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" E-engaged?...To Takaki?..." Ayano lowered her head, her hair covering her eyes.

" Exactly " Said Genma all ecstatic. " He is the perfect mate for you. He is strong, he wields the Blue Flame and has been blessed by Spirit Blaze King himself…He was the one who decided this…And-"

"And what about me?..." Ayano said in a trembling and low voice..Everyone stopped and looked at her…

" AND WHAT ABOUT HOW I FEEL?" Ayano stood up really abruptly, totally ignoring her injury.

" Father, you better than anyone, know how devoted I've always been to the Kanagis' duty to protect humans. I accepted Enraiha and underwent harsh training since I was little….But this…. But this…."

" Ayano…I-" Jugo raised his arm to reach for her but she had already rushed outside, running without noticing that her wound had started to re-open.

Kazuma had just arrived at the Kanagis and saw Ayano running in tears. He chased after her, screaming her name but she just wouldn't listen She was so shocked and scared of what she had heard that all she could see was her pain. While she was running she suddenly felt an arm grabbing hers:





LEAVE ME ALONEEEE….YOU JER…GWAAAHHH…" Ayano fell on her knees. A sharp pain made her come back to her senses…Kazuma, in the meantime, was holding her wrists, trying to calm her down… Once she fell on her knees, he kneeled down as well and hugged her…

" Stop it Ayano… Don't hurt yourself… Your wound re-opened and you're bleeding…And gosh, you're so cute when you're crying…" Ayano started gradually to calm down, her body relaxed and her tears were flowing without a sound.

Kazuma hugged her tighter…She was so vulnerable, so hurt. He had never seen her like this before. He was actually, scared..

" I'm sorry I wasn't here earlier…I'm sorry I wasn't with you when you woke up at the hospital…I did come, but I was jealous when I saw that someone other than me could actually make you blush….I'm sorry….I'm sorry Ayano…" Ayano was still crying…she tried to calm down a bit more and said:

" I- I don't want this Kazuma… I don't want to get engaged…Not now, not with him.. I want to marry the one I love… I want to merry y-" She covered her mouth as soon as she realized that she had just confessed him by accident..

Kazuma chuckled, kissed her on her head and whispered to her ear..

" Don't worry, princess, I won't hand you over that easily…Especially to him…" Ayano blushed and then smiled before she passed out in his arms.

He then held her princess style, stood up and took her to her room. He placed her on her bed and asked from Yuka to bring him some bandages to treat Ayano's injury. He also asked her to keep his visit a secret from everyone. Yuka did so and Kazuma was left alone with Ayano in her room. He took off her upper pajama and took off her bandages. She moaned a bit. Apparently she was in pain but it's not like he had other choice. He couldn't let her bleeding there to death. He cleaned her wound, her bleeding stopped and he placed new bandages. She was all sweat, so he wiped her body and her face with a towel Yuka had brought him along with the bandages. He changed her pajamas with a new pair and threw the other one away as there was blood all over it. He put some covers on her, since he noticed that she was shivering. He sat on a chair beside her bed and brushed her hair with his fingers…She suddenly started sleep-talking:

"I…don't…..want…this…. Ka-zu-ma…gwahh.. Don't….let….him…take…me…gwaah…plea…gwah…" Kazuma clenched his teeth…He was furious. Not only with Takaki but with Jugo as well… How dare he make her go through something like that? She is the only one that no one had any right to touch…Kazuma just couldn't allow this.

" Look at you Ayano…So weak and helpless….I'm sorry I left you all alone…" Ayano then started waking up…

" Ka-Kazuma?..." She mumbled while being somewhere between sleep and reality " did you really…mean that you won't hand me over….?..." Kazuma stared at her with a look full of surprise. She was in such a pain due to her wound and all she was worried about was that?" You are amazing….princess…" He then patted her on her head

And told her: " Princess…let ME worry about these things…You have plenty of rest and get better as soon as possible…I've missed your annoying and energetic self…" Ayano closed her eyes again, this time with a pretty satisfying expression on her face. She smiled and said while falling asleep:

"Kazuma….I trust my life in you" Kazuma's eyes widened. He looked at her in the most gentle way ever…He sat back on his chair and kept on staring at her….After a while he lowered his head, placing it on his palms, thinking to himself:

"This time I won't fail… I promise, I won't …."

Wow Kazuma admitted his feelings…kind of…almost there….

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