Lyavain smiled to him when he came down to the first level of Minas Tirith. He was dressed up with the White Tree of Gondor on his chest. He smiled back to her, he knew why she was smiling. "What made you change your mind becoming the King?" She asked Aragorn.

"I am not King yet and I can tell you later" he answered and he mounted his horse and so did everyone else. Lyavain turned to wolf form and the Men of Gondor, Rohan and Elves from Rivendell rode to Mordor to help Frodo and Sam.

After days of marching till the Black Gate they finally saw it. Lyavain looked at Aragorn, who had his eyes kept on the gate, she then looked nervous at Legolas who looked back to her and smiled. Why does he always have to smile? Lyavain thought. But it made her smile.
They stopped, waiting for order from Aragorn. Lyavain sat down and looked over the gate of Mordor. She turned her look down as she saw the tower. She knew what was on top of it. Aragorn began ride over to the Black Gate, with Gandalf with Pippin before him, Legolas with Gimli after him, Éomer with Merry behind him and Lyavain in her wolf form.
They were halfway when the Black Gate opened and what they saw was a person in black comes out on a black horse. Lyavain first thought it was a Nazgûl, but it had a big crowned-looking helmet on and a big ugly mouth. Aragorn continue riding and so did everyone else.

"My master, Sauron the Great, bids thee welcome" Mouth of Sauron said and smiled when they stopped before him. His teeth were long and yellow, bloody. It didn't scare Lyavain; she walked slowly towards him, growling. Gandalf whispered her name. "Is there any in this rout with authority to treat with me except a Werewolf?" He asked.

"We do not come to treat with Sauron faithless and accursed" Gandalf said. The Mouth of Sauron showed his teeth, he did not like what he said. "Tell your master this: The armies of Mordor must disband. He is to depart these lands, never return."

"Old Greybeard" the Mouth of Sauron said and then something came up for him. "I have a token I was bidden to show thee." He took up a shirt, Mithril. The one Frodo uses. The Hobbits called Frodo's name, but Gandalf shushed them. "The Halfling was dear to thee, I see." The Fellowship felt everything was lost. "Know that he suffered greatly at the hands of his host. Who would've thought one so small could endure so much pain?" Lyavain walked closer to him, flickers her teeth, ready to attack.

"Lyavain" Aragorn said. "Don't!" She did not listen and Aragorn rode forth in front of Lyavain.

"Thanks to your friend, Lyavain the pathetic Halfling is dead." He looked at Aragorn. "Who is this? Isildur's heir? It takes more to make a king than a broken Elvish blade." Aragorn smiled and draws his sword and cut the head of Mouth of Sauron while he screamed. Everyone looked at what Aragorn did, but Lyavain only sighed.

"I do not believe it" Aragorn said. "I will not." The Black Gate of Mordor opened once again and then Orcs marched out. "Pull back. Pull back!" They all rode back, but Lyavain stood there looking at the Great Eye. "Lyavain!" Aragorn called after her, she responded and ran back to her friends.

The army of Gondor and Rohan were nervous of the great amount of Orcs that marched out and surrounded them, but the Elves stood there ready to fight. "Hold your ground! Hold your ground" Aragorn said when they came back to them. "Sons of Gondor, of Rohan, of Rivendell, my brothers and my sister!" He said out loud so all could hear and his eyes rested on Lyavain before he continue riding back and forth. "I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of Men fails when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship. But it is not this day. An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the age of Men comes crashing down. But it is not this day. This day we fight."

Lyavain could sense the Men weren't nervous anymore. "By all that you hold dear on this good earth" Aragorn continued. "I bid you stand, Men of the West!" He raised his sword and so did everyone else. Lyavain led out a howl when Aragorn turned to the Orcs. They who had a horse dismounted and let them run before the Orcs came around them as a circle.

Lyavain stood next to Legolas. He felt her fur close to him. He laid a hand on her back, she was calmer now. The Eye was looking at them. She looked past the Eye, over the field and saw Frodo and Sam climbing Mount Doom. She had to smile what drew the Men's attention. She looked up at Legolas. Aragorn took few steps forth, lowering his sword and then turned to the others. "For Frodo" he said and began running to the massive amount of Orcs. Merry and Pippin ran right after with their little swords. So did Lyavain and everyone else. She ran pass the Hobbits, pass Aragorn and crashed right into the Orcs with Aragorn after her.

They all killed every Orc they could see. Lyavain grabbed one with her teeth and tossed in on others. Sometimes she turned to human when the crowd around her was close. She used her swords fighting the Orcs and then she heard Nazgûls screams. The Nazgûls came on their flying beasts and when she looked ahead of herself she saw Berus approach her.

Berus attacked her, aimed for her neck. But she ducked, making three wounds from her claws on his face. He looked at her angry and jumped on her. She landed on her back, trying to get Berus away. But he was stronger and a bit bigger than her. Berus bite her in the neck making her scream. Legolas fired one arrow and hit the back of Berus. He looked at the blond Elf. Lyavain got up slowly. Berus were about to attack Legolas, but Lyavain came before him. Took a big bite in his neck and throw out the piece of flesh she had in her mouth. Berus lay down screaming and she took another bite, digging her claws in him.
Legolas got busy killing the Orcs when a Nazgûl got closer to Lyavain. Having two blades in each hand, one was shorter than the other. She turned form and drew her swords, blocking the Nazgûls attacks. The Nazgûl cut a wound on her arm with the Morgul Blade, making her scream of pain. She fell down on her knees looking up at the Nazgûl. The Nazgûl took the new Morgul Blade and stabbed it in her. Her vision failed for her and when she looked up again she saw one person in battle with the Nazgûl. It was Legolas. "No…" she said, but it only came as a whisper. She touched the Ring, Vilya and felt herself heal. She then could see more clearly, she saw Legolas loose for the Nazgûl. She turned to Wolf and jumped at the Nazgûl. The Nazgûl that rode the flying beast flied back and so did the Nazgûl on the ground. Lyavain went right to Legolas that were lying on the ground. She touched his face with her nose and he looked up to her.
She turned right away and used the Ring to heal Legolas's wounds that he got from the Nazgûl.

"Lyavain" Legolas whispered and touched her face with his hand. She smiled and cried happy tears and then they both looked up hearing something else scream. It was the Eye. The Eye was burning up as it screamed, the dark clouds above it sunk together in it. The tower collapsed in thousand pieces when the Eye exploded into nothing. The Orcs ran, tried running but when the Eye exploded everything of evil lost its life. Mordor collapsed and fell down in the ground. Frodo have done it, Lyavain thought. Merry and Pippin called out Frodo's name, but then the Mount Doom exploded. Gandalf, while riding on one of his eagles, flied over to Mount Doom with two other eagles.

"It is over" Lyavain said to Legolas and suddenly he kissed her. She kissed him back and they stood up. Lyavain looked at the Ring, Vilya, as she felt it had lost its power. It wasn't glowing anymore as it used to. She then looked at the dead body of Berus. "So is my race" she said.

Legolas looked at her. "No, it is not" he said. He took her hand and kissed it. "Not if you want to be my wife." She cried happy tears again and they both looked at Aragorn that just approached them. He was a mess, they both saw that. Lyavain and Legolas both bowed to the future king and then they looked at each other. She kissed Legolas again, as a yes to be his wife.

The End.