There was an eerie silence as everyone gazed up at the mansion. They had all been invited there by 'Anonymous'.

Just when they all got used to the quiet, a loud, "WELCOME EVERYBODY!" made everyone jump twenty-four feet into the sky. (Yes, these are precise calculations, people!)

Heads turned, and everyone, especially let out a groan when they saw Ziggurat and Doji standing side-by-side in front of the mansion doors.

"Wait just a second!" a female voice popped up. This was, in fact, not a blader. She was an authoress, by the name of MoonstoneWings, or Moon. She pushed some wavy, rebellious purple locks out of her face. Her opaque, seemingly innocent black eyes gleamed. "This wasn't what I had in mind. You both are supposed to be locked up in Riko's bedroom in my version!"

"Yeah!" said another authoress called FrostStarX, or Frost. Her hair was snow white, wrapped up in a ponytail. She frowned through her bangs. (Don't ask how we got here…) "And we weren't in a mansion, we were in a circus, and Masamune was juggling pins—"

"Well, it seems we have changed fate," Doji sneered. He and Ziggurat smirked at each other. Then suddenly he switched to party-mode. "You all have been invited by us, Anonymous, to the party of the century! Boo yah!" Some people snickered, as he said this with a very old-fashioned English accent, and it didn't suit his personality.

"Oh…kay?" Angelique offered.

"OKAY!" Riko yelled enthusiastically. "PARTY!"

"But it's not what I wrote," Moon said with her eyes wide. "How could things suddenly—"

"Oh, shut up," Doji said in a forced Russian accent this time. Everyone stared at him as if he had sprouted two heads.

"Yup, he's gone bonkers," Ryuga muttered.


Moon was, no doubt, in awe. "Kyoya, you have, like, ten pairs of the exact same outfit."

"Yeah, but if I painted them pink then they're party clothes!"

"…" There was nothing more to say.

"I'm ready for it," Riko cheered.

"Then step right in!" Doji and Ziggurat chanted at once.

"N-No!" Moon gasped. "Can't you guys see it must be a trap? Like, how they could twist someone's writing…"

"Um, bad idea," Frost said worriedly. "Everyone OUT!"

But everyone walked in anyway, taking Frost's statement as some kind of motivation. Moon gazed in horror as Ryuga pranced through the doors somewhat like a pony.

"Something's very wrong here," she murmured. "Everybody's out of character."

"That's obvious." Frost rolled her eyes. "Kyoya wanted to paint his clothes PINK."

"I think Doji's and Ziggurat's vibes are setting people off," Moon surmised. "It's so weird."

"Another obvious point."

As Moon thought about it for a while, she looked around. The scenery around the mansion disappeared, and there was nothing but a mist circling the atmosphere. It was like they had been sucked into an empty void. Moon's eyes were huge as saucers. "We have nowhere to go but in!"

"YOU'RE RIGHT!" Frost shrieked. "WE'RE GONERS!"

Chills raced down Moon's spine as she came to a final conclusion.

"It's the apocalypse," she announced solemnly.


"This actually isn't that bad," Angel said incredulously. "I mean, I can't believe I'm saying this."

"Yeah, except we're basically prisoners in here," Shantel rambled, "and the music is corny, and the food is inedible, and some people have gone mental. AND I OWE THE BANKER A THOUSAND BUCKS AND I ACCIDENTALLY SHREDDED A LIBRARY BOOK WITH A PAPER-SHREDDER AND I GOT A LETTER FROM SOMEONE WHO'S THREATENING TO TAKE MY BEAD AWAY!" She hugged a tiny diamond-shaped plastic bead.

"Yeah…besides that."

A/N: Er…Yeah, this is my first time being the one writing the collab, so yeah, hope everyone liked this, and Frost, hopefully it wasn't too horrible. It wasn't funny, was it? I try too much. But the rest of them are *Keeps laughing boxes ready* So yeah, till next time, folks! And note that Riko, Angelique (Or Angel), Leslie (Who hasn't made an appearance yet) and Shantel are my OCs. Anyway, who's up for pancakes?