The Time Ever I Saw Your Face.

Narcissa Malfoy stared out of er window. She was alone, already for several months. With Draco at Hogwarts and Lucius in Azkaban she felt more alone than ever. She thought she looked terrible. She didn't have any sleep the last week and had almost reached the point of mental craziness. She thought back of the easy years, when her life was so much more fun and happy. She stood up and walked too her closet. There she found the box she was looking for. She put it on her bed and opened it. Inside the box there where several photo's. The smiling pictured people laughed at her. She saw a younger version of herself. Whit a hot sting of pain in her chest she saw that her beauty had gone whit the years. She still got compliments on her looks of course, but she didn't feel pretty anymore, that was the difference. She saw a younger version of her love, her Lucius. She felt hot tears stream down her cheeks. She wiped them away, although there was nobody there to see them and judge her for it. A few minutes and a lot of old photo's later she found where she was looking for. A little purple book whit a lock. She knew where to look for the key. She opened it and started reading.

Druella Black walked fast in the direction of the house that was in front of her. It was a beautiful large building with big windows and a tower on each corner. Druella looked down at the two little girls that where holding each one of her hands. Andromeda had been sick and Cygnus had stayed at home to take care for her. Actually she didn't even mind. Everything was easier whitout Cygnus around. Bellatrix had refused to wear the pink dress she had picked out for her and choose instead of it a dark brown one. Druella hated it when her children were not listening to what she wanted but Cygnus told her to let Bellatrix decide for herself. Cygnus was way too soft whith those children. They had to learn what was good for them not what they liked the most. Narcissa was now four years old and still listened to everything her mother told her. Narcissa was a very easy, quiet child. Druella sometimes forgot she was around untill Cygnus asked where his little princess was. Narcissa was wearing a white dress, Druella's favorite. It made her look perfect. But still they needed to learn.

"Cissy, walk with a straight back. Bella, if you screw this up you'll get the worst punishment you've ever gotten, understand?"

"Yes, mother". The two girls said in unison.

When Druella knocked the door, a hous-elf opened it.

"Master is waiting for you in the livingroom on the east side, madame Black". The little creacture said. Druella walked straight through the door to the east side of the house, without even looking to the elf. Narcissa looked back but when she did that her mother squeezed her hand so hard that it hurt and she looked straight ahead again. Her first mistake of the day. She would be punished at home, that was certain. In the living room they found a man sitting in an armchair by the window.

"Ah, Druella." He said when he saw them coming. He stood up and kissed Druella's hand. " It's a real plessure to see you again."

" The plessure is all mine." Druella said. " How is Celeste? Is she recovered yet?"

" I'm affraid not." The man said sadly. He shifted to another subject a little too fast. " Hello, Bellatrix. You've grown a lot the past year. And is this the famous Narcissa Black?" He grabbed Narcissa's hand and shaked it. "It's a real plessure Miss. Black."

Narcissa nodded at him, not sure what to do. Wrong choice, now she had an angry look from her mother. Mistake two of the day.

"Lucius is upstairs I guess. I'll let him be called". He walked towards a passing house-elf and said he wished to have his son downstairs. In a minute the elf came down the enormous stairs and said his son was coming. Then a blond boy walked down. He maybe was a year older than Narcissa herself.

"You wished to see me father?" He said.

"Yes, my son." Abraxas replied. " This is Bellatrix Black, Druella Black and Narcissa Black". Narcissa found he spoke her name a little bit too slowly too let it sound normal. What was going on here?