Stiles woke alone. The tranquility he experienced now broken by a cold side and no warm embrace. Stiles couldn't say he was surprised, he just persumed he would at least get a goodbye from Derek. Maybe a kiss on the forehead. Anything cheesy did Stiles well.

With a long stretch, Stiles pulled himself hesitantly from the bed, not wanting to leave the safe haven of the sheets. Stiles felt awfully alone with no one in the room with him. The room was dark for this time of the afternoon, and whilst passing the window on the way to the door, Stiles caught a glimpse of the aphotic clouds rolling in. It smelt of rain all through the house. You know, that smell you get when it is just about to rain? That is what Stiles smelt all the way down the hallway.

Rain. Derek. Derek. Rain. Derek. Where is Derek? Rain.

Just as Stiles reached the dreaded staircase, he heard the fine pattering of rain on the roof. It was soft at first but eventually started gaining strength as Stiles made his way down the stairs. The bottom floor was empty and quiet. The airiness of the floor made Stiles feel uneasy. He stood at the base of the stairs, peering in the visible areas.

"Derek?" he called.

His voice bounced off the wall. Stiles wandered from the edge of the staircase, feeling his bare feet on the dying, wood floors. There didn't seem to be anyone home, let alone around the land the house was awkwardly placed on. But as soon as he felt this, a loud bang erupted from outside. Instinctively, Stiles ran outside, almost losing himself in the vastness of the halls.

"Derek? Derek!"

By the trees in the distance, Stiles spotted a hooded, male figure. Stiles did not dare to move towards the figure, not knowing if it was Derek or not. The amount of warnings Stiles had received from not only Derek but Scott about the Alpha pack had scared him enough to be weak and hide away. Suddenly, a hand grasped around Stiles mouth.

"Sh. Sh. Sh."

Stiles couldn't make out if it was Derek violently shushing and grabbing him or somebody else. Stiles squirmed for a moment, but then realised it was Derek.

"D-Derek?" Stiles blurted out between Derek's caged hand.

"Shh, Stiles."

"What's going on?"

"That's an Alpha."

Stiles precipitously stopped all sign of his movement. Quietly, Derek moved backwards, dragging Stiles back with him gently. Once in the house, Derek turned around and faced Stiles.

"Stiles, you must not leave this house." Derek said, looking frantic.

"Why, it's not going to stop him...or it?" Stiles said.

"Ms. Morell put a shield around the house. We should be safe until they figure it out. I need to protect you, Stiles."

"Why me? They don't want me, they want you, Boyd, Erica and Scott and Isaac. Not me. I'm a weak human." Stiles laughed nervously.

Stiles then realised, after looking into Derek's eyes and feeling the hints, that the Alpha was looking for Stiles.

"What?" Stiles grumbled.

"Look, I should have told you. I am an idiot, Stiles. You deserve better." Derek sighed.

"Told me what?" Stiles was starting to get worried.

"Every year, around now, us Alphas go onto this thing called Eligendo and-"

"What does that mean?" Stiles butted in.

"It means 'The Choosing'."

Stiles did not interrupt and gave a nod as if to ask him to continue.

"Every year, the Alphas have Eligendo. They choose once person to mate with..." Derek trailed off nervously.

Stiles was starting to piece together himself what Derek was saying.

"And they think you chose me? They don't want you 'mating'?"

"I did choose you. And not with a human."

Stiles took a step away from Derek in disbelief. Derek tried to fill the now seemingly large distance between them by replacing the step back with his own step forward. But once again Stiles took a step back.

"And...you didn't think to tell me?" Stiles spat back.

Derek said nothing.

"Hate me all you want. Yell at me. Hit me. I don't care. I would rather you be angry at me and be alive. You must stay in this house until I can kill whoever it is or find you somewhere safe to hide until I can." Derek took another step forward, knowing Stiles was unable to take another back because of the wall.

Derek placed his hands around Stiles' cheeks and kissed his forehead.

"I am so sorry."