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The second the bell rang, I ran out of the class.

I made out with my teacher. There were so many things wrong with that. And if anyone were to find out, she'd be in so much trouble. I was beginning to panic.

I pushed through the sea of student in the hallway as I located the bathroom where I burst through the door, and leaned on one of the sinks, breathing heavily.


I looked up and saw Hanna's reflection, "Oh my god! Hanna?"

Don't get me wrong, Hanna was always beautiful, but she used to be on the heavy side. Key word: used. She looked so much thinner. So much more confident than the insecure, self-conscious girl she used to be.

She smirked, "I heard you were back. Why didn't you call?"

I turned around to face her, "I don't know... We haven't talked all summer and..." I shrugged.

"I get it," she smiled, nodding her head in understanding, "It was nice seeing you, Aria."

And with a wave, she left me alone to my own frantic thoughts.

I made out with my teacher.

I'm sitting in Chemistry, my last period of the day. And all I've been thinking about was my little situation with Spencer.

I really like her. Too much for it to be considered a simple attraction. I know that nothing can happen, but why not? I mean, I only have two more years of high school, then I'll be gone. Surely it can't be too hard to hide a relationship. People do it all the time...

Why am I even thinking about this?

I sighed, collecting my things to leave for the day.

I was next to my locker when my phone rang, signaling a call.


My mom's voice came through the other end, "Hey, sweetie, are you still at school?"

I opened my locker to take out some books I'll need later, "Yeah, mom. What do you need?"

"Nothing," she said, "I was just wondering what you wanted for dinner; I just got off work, and I'm too tired to make anything."

I started walking toward the exit, "Well, I think-" I stopped when I passed the English classroom and saw that Spencer was still there. Should I go talk to her? We needed to discuss things, right?

"Actually, mom, I think I'll be a little late," I apologized, "I have so much homework and I'm just gonna head over to the library..."

"Oh?" my mom sounded disappointed, "Well, as long as you get something to eat..."

I nodded emphatically, "Sure, mom. I gotta go now. Love ya!"

"Love you too, sweetie."

I put my phone in my bag and took a deep breath. I can't believe I'm actually doing this. I knocked on the open door softly, to announce my presence.

Spencer looked up, then her eyes widened, "Miss Montgomery!"

"Hi..." I all but mumbled, "We need to talk..."

She nodded hesitantly, "Right. Of course. Come on in," she pointed to a chair in front of her desk.

I sat down slowly, and avoided eye contact. I was beginning to regret my decision to talk to her. What was I supposed to say? 'Hey, we made out and now you're my teacher! Also, I'm very much into you, and would like to risk your new career by starting a relationship'?

She visibly took a deep breath, then locked her eyes with mine, "I propose we forget anything ever happened."

That was very logical. I'd been thinking the same thing all day, but still, the pain and hurt that came with that simple statement were too powerful to ignore.

"Hey!" she exclaimed, looking worried, "Aria, you're a wonderful girl. And I very much would like to go on a date with you, but," she sighed, regret evident in her eyes, on her face, her every feature, "Aria..." is it wrong that I'm slightly distracted by her voice? "You're my student. I can't start a relationship with you, you know that!"

"But why not?" I retorted, angry at her for not even considering the option, was I not worth it? "Nobody has to know. We don't need to tell anyone. We'll just try and see where this leads us!"

She started to protest, but I cut her off, "Look, Spencer, I like you, a lot," she smiled softly, "I think it would be wrong for us not to see where this goes..."

She shook her head, smirking lightly, "Well if it's wrong..."

I nodded, eyes wide, faking seriousness, "Very, very wrong. Catastrophic in fact!"

"Oh!" she played along, making my heart swell with happiness and affection, "Now there is no way I could say no!"

I giggled, "I really think it would be unfair to both of us if we didn't at least try..."

She sighed, and bit her bottom lip -distracting!-, her eyes staring intently into mine, looking for something; confirmation, reassurance, a promise. All those things I tried to communicate. I really needed her to give us a shot.

She got up and headed for the door, and painful would not describe the feeling that coursed through me. She was leaving. Just like that. Not even gracing me with a reply. It hurt too much for me to bear.

But instead of walking out of the door, she locked it and shut the blinds.

When she turned around facing me, her expression made me melt; she looked determined, confident, so sure, and hungry.

She stalked toward me slowly, then pulled me up before wrapping her arms around my waist, "I really like you too," she husked, and lord is her voice sexy!

I wasn't given any chance to respond, because as soon as Spencer uttered those words, her lips were on mine. And, if there was any doubt left in my mind, it was gone the moment her lips touched mine.

This was right. Nobody could tell me otherwise.

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