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Chapter one:Being ignored.

Its a normal day for the members of Fairy Tail, well, not exactly for Lucy, the Lucy 'before; was happy and delighted to be in the famous guild Fairy Tail, but the Lucy 'now' was having second thoughts about it.

"Why do i have these thoughts, Why do i want her to disappear, Why..." Lucy thought to herself, "Why is everything so...different now, Why is she more important then me, Why am i so jealous of her, just Why, somebody tell me, WHY!" She thought while clenching her fists in anger.

Lisanna Strauss, that's right Lisanna Strauss has come back from Edolas, and ever since she had come back, everyone has been ignoring Lucy. " Did I do something wrong?, did I say something wrong to make everyone ignore me?" She questioned herself as tears started to form in the corner of her eyes.

"Mira..."Lucy called out to her idol of Fairy Tail, but she didn't even turn around.

"Levy-chan, Juvia..."Lucy yelled, but they both didn't even answer, Levy, the only one she could rely on, couldn't even reply back and so didn't Juvia.

"Gray..."Lucy cried out, She thought at least Gray would answer her, but no he didn't, he confessed to Lucy, his love he felt towards her not too long ago, but Lucy didn't have feelings for Gray, in which he understood.

"Erza, Wendy..." Lucy's voice became a little shaky, but still held back the tears, and still, Erza and Wendy didn't answer.

"Natsu..."Lucy screamed with all her might, but he didn't even give her a glance, not one, Lucy had loved Natsu, but was too scared to tell him, but he knew it, but he didn't like her in that way, he only saw her as an important friend, but not a lover.

Lucy felt as though she had been rejected by her own Fairy Tail family, she decided that it was time to move on "I will spend one more day in the Fairy Tail Guild, if I feel as though i'm a piece of rubbish that has been brushed aside, then i'll leave, and wont ever return" She thought, and slowly walked towards the guilds doors.

Nobody said 'goodbye' as she left the guild, which pained her deep inside, she knew, that if she had left, it would be like taking your own life, but to her, every time they ignored her felt like millions of needles stabbing her continuously, over and over without stopping, and that hurt her more then ever.

-Later that evening-

Lucy spent her night making a list full of things she would need on this long journey of hers, packing her bags with clothes, shoes, accessories, and things that she might need.

Hours later, she had finally packed everything on her list, well, and a little bit more, she then walked slowly towards her writing desk and sat on her chair, pulled out the spare paper and a pen from her bottom draw and laid the piece of paper down flat, and sat there thinking what she was going to write, and to who.

"I'll write one to the master and I'll write another one, if they stop in my apartment to find me" She thought, tapping the pens top against her lip.

(This is the letter for Natsu, Gray, Erza and Happy and the other Fairy Tail members if they stop by Lucy's apartment)

Dear My, Fairy Tail Friends.

If you are reading my letter, I will hopefully be gone, please do not look for me, or it will cause me a great deal of pain, i have had enough of being ignored, by you, my friends, no my Fairy Tail family, it hurt me so much, to have left the Fairy Tail Guild, it was like a second home for me, but I have to move on, and away from all of you.

P.S: Natsu and Gray, please do not worry i have left by my own free will, i was not forced to leave so please promise me that you will not look for me, or persuade me to stay, it's hard enough as it is, if you want proof i gave a letter to the master, so please, just this once, do not come, plus don't worry about me, when i'm strong enough, I will come back.

Yours truly.
Lucy Heartfilia.

She gave a heavy sigh when she had finished the letter to Master Makarov, she glanced at the clock realizing that it was already two in the morning, she quickly changed into her pajamas and jumped into bed, and as she slept tears formed in the corner of her eyes once again.

I have a Question for you:

Have you ever been ignored so much that you wanted to leave, make the right decisions and don't always follow your heart because your heart waverers and can make you do stupid things, so please make the right decisions.

another thing is:

I will accept all of your discriminating words, I will cry, but that will be my lesson so please take it easy on me.