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The Elves were going to the Grey Haven, to sail to the Undying Lands. It was only a small number of Elves. Some were riding on horses and some were walking. They walked quiet. There were few who talked, most likely the ladies. The men were silence. Little did they know about the secret the one month old girl is carrying. Few sensed present of something evil close, but by the time it was too late for warning Orcs attacked the small group of Elves.
No one survived but one.

"Lyavain, where are you? Lyavain- Ah there you are" a Stoorish Hobbit said after finding a four summers old girl. She giggled and ran away from him. "I've found you, it is your turn now" he said and followed her.

"Ah uh, you saw where I ran" the little girl said and ran from him. Ran under a table and into a hatch in the wall that led outside the house. The girl ran past the houses and was about to go down the river, but the Hobbit she played hide and seek with grabbed her and tossed her up in the air.

"Got you" he said and she laughed. He tickled her all over her. "Go now, your mother called for you." He let her down on the ground, but she just stood there. Looking into nothing and then she looked with a happy face up to him.

"Is my mother home?" She asked.

"Of course she is, she has always been home" he said. She looked sad down on the ground. He knew what she meant. She thought of her real mother, but she died four years ago.

The girl looked up again at him. "I race you home to me Sméagol" she said and start already running. Sméagol breathed heavily out of exhausting and followed her. She ran as fast as she could, Sméagol only had to walk a bit faster than usually.

"Then run straight home and not to the river" Sméagol said and laughed. She always liked the river, only to watch. She hated being wet.

Lyavain had her mouth full of food and she dangled with her feet from the chair. "Lyavain!" Her mother said. "You are six now, you can eat better than that. You have food all over you." She took away some food Lyavain had spelt over the table.

Lyavain smiled. "But you make such a good food mother, I cannot help it. Beside I am trying to eat more just like we do. But my stomach isn't as big as other at my age" she said a bit sad. "Cuz' I am not a Hobbit…"

"Lyavain, it doesn't matter where you come from. You are my daughter, I always think you as my daughter and you are! Nothing else" her mother said. Lyavain smiled to her when she swallowed her food. "Now I think you should go to Sméagol before it is too late. He is down in the river."

Lyavain nodded and looked for something. "Where is it?" She asked.

"In the bookshelf in the hallway" her mother called out to her. Lyavain found a box and ran down the river. It took her fifteen minutes to run to the river and on the grass she saw something she didn't believe.

"Déagol?" She asked. Déagol, were lying death on the ground. Déagol was Sméagol's cousin and a good friend to Lyavain. "Déagol!" She screamed and tossed herself forward next to him and sobbing. "Wake up!"

"Wake up!"

"Murderer! Murderer!" They screamed at him. Chasing him away, but Lyavain didn't believe it. She ran to the entrance of the woods where she knew and hoped to find Sméagol. She waited and waited. She sat up when she saw Sméagol come.

"Sméagol" she said happy and ran in his arms.

"Hey little one" he said tired. He sat down on his knees holding around Lyavain. He saw he had a box in her hands. "What is that?" He asked.

"It is a present to you." He was surprised. "Happy Birthday Sméagol." She gave him the box and he opened it. It was a bracelet, made of rope with golden texture. He looked at her. "I made it and was hoping you could have it."

"But this is yours Lyavain, why you giving it to me?"

"I want you to have something that reminds you of me, in case we get separated."

Sméagol laughed. "Just what I need right now, I will be gone now. I will not come back."

"They are calling you a murder, my mother, your grandmother and my friends. Why?" She asked curious and confused.

He smiled a fake smile. "Don't mind them, it is what you think that matters." He turned his head half way round and saw the people come after. He kissed her forehead. "Good-bye" he said and left her there.

"Sméagol, don't leave!" But he had left and was never to return. "Sméagol-"

An Elven man heard crying and he followed the sound. Few minutes later he saw a little girl sitting on the ground with her legs up to her chest, crying. He bends down to her and she looked up. He saw she was an Elf, but it was something human about her. "What is your name little girl?" He asked.

She looked into his eyes. "L- Lyavain- my lord" she tried to be polite.

The Elf smiled a friendly smiled and she stopped crying. "Lyavain, what are you doing out here? Where do you come from?"

"The river my lord, I- I live with the Stoore Hobbits." The Elf didn't understand.

"You are far from home Lyavain, come. I will take you too safety." Lyavain followed the kind Elf further in the forest of Mirkwood.