The Outcome

Disclaimer: I do not own Hyouka

Pairing: HoutarouXEru




Houtarou was never expected that he grew a bone to tell his feelings to Chitanda, that he loves her. Well, it was happened a long time ago, when they were still students. To be honest, he's really doesn't want to remember about that time, but still sweet to be remembered. Then, their relationship became much closer when Houtarou must receive approval from Chitanda's parents. You know, since Chitanda is coming from a wealthy family and also one of the famous "Exponential Four" clans.

So many things that Houtarou must went through back then. But, since Chitanda always be there for him, he was happy to anything. Now, they have been married for 16 years. Time is sure flies when you didn't think nor feel about it.

And how many children Houtarou want to have? Of course, just one. One is enough for him, who's a lazy. But as a good parent, he must remove all of the bad habits. It's because Houtarou doesn't want to have a children who's personality the same as him. The reason is, that Houtarou doesn't want to see his younger self again much to his dislike. Well, not for Chitanda, she was happy to have a child who just looks like his father.

"Yuuta," called out Houtarou to his son when he saw his son passed through him in a hurry. The, his son, named Yuuta stopped in his tracks and turned back his head to face his father who's currently sit on chair across the room, but his eyes still on the newspaper that he reads.

"What is it, Dad? You have to tell me quickly or I'll be late for school!" Yuuta answered as he turned his head again to saw the clock.

Houtarou then lifted his gaze from the newspaper before him and stare at his son, "Forget it, just go." And back to reading his morning newspaper.

Yuuta blinked before his father words could sink into his head, "Okay, then! Bye Mom, Father!" he said before slammed the door shut behind him.

Suddenly Chitanda poked her head from the kitchen, "Be careful, Yuuta!" and a smile can see on her pretty face, before giggled. She was a bit amused with the father-son interactions earlier. Of course, Chitanda could clearly guess what expression her husband has on his face now although the newspaper still blocked his face. Oh, how curious she is with what will happen if the event continues. Houtarou was never talk too much with his son, besides the advices he must gave to Yuuta.

Well, at least Houtarou always can sighs in relief that his son didn't take his entire personality, but mixed between him and his wife.


How was that? Good enough? I hope so and sorry about all the grammar mistakes. If in case you were curious from what anime Yuuta is and still can't guess from what anime he is, it's Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! The new anime will start in no time soon. I just think that Yuuta somehow resemble both Houtarou and Eru at some point after watched the ONA which 5 minutes long. Hehe.