumbled with the keys that were already in the ignition and turned that car on, and drove.

"Do you really want to do this, Derek?" Stiles murmured, biting his lip. Derek paced in his living room, the floorboards creaking with every step he took.

"No I don't Stiles. But I have too. I shouldn't have slept with you. I shouldn't have. Now I have put you in danger." he said, closing his eyes, still pacing.

"Just do it Derek." Stiles blurted out.

Derek looked over to Stiles and smiled sardonically. He walked over to Stiles and put his mouth to Stiles' ear.

"You know how when I bit Jackson, he ended up turning into the Kanima?"

Stiles nodded.

"You are a good man, Stiles. I think you will be a great wolf for my pack."

Stiles blushed, a manly blush. Derek remained in a seriously mindset and grabbed Stiles' arm and took him upstairs to Derek's bedroom.

It was still as clean and immaculate and it was when Stiles and Derek first had an experience in there.

"Lay on the bed." Derek commands, and Stiles swiftly does so.

"I'm going to change you into one of us now. I'm going to chain you down, as well." Derek mutters, distracted as he fished chain out of his wadrobe on the far side of the room. Quickly and efficiently, Derek chains Stiles to the bedposts.

"Tight enough?" Derek says as if he is hurting Stiles.

"They're fine." Stiles forcibly smiles, his breathe hitched in his lungs. Derek stands still for a moment then gently hops on the bed and climbs on top of Stiles, his thighs either side of Stiles' body.

"Are you sure you want this Stiles?" He whispered. Stiles nods.

Derek bends down slowly over Stiles' shoulder and rests his nose on it.

"This is going to hurt."

"I'll be f-"

Derek sinks his teeth into Stiles shoulder, his sharp incisors penetrating the layers of Stiles' skin. Stiles yelps, tears flooding his eyes and Derek releases. Stiles barely notices the dark red colour of Derek's eyes as the pain knocks him unconscious.