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Far Away

A Hannah Montana / Red Dead Redemption crossover Story, AU, OOC

The City Girl

The train finally stops in the station. I just arrived in a city which thinks it's modern, out here in the Wild West. Pah, those people here have never seen the gorgeous New York, there the houses are even taller, the people are richer and … cleaner.

I was sent here by my father, Paul Truscott, owner of Truscott Bank. He has a lot of branches all around America. I finished my education at the local university in New York and just recently and finally started working for him. He is a very busy man and said that I should travel here to discuss some issues with the banker at a city called Armadillo because he doesn't have the time to do it. I really don't know what rode my dad to send me to the West. I heard so many stories of friends what is going on here. Robberies, murders, gang fights! And all of this dirt around, they don't even have all the streets paved in this city!

Well, I guess it's time to get out. Huh … I'm tired … I had to ride here through the night. Father said that it's a long drive from … this town to Armadillo and I will even have to sleep there. I'm not looking forward to it at all. I'd rather have my soft bed in my apartment.

"Welcome to Blackwater, Miss Truscott!" a very cheerful and rather obese man with greasy hair and a big and probably equally greasy mustache, wearing a suit, greets me as he spots me standing in the exit door. Right … Blackwater … that's what this "city" is called. The man extends his hand to help me out of the train and I take it. "My name is Walter Brewton and I was asked to guide you to Armadillo and back. Making sure your stay is safe and comfortable. All to your best, ma'am."

Well … if this guy is responsible for my safety … "Yes, thank you, Mister Brewton. Now can we move on so I can get back home as quickly as possible?" I push him. I didn't come here for a chat, but for work. "Certainly, ma'am." he replies and then guides me through a little crowd of people, who are all staring at me … they seem fascinated. Well, they should be! A person like me isn't running around their town every day.

"In here, Miss Truscott. I arranged our finest coach to suit your requirements. I hope you like it!" Mister Brewton tells me, pointing out to the quite large coach in front of me. I eye it suspiciously. It's not really what I'm used to … "In New York we're driving around in cars, but I guess it will do." I reply, trying not to sound too rude. They might as well take a hint. There are hardly any coaches around anymore in my home town. Still a few, but my father got himself a car and a driver and ever since we're riding around in it.

The man helps me get in and I sit down in the seat at the window, facing the front. At least it is quite soft and comfortable. Mister Brewton sits down right across from me. And then another man gets into the coach. He's wearing an American Army uniform, so it's not hard to figure out who he is. "This is Eric Morganson, he is one of the two men responsible for your safety. They will be traveling with us on this coach the whole way. Oh, the other one, Jan Booth, is outside. He'll be riding beside the coach."

Well that's more like it. With them I feel a lot more secure. The army man says: "Miss Truscott." and I hold out my hand for him to kiss. He does so and I just give him a little smile in response. That's the right way to treat a lady. Mister Brewton then starts talking again: "Sergeant Morganson and Sergeant Booth are of the elite of the American Army. With those two on board I can guarantee your safety during your stay."

I just nod and then look back out of the window where I can see the other sergeant signaling something to the driver. A moment later the coach starts moving. "That's good to know." I simply reply.

"By the way," I hear the obese man's voice once again, "you chose an excellent spot to sit. From here you can see the most exciting places we are going to pass on our way! They all have a very unique but interesting story to them and I can and will tell you all about it!"

He sounds so thrilled about being the tour guide. I inwardly just roll with my eyes. I'm not interested in those places at all. What is there to see if you have the tallest buildings in the world, amazing shows on Broadway and sparkling and shining lights throughout the whole night? I don't think he can top that with his … "exciting places" in this desert. I don't even give him a response. I guess I'll just let him talk.

"Oh, and I decided to take the coach instead of another two train rides. It might be just a little bit longer but with the train we would have to switch at MacFarlane's Ranch, it's because of the freight. And it's not always clear whether you can take the train from MacFarlane's Ranch to Armadillo at the same day as you arrive there from Blackwater. Also, on the streets there is definitely the better scenery!" Mister Brewton tells me. I really don't care about his great scenery, but I do appreciate the consideration of the in-between stop. But again, I just nod in acknowledgement.

We just rode out of the city and a wide landscape is stretching out in front of us. There is nothing but brownish sand, some grey and dry bushes, which don't even have leaves on them, and very few trees, which look just like those bushes, just a little taller, and at the top they actually have a few, dark green leaves. This area seems kind of sad and lonely to me. Not really a place where I would prefer to live. I mean, there is nothing to do, right? No shows, no cinemas, no dining with your friends.

But I must admit, this scenery seems to be holding so much power that I feel a little overwhelmed. I might see very tall buildings every day in the city but this area is so … huge and wide … I don't feel as caged as I sometimes do in the city.

"If you look very carefully into the very far distance you might spot the beginning of a forest. It is the beginning of the area called Tall Trees, which has huge trees, mountains and snow, but also bears! The biggest town in this area is … " Mister Brewton starts but I don't listen anymore. It's still not very interesting. There is nothing here but sand, and maybe trees in the very far distance. What's so great about knowing facts about this place?

I decide to interrupt his rambling as I have other worries: "How long is this trip going to be until we reach Armadillo?" but the man doesn't even seem to mind. He keeps up his smile and kindly replies: "We should be there in the afternoon, ma'am. After we arrive I will show you to your room, and then I will show you to the bank for your issues there. And tomorrow morning we will leave again so you can take the overnight train back to New York."

Again, that was more than I asked, but at least I don't have to ask for the details. This is pretty much everything I wanted to know. "And in the evening you can take a look around Armadillo. It's such a nice town! But I will tell you more details about Armadillo later. Where was I? Oh yes, the mayor of Tall Trees was fighting for making … " and he starts his rambling again. I just sigh quietly and look back outside the window.

I suddenly have to think back on what my best friend, Sarah Green, once told me about the Wild West … she said that ambushes on coaches are not a rare thing. And that the victims are either killed or kidnapped and whatnot … goose bumps are forming on my arms and a cold shiver is running down my spine. But I'm safe here with the sergeants and Sir Talk-A-Lot. Looks like he's been around this whole area and nothing ever happened to him, so it can't be that bad.

I decide that this might not be such a bad subject to ask. If he really knows everything about the Wild West then he will know about the bad guys as well. "Mister Brewton, can you tell me about the criminals around here?" Again he doesn't seem to mind that I interrupt him and he replies with another question: "Well certainly, Miss Truscott. Is there anything in particular you would like to know?"

"Are there any particularly mean people running around? Were there a lot of ambushes lately?" I ask him. I might as well make sure that I am safe in here, because right now I don't really feel like I'm in the safest spot to be around here. He nods eagerly and starts, but of course this time I listen: "Well there are a few major posses spread all over the country, if that's what you mean. Two particular mean ones are Dutch van der Linde's posse and Stewart's Gang."

As he pauses shortly I think about if I ever heard of those two names, but either I forgot because I found it not relevant for me to know or I simply don't know. It's not like they're an issue in New York. But I'm sure Mister Brewton will tell me everything about them: "Dutch's posse is probably the most feared of them all, even all of the other posses fear them. Dutch has so many people working for him, also in Mexico! A few names you should remember are Bill Williamson, Javier Escuella and John Marston. They all work for Dutch. I think his posse did everything you can imagine. They robbed, they kidnapped people, they killed, they burned down places, probably whole villages. Just stay away from Fort Mercer, that's one of their main hideouts, and you'll be safe."

I try to remember all of those names, but I'm sure after I leave tomorrow evening I will forget them. And he still continues: "But the Stewart Gang is not less dangerous, let alone the fact that nobody knows where they are. They don't have a steady hideout, they switch places. They could be around the corner or far away! They're not as many as Dutch's people but they are very vicious and probably even more brutal. Their leader is a man named Robert Stewart. He is an ally of Dutch. It's said that they worked together but Stewart went away to have his own posse. A name you definitely must remember is 'Miley Stewart'. She is the boss's daughter, around your age, but it's said that she doesn't hesitate before killing a man. She's very good with guns of all sorts and definitely the most dangerous woman out there."

Miley Stewart … that is definitely a very weird name. But it won't be so hard to remember, I guess. A woman around my age? I'm only twenty one years old. And she has already killed people? My goodness, a person I never want to meet in my life! How do you even live like that? What kind of pressure must that woman have? I mean, if I imagine killing someone I would be so scared that others find out and arrest me or even kill me in return! This is a thought to put aside as quickly as possible, it makes me feel extremely uncomfortable …

"And about the ambushes … there weren't that many in the past, since Dutch's posse hasn't been very active, so much I realized, but last week there was a robbery by Stewart's Gang up at Ridgewood Farm. But you don't have to worry, Miss Truscott, with our two very skilled sergeants you're safer than the rest of the country!" Mister Brewton now answers my second question as well. Okay, it does ease my nerves a little bit. He does seem to know what's going on around here, so I actually feel better with this guy around.


So this really was what this complete trip was all about? A lousy contract? I just had to make the banker sign a new contract. My father actually sent me out here to the Wild West to Armadillo, only to make this idiot of a banker sign a contract … I mean, he told me I had to come here to have a discussion with that guy about our new contract, but with my skill in talking people into something it was not hard to convince that man to sign. Though we could've sent an inexperienced apprentice to do this job. Oh, father, you will hear from me when I get back! This will cost you!

And this little town called Armadillo … a few houses set in the middle of a desert … it was not great at all! I slept on the first floor of the local bar and the noise level was almost unbearable. I mean, I live in New York, it's not the quietest place on earth, but this was seriously not necessary. At first it was just loud but as the night got later the more drunk the people got. Then they were screaming and yelling and I also think fighting downstairs. And one person even knocked onto my door very loudly! I was so scared … I'm so glad that I lived through this horrible night!

They also promised me the finest room in town … I don't know what is going on in their heads, but that was not a room for a lady! It was dirty, and dusty, and the sheets of the bed were smelly. There was a broken window and hardly any light inside. It all seemed so dark and I didn't feel safe, even though the two sergeants were guarding my door all night. Them I really have to thank at the end of my trip.

Oh, and the people there? They all seemed so weird! Some of them were constantly staring at me, as if I were a ghost or something, and some of them seemed so exaggeratedly friendly to me. The word obviously was spreading fast there that a rich person is coming to their poor, little town. But at least they all tried to make me feel safe and comfortable there, so it wasn't all too bad. Whether they meant it for real or not.

"I hope you had a pleasant stay here at Armadillo, Miss Truscott. I will ride with you for a little while to ensure your safety." the sheriff of the town, Leigh Johnson or whatever he is called, lets me know. I thank him and then step into the coach again. Mister Brewton is already sitting inside and behind me Sergeant Booth this time steps in, and Sergeant Morganson is riding beside the coach. With the sheriff riding with us I feel even safer. Finally I can return home!

"The ride back should be as quickly as the ride here was, so just lean back, relax, and very soon you'll be in the train on your way back home!" the obese man tells me with a smile. I nod. He's right. The ride here was smooth so the ride back will be just as fine.

After a short silence break Mister Brewton starts his rambling about the governors of Armadillo again. I decide not to listen … this is nothing relevant for me anymore. And the names he told me yesterday will all be forgotten the moment the train starts moving later on! Ah, I can't wait to get back home into my bed, meet up with my friends, tell my father he's an idiot for sending me here, and also meet up with my f-

"Miss Truscott?" I look at the man sitting across from me who just ripped me out of my thoughts. He gives me a questioning look. Maybe I should've listened for a change? I ask in an innocent tone: "I'm sorry, I guess I was in my thoughts, what is it?"

"I said, speaking of marriage, I hope this question isn't too personal, but rumors say that there will soon be a marriage in your family?" he asks, his smile just as innocently as my voice before. I hate this subject but reply anyways: "This is as much as I will say … or show." holding up my hand which has a ring with a real diamond to my finger. His eyes widen shortly and he says: "Congratulations, ma'am." I force a smile as a reply.

Why are people constantly congratulating me on this? I mean, I was not forced to do anything, but this whole marriage is more or less a favor to my father. Yes, I'm engaged to a guy named Oliver Oken … I'm sorry, Doctor Oliver Oken. We grew up together, so he basically is my best friend and I don't know why, I always knew that we were going to get married one day. To be completely honest, I never thought of Oliver as a boyfriend or husband, but more of a brother. His father and my father are business partners and they agreed that business would run better if Oliver and I get married.

I always realized that there were more feelings from him towards me than the other way round. Oliver was quite thrilled about the idea of us getting married, but I don't care that much about getting married to him. I've known him my whole life, we have the same friends and I feel quite safe with him, not only because he probably is the best doctor in town. But I'm just not feeling it. I mean, I'm not much of an expert on this subject, but I've heard my friends talking about it quite a lot, but I'm sure that I'm not in love with him. I love him like I love my parents, so I love him like a brother … but the real deal … I'm quite sure it feels differently.

"Sheriff Leigh Johnson has to go back now, maybe you could wave him goodbye?" Mister Brewton's voice gets me back into the brutal reality of me still sitting in that stupid coach. I sigh quietly but do as he requests and apparently it makes the sheriff happy, and then he trots away on his horse. I watch until he disappears in the distance and then lean back, closing my eyes shortly … not for long and I'll be in that damn train …

I suddenly feel the coach stopping and I open my eyes again. "What is happening?" I ask, I don't know why but my heartbeat is rising a little. The sergeant beside me is standing up taking his rifle, which makes me even more nervous. "Hey, what is going on?" I ask again, but Mister Brewton doesn't seem to have an answer either. We didn't stop in the middle of nowhere when we were going the other way …

"Ma'am, I think you better hide under the seats, just in case." the sergeant says and I immediately do as he tells me. Oh my god, what is going on here? I thought the ride would be smooth?! Okay, Lilly, calm down, this is just a safety measure, they have to -

Boom! I hear a shot from outside and a scream. I'm sure it was the driver of the coach who was screaming. They are shooting now?! Maybe the sergeant was shooting?! I can barely contain my breathing. I try to listen for what is going on out there but I feel like my heartbeat is so loud that I can't hear anything else.

"Should I finish him?" I hear a deep, muffled voice, but it's clearer for me to hear than I want it to. And I know this voice doesn't belong to one of us. "Do whatever you want! Randy, untie the horses!" another voice says. It's even deeper than the first one. Why would theyx untie the horses? Do they want to leave us here to starve? I don't want to walk the whole way back! Help!

Suddenly the door of the coach opens and I can see the other sergeant aiming towards the door and I hear a shot. But I then see his gun falling out of his hands and blood dripping to the floor. Oh my god! He was shot! But he's still standing, so he was not killed! Why was he shot? Who can shoot that fast?! Is this a bad dream? Am I still lying in my bed in Armadillo? I'd rather be there now!

"Oh, sergeant, do ya really think we're that stupid?" I hear the deep voice again, it is the man who ordered to untie the horses. He is very tall, and has a bandana tied around his face, covering his mouth and nose. I can see all this from where I'm lying under the seats. I hope he won't spot me!

Who is this? What does he want from us? Money? They can have it! The sergeant doesn't answer much, he seems to be in a lot of pain, and I would really like to help, but I'm too scared of moving right now, and the only thing he gets out is: "Robert Stewart … "

Stewart? This is the man Mister Brewton warned me about! The leader of a posse! Oh no, what do they want from me? I can hear a short laugh from the criminal and he only replies with a: "Surprise … " I swallow hard but try to keep quiet. His voice scares me so much!

I then see that Mister Brewton carefully takes out a pistol and aims at the criminal but suddenly there's another shot, the window is crashing and the pistol lands on the floor. Robert Stewart is still standing but Mister Brewton lost all color in his face, so did I. What was that?!

"Thank you, Miley! Now get the gal and we'll leave again!" the Stewart boss orders. Miley? As in Miley Stewart? She shot the pistol out of Mister Brewton's hand? Where was she? Where is she? Why do they know I'm here?!

"There's no one else here, Stewart!" the obese man yells at the tall criminal. I try not to make any sound, but I feel that my fast-beating heart is loud enough for them to hear. I'm so scared! I can hear spurs clinging and another figure appears, I just hide deeper under the seats but I can't see the criminals or Mister Brewton fully anymore.

"Stop talkin' bullshit!" I now hear a female voice. It's also quite deep and it's holding a thick accent, just like the one of Robert Stewart. I then see two boots close to me, they're definitely not men's feet as they seem a little smaller and more fragile, so this must be her! I suddenly think about the fact that that woman has killed people before and I feel nauseous. Please, don't look under this seat!

I figure the person is kneeling and leaning down … oh no … then suddenly I see a face … actually the only thing I see is grey and blue, mixed together so perfectly! The eyes are piercing through me as if I weren't there. Never in my life have I seen eyes like hers. So mad, and sad … but also a little calm …

I then feel a hand grabbing my wrist tightly and pulling me up. I try to break free and shout: "Let go of me!" but soon there's a second hand grabbing my other wrist and my hands are now pinned to my back. "Leave me alone!" I try again but they seem to ignore me completely.

"Oh, does she look like there's no one else here, pal?!" the woman, who's keeping me in place forcefully, asks Mister Brewton. The man who seemed so cheerful is now quiet and looking to the ground, not finding the right words. He looks completely defeated. I suddenly feel my hands being tied up with a rope and after that I see Robert Stewart with another rope and going for my feet as well. I try to kick as much as possible so he won't catch my foot, but he seems to do it with ease … oh no … "Go away!" I scream with no success.

"Shut up!" Miley Stewart shushes me loudly, her eyes piercing through mine again in a warning manner. Nothing more has to be done to shut me up. I'm so scared that she will kill me. She then goes to the obese man.

I watch in horror as the woman called Miley stands in front of Mister Brewton, hands stemmed in her hips. Please, don't kill him! He didn't do anything to you! I can't even shout it out loud, I'm so scared I can hardly think straight! Then she kicks him where it hurts most and the man falls to the ground, holding his crotch and screaming and wincing in pain. She just says: "That's for lyin' to the me! Remember that, fat guy!"

She turns to face whoever is outside of the coach and orders: "Get the sack and let's move out!" before walking back to me, smirking devilishly and saying: "You're officially being kidnapped, sweetie. Now don't you even try sayin' another word or you'll look like your great protectors."

Her eyes probably saying more than her words, it feels like they're stabbing me and if I make a wrong move, only her gaze will kill me. That's how threatening she seems to me right now. My heart is pounding even faster and I feel like I'm going to pass out soon. Or as if it will stop beating because it's overworking itself. Suddenly something is thrown over my head and the world goes black around me …

And I really wanted this trip to be over soon … daddy, help me!

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