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Songfic to Kiss It All Better by He Is We. Amazing song. I'm going to skip a few lines.

He sees a smoking gun,and the coward he ran.

He sees him raise to rock and his breath catches in his throat. He can't breathe,she's dying. She's dying. And he won't be able to save her. But he runs anyway,screaming her name. "Clove!"

And in his arms is the bleeding love of his life.

He falls to the ground,kneeling by her,silent tears running down his face. She sees his face and smiles weakly. She was once a bright piece of cloth, but now the boy from Eleven pulled her apart and now she's a thread. That's about to be cut. He holds her in his arms,not caring that the whole world is watching him.

And she cries,"kiss it all better, I'm not ready to go."

He tries to be strong,but he can't. She looks at him,tears brimming over the curve of her lashes. And she whispers so only she can hear, "Kiss it all better,I'm not ready to go."

It's not your fault love,you didn't know, you didn't know.

He whispers,"You didn't know. It's not your fault." She gives one last smile and then her last thread is cut.

Her hands are so cold, and he kisses her face and says,"Everything will be alright."

He holds her hand, and kisses her cheek,even though she can't feel it. His voice breaks as he whispers his last goodbye to her. Then he tells himself everything will be alright,that he'll see her soon. Then he thinks bitterly to himself, " Yep,the greatest love story ever."

He notices the gun and his rage grew inside and he said," I'll avenge my lover tonight."

He sees the rock a few feet away,and he picks it up in his hand. And he says out loud, "I'll avenge my lover tonight." So he tracks down Thresh and kills him,almost blinded by the amount of tears flowing freely down his face. And he wonders how he was reduced to this. A crying boy whose lover is dead.

And she cried,"kiss it all better,I'm not ready to go."

He hears her. Her last words ring in his ears. "Kiss it all better,I'm not ready to go." He'll always be thinking of how he couldn't kiss it all better.

Oh my God. I probably cried like fifty times while writing this. Listen to this song if you want good Clato writing inspiration. Again,it's called Kiss It All Better by He Is We.