The Random Conversations of Peeta and Haymitch

Authors Note: So if anyone has an idea for a random conversation send them to me. I can't promise anything but I'll see what I can do. Also there is a guest star in every conversation who will contribute to the random stupidity. Today's guest star is (drum roll please) Gale Hawthorne!

Part I: All Because of Some Little Ponies

Peeta walked into Haymitch's home in victor's village.

"Haven't you ever heard of knocking?" Haymitch snapped at him.

"Don't I always say the same thing to you when you come over to my place?" Peeta replied, quite used to this conversation.

"Point taken." Haymitch said.

Peeta plopped himself down on the couch next to Haymitch. Haymitch fumbled with his remote nervously.

"What are watching?" Peeta asked with interest.

"Uh, nothing my remote isn't working." Haymitch said uncormfortably.

"Is that My Little Ponies Friendship is Magic?!" Peeta exclaimed with enthusiasm.

"Yeah" Haymitch said waiting unhappily for Peeta to laugh in his face.

"I love that show!"

"No Way!" Haymitch said looking completely surprised and baffled at Peeta's reaction.

"Way! Isn't Rainbow Dash the most amazing pony in the show. I mean she's spirited, tough, brave, and can fly better than any other pony!" Peeta said with a huge smile.

"Well she's ok, but Pinkie Pie. Now that's what I call an amazing pony." Haymitch replied with equal enthusiasm.

"Your nuts! Pinkie Pie is annoying! Now Rainbow Dash she's amazing and reminds me of Katniss too."

"Peeta, you're way to obsessed with Katniss. So obsessed that you are missing the undeniable truth that Pinkie Pie is the greatest pony in all of Equestria!" Haymitch said with conviction.

"You just like Pinkie Pie because she's just like Effie!"

"No, Thats not true!"

" Is so! Haymitch she's Effie but in the body of a pink pony." Peeta said with a glow of a conquering victor.

"Alright so she is just like Effie, which is another reason why she is the best pony in the whole show." Haymitch said as he glared at Peeta.

Just then Gale walked into the room. Peeta and Haymitch froze. Neither of them dared to speak.

"I can't believe you two!" Gale said with disappointment in his voice. Peeta and Haymitch stared at the ground looking embarrassed and ashamed. There was a long pause. "The best pony in all of Equestria is Princess Celestia!" Gale proclaimed.

"Bronies!" Peeta and Haymitch exclaimed in unison. Everyone exchanged high fives and the conversation continued.

"You're right Gale, Princess Celestia is the greatest!" Haymitch said.

"Of coarse she is! I mean she's got wings, a unicorn horn, and rules all of the ponies!" Gale replied in defense of his favorite pony.

Peeta looked at the ground uncomfortably. "Guys I have a confession to make."

"What, Peeta?" Gale said with interest.

"I-uh-think Princess Luna is more awesome than Princess Celestia." He admitted in a guilty tone.

"Traitor!" Gale and Haymitch screamed.

"I'm not a traitor! I just like Princess Luna more than Princess Celestia! Is that so bad?"

"How could you betray me like this after all I've done for you?!" Haymitch said with disappontemt in his voice.

"He must be dealt with like a traitor." Gale said harshly.

"Let's pelt him with his own bread!" Haymitch yelled. Gale rushed to the bakery and grabbed a basket of Peeta's bread. Both Haymitch and Gale start throwing bread at Peeta, driving him into a corner.

"Stop guys! Stop!" Peeta begged.

"Never!" Gale shouted.

"Bread, why have you betrayed me!" Peeta cried in despair.

"You're the traitor, Princess Celestia hater!" Haymitch replied.

"Rainbow Dash! Uh I mean Katniss save me!"

Katniss walked into the room, both Haymitch and Gale dropped the bread that they were holding. The room was completely silent.

"This is all over those stupid ponies! Isn't it?!" She snapped at them unhappily.

"Yes, Rainbow Dash." was Peeta's feeble, weak reply and that was the end of one of the random conversations of Peeta and Haymitch.

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