Derek tossed and turned violently, with Stiles sitting next to his bed in a frantic notion.

"Derek. Derek, wake up." Stiles mumbled, seeing the distress Derek was in over this nightmare he was stuck in. Stiles had never saw Derek in a more vulnerable and strange way.

He finally stopped moving in his bed and his eyelids fluttered open in an erratic gaze.

"Stiles. I don't want you to get hurt." Derek muttered in a sleepy daze.

Stiles smiled warmly, and rested his head on the side of the bed. Derek cautiously ran his fingers through Stiles' hair, and Stiles did not refuse his touch. After a short and blissful silence, the quiet atmosphere was broken as Derek's hand fell gracefully back onto the bed.

"Why do you always pay attention to me when there is nobody around?" Stiles said.

"I have an obligation to look strong. Strong and straight. I can't do anything with you in front of people." Derek sighed, pulling himself up to sitting position.

"So, you don't want to be seen with me, is that it?" Stiles replied, feeling offended.

"No. Of course I do, I just can't."

"You are ashamed."

"I guess I must be." Derek spat.

Stiles rose to his feet and commenced a heated walk to the door before turning around to face Derek.

"This was all a big mistake. I should have just stayed in my room." he said, giving Derek an unruly stare.

"Stiles, just. Just come back here." Derek spoke firmly. Stiles stood frozen in the door way. He was stuck. Not physically, nor mentally. But emotionally. The feelings that Stiles kept hidden from everyone around him were overflowing inside of him. Stiles liked Derek. He really did. But he was torn. Torn between hurt and love. Leaving or staying would bring him both. Without realising, Derek had risen from the bed and now was standing behind Stiles in a protective manner. Stiles did not want to turn around. He feared the feelings, the urges, would consume him and make him fall into Derek's arms. Stiles saw Derek's shirt in his peripherals and saw the blood that lurked upon the white fabric. Stiles did not want to ask.

"Stiles." Derek spoke softly, attempting to lure Stiles in with a graceful touch on his lower back. Stiles felt Derek's warm hand against his shirt. He shut his eyes, for just a moment, to soak in the feeling of pure lust for Derek and his caress.

"Derek. I can't do this." Stiles sighed. Derek walked in front of Stiles, now gazing ever so intently into Stiles' eyes.

"You can do anything you want to." Derek said.

Derek did not break eye contact with Stiles. It felt like hours. The intensity of such a small gaze made Stiles weak.

"I want you." Stiles spoke. And just as quickly as those words slipped from his lips, Derek thrusted his hips against Stiles, pushing him against the wall.

"Do you really want me?" Derek spoke in a husky tone, holding Stiles against the wall.


Derek parted his lips slightly, breathing heavily and staring at nothing but Stiles' eyes. He lent in towards Stiles. Releasing himself to the soft strength of Derek's kiss, Stiles found himself wrapped up in Derek and reciprocating the kiss presented to him. Derek engulfed every part of Stiles, moving gracefully around his tongue and body. He glided his hands through Stiles' hair and Stiles found himself caressing Derek's arms.

Derek ran his fingers through the innards of Stiles' jeans before Stiles glided Derek's bloody shirt off of his body. Stiles admired the hard work put into creating such a fine figure. He drifted his fingers over the dips and curves of Derek's stomach, feeling the urge pulsate through his body. Stiles then took his shirt off and reconnected the kiss. It was in-depth and loving, not forced or unwanted. Once more, Derek found his fingers running through the seams of Stiles' pants.

The spark that once connected them was now a burning fire, engulfing the two in its midst. It was magically insane.

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