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I walk down the Dauntless hallways, making my way to Max's office. He says I have a new job assignment. After my initiation this year I chose to be a bodyguard- both for those in Dauntless, but also in other factions. I've only had one other job- protecting an Amity leader while traveling through a large sector of a factionless area. That wasn't even much trouble at all- but I'm still considered very qualified because of my Skills Test, which is mandatory for every bodyguard to go through, and the fact that I came in first in my initiation class.

It's still early in the morning, and a still chilly- especially in these fall mornings. I slip a black hoodie over my head and quickly reach the heavy wooden door to Max's office.

I walk in without knocking and sit heavily into one of the black leather chairs. I slouch ever so slightly and rest my arms on the sides of the chair.

"Good morning Tris," Max says looking up from his desk- which is covered with old coffee cups, computer screens, and a few guns and knives. Typical of him.

"What's my new job?" I ask, becoming a little eager to know what I will be doing. I always enjoy the reactions of people when they hear I'm a bodyguard- suspicious but then shocked.

"You will be protecting a young Abnegation man," Max says. "We are trying to keep it hushed up for the sake of the other factions- we don't want them worrying, but one of the Abnegation- Marcus Eaton- has been abusing his son for the past eighteen years. His son, Tobias, finally told someone. Because he passed his initiation two years ago, he has his own house, but his father was constantly going there. Marcus will still be allowed to visit Tobias on occasion, but he needs protection for the time being. There is a guest room and you will be living on site. You will probably be staying there for three weeks before a replacement comes in."

I sit, quietly absorbing all the information. Hatred grows in me over Marcus- he always seemed so nice as I was growing up in Abnegation. I had looked up to him. His son was always quiet- and maybe that was one reason why. However, that does not forgive his cowardess in my eyes for never doing anything about it. But then, if this Tobias is truly Abnegation, he would not have wanted to bother anyone with his problems, and would not have wanted to cause his faction any grief or humiliation. There goes my Divergence again- always wrestling with itself down to things even like motives.

I nod. "The train leaves in five minutes," Max says, "come on, I'll be accompanying you." We both stand and walk silently out to the trains after I have grabbed the bag I was told to prepare for myself, because of the duration of my job.

The train comes within a few minutes and we begin to run next to the train- Max jumps in as I throw my bag on board, and then I jump in quickly, keeping my balance expertly. I hold onto one side of the train door and push my head out into the wind, enjoying the pressure on my face. I look at the handle I hold and the one on the other side of the door. I wish I had arms that were long enough to reach from one side to the other so I could lean out the way I've seen some Dauntless do. But I guess I'll have to settle for this. It takes about a half hour to reach the Abnegation sector and I stand still as a statue against the wind the whole way. It takes Max shaking my shoulder to pull me from my trance. He hands me my bag and we jump off, walking just a little ways to reach the housing areas of the Abnegation.

There they are- rows upon rows of square gray houses- lined up in an orderly and monotone fashion- no one house standing out from the rest. I can't decide how to think of them- boring or beautiful. Max walks just a little in front of me, leading me to my new job.

Max finally turns down one of the driveways, lined with short cut grass. Just like my old home- ten steps to the stairs, three steps up, two steps and I'm at the door. Max opens the door. Someone from any other faction would probably knock- but the Dauntless don't care, and Max never seemed to have much respect for the other factions.

I walk in after him- the house looks exactly like mine and for a split second, my stomach clenches at a longing for my past- I know my parents' house is down the next street. I push the feeling away and put a blank stare on my face.

A young man slowly approaches from around a corner. He doesn't look like he needs protection. He's tall and pretty muscular for an Abnegation. But I try not to judge. I'm almost a whole foot shorter than him and pretty small in general- and he doesn't look at me the way other people do- with the shocked expression that I'm someone who protects instead of the one being protected.

"Hello Tobias," Max says. He looks confused.

I set out completely from behind Max and stand confidently with my shoulders back and my feet perfectly shoulder-width apart. "I'm here to guard you," I say.

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