Chapter 7: All good things

20:20 PM (Japan Time), Wednesday August the 1st…

"… What in the world happened?"

"Well… From Subaru's and Misora's reports… While I was K. O. and everyone else was gassed… Hyde and the punk tried to steal data on the "Noise Canceller" to sell it and turn it into a weapon of mass destruction yet they managed to stop them and a guy named "Clock Man" as well because he was being hostile…"

"Clock Man! The failed project… I'd forgotten he existed!"


"Well. If it was gonna become another Joker and there was no ground for reasoning with the guy then… Better kill the root before it can grow into something dangerous…"

Akatsuki was reading a report to the crew of WAXA who seemed to have recovered from the gassing of the morning: Dr. Yoiri gasped and seemed to remember who "Clock Man" was when Akatsuki mentioned his name from the reports.

"Well! Then they did the right thing. So what happened to Hyde and his accomplice?" The Chief asked.

"Hyde ran but they caught the punk and got the data of their hideout's location… They then tossed him there. Apparently the place is an old manor which had belonged to some star or another and then fell into some decay so its price plummeted down. Hyde bought it for four cents and there he lives with Shinobi. He procures the food with no trouble given how we never bothered to divulge any photos of the guy's face or anything…" Akatsuki read next.

"A mistake, I'd say." Acid muttered.

"We are not perfect." The Chief shrugged his shoulders.

"Truly. Yet, back in the 2170s…"

"… Jin Kan Yoga was popular…" Everyone finished.

"And in the 2160s, on my 20s, then…"

"Jumping Speed Soda was popular…"

"From what I was told, during the 2150s…"

"… Heel-long skirts were popular…"

"And around the age I was born, on the 2140s…"

"… Jet propelled cars were popular…"

"My, my! How do you know all of that?" She looked surprised.

"You told us countless times, hakase~…" Everyone sighed.

"My, my! One's memory isn't what it used to be."

"So. Akatsuki. Admitting your guilt?" Queen Tia suddenly strolled into the room and questioned him.

"So what?" He shot back.

"No, he did the right thing…" Jack muttered.

"So you helped him, Jack?" Queen Tia questioned.

"N-no! I'm uninvolved!" Jack gasped.

"You better be." Queen Tia icily warned.

"Come on! Now you're threatening your little brother? Queen Tia! Stop being so cold and impersonal: you're a human, aren't you? Or are you intending to follow in the footsteps of that "Ice Queen" criminal?"

"… Of course not."

"Well! You're not proving it! Say it, lawyer's apprentice!"

"I – am – not – a – lawyer's – apprentice!" Acid was exasperated.

Akatsuki shrugged his shoulders and grinned while the others looked nervous at Queen Tia's behavior…

20:24 PM (Japan Time)…

"… So!"

"What's up, Luna – chan?"

"Cha know what's up! Where did ya smuggle Rock Man – sama to? There was no reaching him!"

"That was Hyde and the punk's handiwork…"

"Hah! I won't fall for such a cheap trap."

"Come on, Luna – chan… Do you really believe the 2 – A Class iinchou would spend her time quarreling over jealousy?"


"Jeez! Luna – chan! If you want to tell Subaru – kun that you have a crush on him then go tell him! We're just friends! I'm friends with you and the rest of the group!"

"Pororon! Stubborn type."

Luna had seemingly contacted Misora in a fit of jealousy and looked hostile: Misora kept on being and collected: both of their Wizards sounded resigned.

"Huh! Ah… That's…! Eh… Hum…!" Luna gasped.

"So?" Misora asked.

"Che! I'll remember this!"

The line was cut rather abruptly and Misora rolled her eyes in obvious exasperation.

"Lovely. And now she'll take out her bad mood into Gonta – kun. Luna – chan has too much temper." She muttered.

"Yeah. Pororon! She had to call us just as we got home and we were about to have dinner." Harp complained.

"Yeah. But I don't complain."

"Yet I still find it weird… What happened today? I mean… I can properly remember about us fighting Hyde and the punk. Then I can't remember anything else until Omega and War Rock helped us along with that guy who reminded me of someone. And next thing we know we're travelling a weird tunnel and end up back at the origin point. Then Omega has us write that we simply forced Hyde and the punk to flee and War Rock beat that "Clock Man" guy… Weird. Pororon!" Harp explained.

"Yeah. But I won't question him because he looked totally serious today and wasn't in the mood for any pranks, either."

"True. Well! At least we can now predict whether Hyde is up to something sneaky again."

"Hmmm? Mail from Sigma… What does that guy want? Huh? Oh come on…! What silliness…!" Misora read something on the Hunter – VG and looked irritated.

"What's up?" Harp asked.

"This! "Fatman is gonna get into the Guinness Book of World Records 2206 as the most cheating guy on the world!" … Gonta – kun sure cheats at homework but I'm sure there are guys who do it even worse than he does…" Misora annoyingly read aloud.

"Pororon! True. So? Got any ideas for your newest song?"

"Some, yeah… I'm still trying to organize them a bit. But, hey, this is August. I wanna disconnect for a while and travel around in a discrete manner. Tee, heh, heh. Some new landscapes will surely help me get some inspiration." Misora stretched and giggled.

"Pororon! Yeah! And we can teach Rocky one or two lessons on how a battle is won using the head!" Harp giggled.

"Hum… I know. Operation: Vacation Switch Off! Kick Off!" She seemingly improved a motto.


Both giggled at their jokes…

20:28 PM (Japan Time)…

"… Kizamaro~! Gimme a hand, will ya~!"

"Nope, Gonta – kun. I cannot."

"Sadly enough…"

"Buro~! Use your brains."

Gonta was pleading for help to Kizamaro but he didn't seem to want to contribute and Ox looked annoyed at Gonta's behavior.

"NO FATMAN IS GONNA GO AND TRY TO FOOL OTHERS INTO DOING THE WORK FOR HIS USELESS HIDE WHILE I AM THE IINCHOU OF CLASS 2 – A~! NOT – AT – ALL!" Luna could be heard yelling outside of Kizamaro's house all of a sudden.

"… Iinchou's rehearsals, eh?" Kizamaro adjusted his glasses and formed a grin on his face.

"Yikes." Gonta gulped.

"Scary, truly." Pedia muttered.

"Buro~! Get ready." Ox warned.


"Surely Mode is telling her to lower her voice already…" Pedia muttered as he rolled his eyes.

"Heh, heh, heh! Obviously! Ah! And Gonta – kun… No copying from the other students or iinchou's anger will turn you into raw materials just by setting the target into you!" Kizamaro smugly grinned.

"I knew it! You're a jerk!"

"Buro~! You go back home and sweat a while!"


"Come anytime. Meitantei Kizamaro won't lose! Heh, heh, heh!"

20:41 PM (Japan Time)…

"… When?"


"Tomorrow. Fine."

"At least you're being serious again."

"Guess that the Wizard City Tournament proved to me I needed to toughen up…"

"Da… Ga…"

"What? You want to slice that ghost in half? Go ahead."

"Well then, I'll be there right at 8 o'clock… Japan Time! I know there's a whole 12 hour time difference there."

"Of course."

Subaru was speaking with Solo via the Hunter – VG: Solo looked serious as usual and Laplace was hovering close to him.

"Mwah, hah, hah! True terror is forthcoming! Mitternacht is drawing closer, Subari~!" War Rock joked.

"How terrific." Subaru drily replied.

"What's that?" Solo asked.

"German for "midnight"…"

"Midnight? It ain't 9 o'clock even." Solo frowned.

"He didn't say we're at midnight, he said that midnight is drawing closer, so…" Subaru shrugged his shoulders.

"Claw Man and his evil twin Lawyer Man are setting the ground for an ice skating ring! Mwah, hah, hah!" War Rock laughed.

"Stop saying bad things about Acid."

"Acid – chan!"

"Don't start copying Dr. Yoiri either."

"Subaru – chan!"

"Behave or else Master is gonna shut you in the server for another two weeks." Subaru growled.

"Wuo~h! Mercy!"

"About time." Subaru sighed in relief.

"Kidding. The Prophet of Mercy is about to drop down above our heads and say they're gonna dynamite Okudama Studios!"

"Dynamite Okudama Studios! We gotta warn the Satella Police ASAP and search for the dynamite…!" Subaru gasped.

"Dynamite…? If memory serves it used to be a highly-employed type of explosive…" Solo muttered.

"And they're gonna bring a new dynamo there too!"

"Dynamo is no problem but the dynamite… Wait a min! It's a pun!"

"Mwah, hah, hah! Yeah! The true meaning is that they're gonna bring in a dynamo to replace the broken one!"

"Who the heck came up with that?"

"Tabby – chan did!" War Rock laughed.

"Tabuu did? Jeez. Omega – san sure corrupted him with his cheap and pointless humor." Subaru grumbled.

"Someone else is calling." Solo called out.

"Subaru – kun? It's me, Tsukasa. Have you seen my right sneaker? I can't seem to find it anywhere."

"Gino speaking… I'm missing my whole pencil case…"

"Blood Shadow here… Who picked my helmet again?"

"Sigma is 'ere! My sword's missing!"

"Here's Omega… Who the hell picked my gun?"

"Rock. You've done it this time."

"Da! Ga! Ra!"

"What? What'd you say? My save game data's gone? And you didn't eat it up? Hoshikawa! Your Denpa Body…!" He growled.


"Catch me, guys!"


"YO, YO, YO! Moon Ace over here~! The "Rock Man – sama Fan Girl Club" has officially overcome the 40,000 members mark!" Moon Disaster showed up on-screen too.

"Oh yeah? How spectacular, Moon Disaster."

"YO, YO, YO! Hey! War Rock! What's up, man?"

"Mwah, hah, hah. Did you hide the stuff as I told ya?"

"YO, YO, YO! Yessir! Now the fan-girls have to guess which of them is the key to knowing Rock Man – sama's true colors!"


Omega, Blood Shadow and Sigma began to chase War Rock as he laughed: Subaru sighed in exasperation along with Solo, Gino and Tsukasa.

"What a day. I gotta halt Hyde and the punk and now War Rock goes crazy…! No more mercy: I'm so gonna shut him in the server and manage with a solo Denpa – Henkan ability!" He cursed.

"Yeah. I'd rather say that'd be the best possible course of action. I'll be waiting for you tomorrow at the agreed time." Solo fumed.


"Beg to me and I might hand them back! Let's go, Moonie~! The Terrible Duet! Rocking a rolling rocking rolling!"

20:58 PM (Japan Time)…

"… GRJTX! What a useless chase! We had to shut Moon Disaster's mouth as well because that song was unbearable!"

"Truly, Sir Omega, sir!"

"Nobody messes with my sword!"

Omega, Blood Shadow and Sigma made it back to their base and were walking down a corridor: Sigma was checking his sword while Blood Shadow was examining the insides of his helmet (his hair was identical to Subaru's yet colored in a reddish color and his eyes' irises were a mix of red and golden instead) but Omega was examining a simplistic-looking gun: the three of them looked annoyed.

"At least we shut the jerk in the server!" Omega sighed in relief.

"Someone had to stop the guy before it escalated further!"

"What in the… A lipstick marker! Inside of my helmet!"

"Whoa! My sword's hilt has one too!"

"And my gun too!"

Tsukasa and Kiboyama were pepping out from a nearby room and looked somewhat annoyed.

"At least I got the pencil case back."

"At least I got my right sneaker back."

"The Great Confucius would rather council to the Honorable Trinity of Courageous Warriors that effort made for a mere possession is nothing compared to the effort made to protect a life…" A man's voice rang out.

"Oh heck. Dragon Hell, the Confucius cook…" Sigma grumbled.

"Can only think of that… And he's gonna set a speech on us!"

"Oh how lovely!" Omega grumbled.

Everyone sighed in defeat: their evening had been way too crazy…

20:19 PM (Shanghai Time)…

"… Fua~h… Did ya hear the news, Ka? There was some ruckus this very morning… Looks like Hyde and the punk had come up with a plan to steal that "Noise Canceller" thing and turn it into a deadlier thing but that seems to have failed…"

"I heard, Ku. Whatever. We should come up with something bright or else Hyde and the punk are gonna get the whole of the glory!"

Two unidentified figures were strolling down a barely lit metallic hanger-like cavernous room somewhere and chatting in a whisper: their voices had a slight echo to them.

"We could always try to rebuild a Wizard…" The guy, Ku, suggested.

"Why not… If we could repair some of the servers, then…" Ka muttered.

"And sometimes I get the feeling that Kuroban guy fooled all of us and is having us do the dirty work for him while he hides in this same place and laughs at us…" Ku grumbled.

"No way… We've gone over that a thousand times and made sure the imagery can't be replaced by something else. Besides, they might try to turn invisible but nothing fools the IR and X – Ray sensors. Any interference would be picked up." Ka argued back.

"Chut! I hear something!"

"… Come on. That's the outside wind… And some echoes of the busy Shanghai city as well! Stop being so paranoid!"

"My bad, my bad… Let's go, Ka."

The two figures stepped away but they didn't spot Assassin Shinobi lurking in a corner and chuckling under his breath.

Mwah, hah, hah! Have fun while you can… This is gonna change soon!

He chuckled under his breath in a psychotic tone of voice…