Merry Christmas Everyone! Thanks for all of the reviews! So here is my Christmas special for Haymitch and Peeta. I hope you enjoy. I don't own The Hunger Games, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, The Christmas Carol, or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Today's guest star is: Ms. Johanna Mason!

Chapter 6: The Random Christmas Conversation

Peeta and Haymitch trudged down the snow-covered roads of District 12. Each were carrying overflowing bags of Christmas decorations that they had recently bought at the store. Haymitch was singing at the top of his lungs,

"Ooh! Jingle smells, Jingle smells, Stinky all the way!"

"It's no fun to sit next to a guy who had too many burritos on an overcrowded flight to LA! Yuck!"

"Jingle smells, Jingle smells, Stinky all the way!"

"It's no fun to sit next to a guy who had too many burritos on an overcrowded flight to LA!"

"Haymitch can't you sing a real Christmas carol?" Peeta pleaded.

"But Peeta that is a real Christmas carol and anyway I deserve to enjoy myself after you dragged me through the horror of Christmas shopping."

"It wasn't that bad. I mean at least I didn't squeal like a little girl when I saw that mistletoe was buy one get one free." Peeta said with a proud smile.

"Hey it was a good deal and didn't you buy a ton of it too?"

"Only a fifty dollars worth of mistletoe and that's not a ton. It's just a lot."

"Peeta why did you buy all these Christmas lights anyway?"

"I want my house so covered in lights that it will bring joy to all of District 12 and most importantly so that Santa will never miss it on Christmas."

"Peeta you have nothing to worry about. The one time you were naughty it was when you burned that bread for Katniss and in the end that was being nice. Have you ever been naughty? Ever?" Haymitch asked with sarcasm.

Peeta paused before answering, "Nope. What about you? Have you ever been on the nice list Haymitch?"

"No It's been a record for the past 43 years and I'm not planning on breaking it."

They had just walked into victor's village when Haymitch said this with a smile.

"Well I better get started." Peeta said as he opened a box of lights.

"I better get my sunglasses." Haymitch replied.

By sunset the light display was only half way done. Peeta was on his roof untangling a stand of lights when Haymitch walked over.

"Peeta look out! Behind you! It's-it's the Grinch!"

"Where! What! Where!" Peeta yelled. Then stepping back he tangled his foot in the lights and fell off the roof into a snow drift.

"Haymitch! What was that for!"

"I wanted to see your reaction and it proved satisfactory." Haymitch replied calmly as he sipped some eggnog.

"It's no wonder you are always on the naughty list." Peeta grumbled as he got up and brushed snow off of his coat.

"Oh come on Peeta aren't you taking this light thing a little too seriously?"

"No Haymitch I'm not. Do you realize how hard it is to put lights on a house. It takes time, dedication and- HAYMITCH WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

"Showing you that Christmas lights aren't that hard to put up." Haymitch said this as he grabbed a strand of lights and started towards his house.

It was about ten o'clock and the two had competed all night to create the best light display in all of Panem. Haymitch smiled at his sloppy work, thinking he had outdone Peeta. Peeta just laughed at it.

"Haymitch turn around and look at real awesomeness." Peeta said with a smirk on his face.

Haymitch glared at the beautiful artistic light display that was Peeta's house.

"Its not that amazing."

"WHAT! Of course it is!"

"Uh oh Peeta your pouting."

"No I'm not!"

"Yeah you are and now you're on Santa's naughty list!"


"Oh come on Peeta don't be such a-"

"You ruined my Christmas!" Peeta cried out in agony.

"Are you two idiots fighting over Christmas lights?!" Johanna interrupted dryly.

"Johanna!" The two exclaimed in unison.

"Who were you expecting the Grinch?" She replied sarcastically.

"Is there any difference?" Haymitch replied with a laugh.

"Seriously you two are pathetic, fighting over lights. I honestly don't understand all the fuss over Christmas!"

"But Johanna it's the season of family, goodwill and-"

"Blah! Blah! Blah! I've heard this all before Mellark."

"So what are you doing here anyway, besides destroying the Christmas spirit?" Peeta said with a frown.

"Katniss invited me to go hunting for a Christmas turkey or something like that. I was bored so I decided to go, but maybe if I'm lucky we'll see Rudolf and BANG! We'll have reindeer for Christmas dinner!"

"What! Johanna how could you! Now both you and Haymitch are destroying Christmas!"

"This is why Christmas drives me nuts." Johanna said under her breath, than she turned and walked away.

"That Johanna is such a Grinch." Peeta said with a glare.

"This reminds me of a song, Peeta!"

"No not another one!"

"Wait just listen,(to the tune of Mr. Grinch)"

"You're a mean one Miss Johanna!"

"You really terrify me."

"Your as cuddly as a mutt and as charming as president snow, Miss Jooohanna!"

"I wouldn't poke you if Peeta dared me twenty-one and a half times!" Haymitch finished his song quite happily.

"I hope she didn't hear you sing that." Peeta said quite amused.

Johanna turned and shook her fist at them as she walked towards Katniss's house.

"She heard me." Haymitch said with a pale face.

"Well it was nice knowing you Haymitch." Peeta said.

"But Peeta-"

"Wait I have an amazing idea, I'll get Johanna is the Christmas spirit and then Santa will have to put me back on the good list!" Peeta exclaimed.

"I guess that might work."

"It has to! But how will I get her in the Christmas spirit?"

"Well Effie once dragged me to this play about this really cool guy named Scrooge. He had everything, wealth, power, money and then he got scared by these ghosts and was happy and broke the end."

"Haymitch I think you just totally missed the point of the "Christmas Carol" but that is a good idea though. I think tonight Johanna will be visited by some very ghostly friends."

That night Johanna was watching TV when a ghost walked in. He was dressed to look like Finnick.

"Jooohanna! I am the ghost of your long time friend and fellow victor Finnick! I am here to show you how amazing Christmas is and uh-"

"Haymitch Abernaithy! Get out of my house! And come on do you think I'm blind or something you look nothing like Finnick!"

"But I need to tell you that three ghosts will be haunting you and-"

"GET OUT NOW!" Johanna grabbed her ax and chased him out of her house. Haymitch ran outside as fast as he could.

"I told you I should have been Finnick!" Peeta yelled as he chased after them.

The group finally stopped at the end of Johanna's driveway.

"Honestly you two! What were you thinking?!"

"We were just trying to get you into the Christmas spirit, so you would be happy." Peeta said pathetically.

"Well you want to know why I have no Christmas spirit! Why I'm not happy because I have no family NO one to spend Christmas with, do you see how many Christmas cards I have? NONE! That's why I don't like Christmas!" She stormed away leaving both of them completely silent.

"Poor Johanna." Peeta said at last.

"Well I'm bored. Lets get some eggnog." Haymitch replied losing all interest.

"You have no sympathy Haymitch, wow look at the time! We're going to be late! We need to get home to turn on the light display!"

Peeta smiled as he held the plug to his light display he was about to plug it in.

"Come on Peeta get this over with." Katniss said quite irritated.

"Ok! I present to you Peeta's Christmas light extravaganza!" He quickly plugged it in and the whole house came to life with thousands of dazzling lights.

"Wow, It's beautiful!" Katniss said amazed, but then the lights flickered and everything went black. All the lights in district 12 were out.

"Peeta!" Katniss screamed.

"But I had it planned perfect what happened?"

"I have no idea." Haymitch said completely bored again.

"Haymitch!" Peeta yelled.


"What is this cord here?"

"The cord to my lights."

"Haymitch you blew the circuit."

"Oh, my bad. Now who wants some eggnog!"

"Enough with the eggnog Haymitch!" Katniss snapped.

"My lights I worked so hard on them!" Peeta wailed.

"Well Peeta it was amazing while it lasted, but it was a miserable failure."

"No I'm not letting this Christmas be a failure." Peeta said resolutely.

"What do you mean Peeta?" Katniss asked.

"I have a great idea! We're going to give an old friend the best Christmas ever!"

Johanna was bored as ever this Christmas. That's when she heard a knock on the door.

"Who could-oh no not Haymitch and Peeta!"

She went to the door and opened it. There was Katniss, Haymitch and Peeta.

"Merry Christmas Johanna!"

"I brought cookies!" Peeta said with a smile.

"I brought a turkey." Katniss said.

"I brought eggnog." Haymitch chimed in.

"You know you have to share that Haymitch." Peeta said.

"What! You expect me to share?! You're crazy Peeta!"

"Whats going on here?" The confused Johanna replied.

"No one should spend Christmas alone." Peeta said.

"So we're here to spend Christmas with you." Katniss said.

"Uh I was bored and they promised me turkey if I came." Haymitch said with a slight smile.

"Wow guys this is-uh great." Johanna was still in complete shock, "I guess there's nothing else to say except, Merry Christmas! Oh and who wants some reindeer on a stick?"

"No not Rudolph! I think I'm going to faint! " Peeta said going pale.

"Just kidding! Come inside guys."

"Look Peeta! Santa was here!" Haymitch said in disbelief, "Hey all I got was coal!"

"This is the best Christmas ever!" Peeta said with a smile.