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" REN! What did you do to him you monster?" Ayano screamed, as she was still in shock from yesterday's and today's events.

" Oh, this?... Well, let's say it is a warning to make sure you won't tell anyone… he is just unconscious. He heard us talking. Here take him. When he wakes up make sure he got the message as well…Bye, princess. See you tonight…"He smirked and left.

What the hell?

He dragged Ren into this, too? And Ayano cannot tell anyone now. And all this princess thing… Ayano was getting more and more furious! But with Ren around there was nothing she could do..

" I suppose I'll have to go through with the engagement for now…" Ayano took Ren to his room and had him lay down.

" Hey, Ren, wake up.. Are you ok? Ren." Ren started waking up…He was mumbling Kazuma's name.

" It's ok Ren. It's me Ayano… It's fine now.." He woke up for good once he remembered what had just happened.

" Nee-sa! Are you allright? He didn't hurt you did he? I'm sorry nee-sa, I tried to run and call for Kazuma but I wasn't fast enough" He was crying and hugging Ayano… She hugged him as well and said in a sad and calm voice:

" Listen Ren. I'm sure you heard how things are like at the moment. That is why I'll have to get engaged to Takaki. You , in the meantime, can't tell anyone. Not even Kazuma. No matter what. There is something on that guy that scares me and I have a feeling that he knows exactly where to hit. Please, only for this time, play along with me and lie to everyone." Ren's eyes widened as he felt something warm on his head… It was Ayano's tears. She hugged him a lot tighter and started shaking. " I've never seen nee-sa so…terrified…Ok Ren.. This time you have to protect her… You have to lie….Don't worry nee-sa… I'll protect you…" Ayano let go of him and wiped his eyes.

" Now, stay here and calm down for a while, ne? I'll have to go and talk to father about the engagement.."

" I'm sorry Ayano… That I'm so weak…"

" You're not weak, Ren. You can do things that other kids at your age can't. You throw fire from your hands. It's just that he is witty… But honestly, you being here is all the strength I need…" She kissed him on the cheek and hugged him for one more time. Then left.

Jugo was alone,, enjoying his tea, when the door opened.

" May I come in?...We need to talk" Jugo nodded and Kazuma went and sat beside him.

" Are you really going to force Ayano into this engagement?" Jugo sighed.

" Took you long enough… I had started to worry that you might give up…" Kazuma's eyes continued:

" I know that you came here to talk about the engagement but as crazy as it may sound, this matter is not in my hands. The whole marriage thing was decided by Spirit Blaze King and the elders of the Kanagi family. I only follow orders. Even if that means " killing" my own daughter…." Kazuma was furious. Whas was this man thinking?

" Hey Ju-"

" But I know someone who can stop this…." Kazuma snapped…" Has this anything to do with what you said that day in the hospital?" But before Jugo was able to answer, a knock on the door cut him off.

" Father, it's me Ayano. May I come in?..."

"Of course." Ayano stood a bit at the door. She had literally grabbed it, trying to keep herself up. On the inside, she was more than just terrified but she tried to keep calm. She walked clolser to her father, and sat between him and Kazuma like always. Kazuma was staring at her… She was..different.. She was more scared…he tried to reach for her but he stopped once she started talking.

" Father, I thought about it a lot. I want to go through with this engagement." Both of the men's eyes widened. They were in awe. She had just walked in and said that she accepts to get engaged to Takaki?! Ayano? Jugo opened his mouth to speak but quickly changed his mind when he saw how serious Ayano was. Kazuma , however, couldn't accept something like that. Ayano stood up and headed for the door. Kazuma grabbed her and dragged her to her room..

" What are you doing Kazuma? That hurts you know!"

"Shut up…What's with you accepting the engagement? " Kazuma expected that Ayano would scream or attack him with Enraiha. Instead she was rubbing her wrist, she turned away so that she wouldn't look Kazuma in the eyes and said surprisingly calm:

" Well, I am the heir of the Kanagis. That is my du-"

"Don't go selling me the bullshit about your duty and responsibilities again Ayano.. I'm not buying it! I know better than anyone how much you detest this engagement.. So tell me why?" Kazuma hit his fist on the wall. Ayano didn't answer…He grabbed her by her wrists:

" Tell me Ayano! Why did you agree on that engagement? You, yourself said that you wanted me to take you away from him, didn't you? What now? Did you grow to like him more than you like me?" Yeah, obviously kazuma was furious ans jealous and was talking nonsense. Ayano, on the other hand, was completely expressionless.

" What if I do like him?" Kazuma stopped talking and looked at her with eyes open wide.

" Come one Ayano… we both know you don't like him..-"

" BECAUSE I LIKE YOU?WHY MUST EVERYTHING REVOLVE AROUND YOU KAZUMA?YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY MAN IN THIS WORLD YOU KNOW...Besides… you are still in love with Tsui Ling. I'm sure that one day you'll go after her if you get the chance.. I have to look after my own life as well… "

" Is that so?...Have it your way then.. JUST DON'T COME CRYING TO ME WHEN YOU REALIZE YOUR MISTAKE!" Kazuma shouted and disappeard…

Tears fell from Ayano's eyes… " I'm sorry Kazuma.. I'm only trying to protect you all…" she whispered…

" Ms Ayano, this is your dress for tonight's party." Yuka said as she entered her room. Ayano was hiding in her bathroom, pretending to be naked. She came out only after Yuka had left. She looked at her clothes and shoes and begun to prepare for the engagement party.

The time was almost midnight and Kazuma was getting ready to meet up with a whore to pass his night. He was putting on his jacket when his phone rung.

" Ren?.."

Wow… so did Ayano get engaged to Takaki?

Why did Ren call Kazuma?...

Wait.. What do you mean Ayano and Takaki will live together?

Uh oh Kazuma…. You're screwd xD

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