Something Fishy

"At first, I thought it was the cat, but now, I see I was wrong."

"Come on Horse, you-"

"Cats eat fish. Or so I thought. But for some reason, I see that all three of you are after them."


"So what do you have to say for yourselves?"

None of the animals answer me. The dog scratches his ear, the cat licks his paws and the ferret adjusts his lucky goggles. I still have no idea how he got them. But that will have to wait.

"So?" I ask, looking down at the lowly creatures. "What do you have to say for yourselves?"

They still remain silent. Fools. They will learn to respect Horse.

"I don't get it," the ferret says. "Why are you so worried about fish anyway?"

"Yeah," the cat adds. "It's not as if you're down in the mines, fighting everything that doesn't dwell under the sun. You-"

I slam my hooves down. The ferret and cat are fazed. Yet the dog growls at me.

"You know nothing," he says. "You're not my master. You can't order me to stop taking fish."

"And if I was your master?" I ask. "What then?"

The dog doesn't answer.

Hard times have fallen on Torchlight. The humans' quest for ember has brought these hard times on themselves, and since they don't trust in my wisdom, my sympathy for them is limited. No-one wants to talk to a horse. Not even this trio of heroes that have just arrived, along with their trio of pets. Pets that crave fish for some reason. And as I have recently discovered, this includes fish I was saving for myself.

I walk forward to the pets. They must learn their place. No-one steals from Horse. No-one…

At least that's what I think until the adventurers show up.

I slink back. I can't get my fish back. Not now. Not when the pets are scampering over to their masters, ready to use the fish (my fish) on themselves to battle whatever creatures lurk in the mines. I stand still as the heroes approach me, wondering whether I have any wisdom to impart.

"Well?" the female asks me, letting her cat slink around her legs as she adjusts her bow. "Any words of wisdom for us this time?"

If you give me back my fish, maybe…

"Ah, leave it," the large human says. "Waste of time talking to Horse."

I'll show you a waste of time you-

But it's too late. They're heading off. With their pets. With my fish. The ferret even looks back and sticks his tongue out.

It's too much. But I'll show him. I'll show them all.

If they find the Realm of the Secret Horse, I'll be there waiting for them…


This was based on the challenge to write a story with "At first, I thought it was the cat." And the fact that in the world of Torchlight, fish is apparently a staple diet for every pet this side of Vilderan. Go figure. 0_0