The morning was cool and crisp, and Stiles awoke when the front door of his house closed at its usual time of 6:30 a.m. The Sheriff had gone to work, and Stiles lay strewn out upon his bed and his duvet was tossed on the floor. He sprawled himself on the bed for a moment, and lay staring at his white and plain ceiling. Today was the day that Stiles needed to find a place to stay for the next week. He instinctively thought of Scott, and reached over to his night stand and grabbed his phone.

"Yo Stiles." Scott's voice was cheery and brought a certain happiness to Stiles.

"Hey, I know its break and all, but any chance I could bail at yours for a week?" Stiles said.

There was a prolonged silence and a deep sigh at Scott's end.

"Stiles did you forget? I'm away in Wisconsin with mom this week to see her dad. Sorry, man."

Stiles reciprocated the sigh.

"That's fine man, I'll find someone. Dads booted me out for a week."


"Long story. Thanks anyway."

And Stiles hung up. He thought of people he could stay with. Lydia? Jackson? Danny? None of them would take him, he knew that. Only one name came to his head, but he refused to admit his subconscious had come to the conclusion of asking Derek Hale for assistance.

Derek. Derek would take me. He would. But I can't.

Stiles got out of his bed in a slow and paced manner and began to pack a small backpack with clothes and his laptop. He had noticed he slept in his jeans and singlet from the night before, but felt so lethargic that he didn't want to change or shower. The dusk sunlight poured through the blinds in Stiles room, providing some sort of life to him. He himself was so lifeless, as was the room he inhabited so the sunlight was refreshing. He then started to think about this much needed space his father wanted from Stiles and how it might also benefit him greatly.

His thoughts were foggy, as the feeling of exhaustion fell upon him. He threw his backpack over his shoulder and left a note on the countertop in the kitchen saying nothing but 'I am sorry' and then Stiles walked out of the house at 7:13 on this cool and crisp morning.

Stiles walked along the footpath, heading towards an unknown destination. He was hoping maybe he would walk far enough that a week would pass by and he could go home to his father. Stiles once again fell deep in thought, not thinking about anything in particular, just about the gravel on the path and the tread of tires passing by. His mind was wandering and he didn't mind this, Stiles liked to think of meaningless things. It often distracted him from thinking of people and troubles he had encountered. And just as Stiles Stilinski was deep in thought, a large and sleek black Camaro drove slowly next him, its tinted windows steadily rolling down to reveal Derek Hale's pale and gloomy face.


Stiles looked up and broke out of his wandering thought. He looked towards the car and glumly looked at Derek, but continued walking.

"Why are you out this early?" Derek asked.

"I could ask you the same thing." Stiles replied, scoffing at Derek's ignorance of the night before.

Derek sighed, still mirroring Stiles walking with his car.

"Just tell me, Stiles."

"My father kicked me out." Stiles stopped abruptly, Derek soon stopping his car in following.

"I'm sorry. Are you on your way to Scott's?" Derek leaned further out of the window, as if he couldn't hear Stiles.

"No, actually. Scott is in Wisconsin, with his mother. I don't know where I am going." Stiles laughed nervously.

After a long pause, Derek smiled and tapped the side of his car.

"Come to mine."

Stiles wanted to say yes, with all of his soul and mind, but he knew he couldn't. He knew that if he said yes, he wouldn't regret it, but most likely enjoy it, which was a bad thing.

"You don't even have to talk to me. I will just provide a bed and food. You won't even know I am there." Derek added in desperation. You don't even have to talk to me. This seemed like a good proposition.

"Okay, Derek." Stiles said, forcing a small smile, then walked over to Derek's car.

The car ride was not bad, nor good. Stiles found it a bit awkward though. Derek seemed to want to say something, opening his mouth as if about to speak but then abruptly shutting it. Stiles found himself wanting Derek to talk, just to break the tension, but neither one of them dared to break the anxiety in the air.