Helen sat in front of her make-up mirror brushing her hair. She was admired for her strength and her bravery. She faced every situation with the utmost confidence and skill. She never let her enemies see her doubt herself. She could make the decision that others could not. And because of this she was successful in everything she did. What she hid was how much she hurt. She had loved and lost more than anyone should have been allowed. After the death of Ashley she vowed to herself that no one would ever be that close to her again.

A thin lined formed on her lips. She leaned closer to the mirror; putting her brush down. Her slender fingers touched her reflection. No one could see the pain and suffering she put herself through in order to get to where she was. Looking in the mirror; having to face herself was the only punishment suitable for her success and the only way she could force herself to remember the reasons she fought so hard for this. Failing for her meant that all those who died…died in vain.

Helen rose from the vanity and walked to the window. New York was beautiful, no wonder Nikola chose to hide out here. Her chest filled anticipation. She knew that the red headed Helen would not see Nikola till his funeral were she realizes that he is not himself instead some old man. And she would not meet him again till 2008, while she was in Rome.

Helen could afford the risk here in New York. She was meeting with some investors at midnight at Cooney Island. She thought about what would happen if Nikola did see her. She looked up at the sky, she thought about maybe trying to see him…but decided against it as she turned and headed out.

"Ms. Bancroft you do deliver." The man said smiling.

"As do you." Helen smiled the business trade had went smoothly.

"So when will you have the blueprints ready?" He asked looked around.

"Soon…" Helen assured him wrapping her coat closer to her body.

"Well Ms. Bancroft you know how to find me when you're ready." He replied as he nodded to the look out that they were done.

"Wait," Helen said looking at him. "Do you know Nikola Tesla…I mean where he is?"

The man stared at her. "Ah…yes he stays on the top floor of that building." The man pointed to a large building that over looked the city. "He however doesn't seem interested in love."

"He is an old friend." Helen assured him. "Thank you and I will get the prints to you soon." Helen said turning on her heels and leaving.

She cursed herself as boarded the boat that one of the look outs used to bring her there. Her heart told her to go, but fear and doubt flooded her. After her and James broke up she didn't have serious relationships. And till Nikola told her in Rome he loved her she never considered him. Not because she didn't love him but because she didn't want to love him and get burned again like she did with John. But she knew better now. He loved her really truly loved her and wanted nothing more from her than her affection. She looked at the building as it became closer. Nikola was probably awake and lonely. She battled with herself till they docked. She would not go she decided it was a bad idea.

Helen walked toward her hotel every now and then her eyes looking to the building. Helen secured her gun on her hip and began to walk again this time towards the building. She had to…her heart was threatening to burst with each step. She stopped at the building and took a deep breath. She opened the door keeping her head down she walked to the elevator.

The brief ride only gave her a moment to consider her words. 'Be brave.' She told herself as she walked to the only door in the hallway other than the one that led to the stairs. She knocked softly her heart in her throat.

The door flung open. Nikola stared shocked to see her. Helen looked at him for a moment. He was barefooted with his signature black pants. His white cotton shirt was not tucked in and his hair was a mess.

"Did I wake you?" Helen finally spoke.

Nikola looked around before letting her in. "No." This was Nikola but this was not her Nikola. The laughter in his eyes was gone. "Why are you here Helen?"

"I…was in the area." Helen said looking at the apartment.

"At one in the morning? Helen you are a horrible liar." Nikola said offering her and seat and disappearing into the kitchen area returning with two glass of wine.

"I wanted to see you." She admitted taking the glass from him.

Nikola was quiet. Too quiet. Her heart sank to the floor was he still hurting from finding out about her and James. Of course it was. Nikola sat by her.

"Your hair is lovely." He said awkwardly.

"Thank you, Nikola are you okay?" Helen asked hoping to remove the tension.

"I'm fine, just shocked to see you here Helen." He snapped.

"May I look around?" Helen asked the pressure in her chest was unbearable she needed some space between them.

Nikola nodded before finishing his glass of wine. She could feel his eyes on her as she stood and walked to the project that sat in the corner. She turned to face his direction, wasn't there anymore. She heard him in the next room. There was a small picture of her tucked under some paper in the table. He was truly heartbroken over her. She picked it up and looked at it closer.

"When did you get this?" She asked holding it to him as he entered the room again.

Nikola snatched the pictured from her, his quickness causing her to jump. "After the reporter was done with it I bought it." Nikola growled offensively feeling exposed.

Helen reached out taking it from him again and put it down her other hand stroked his face. "Nikola I'm right here."

"Only for the moment." Sorrow echoed in his voice.

She leaned into his chest kissing him. "Tonight Nikola I'm yours."