Caroline rushed into her house, then into her bedroom and threw herself on her bed. She couldn't believe what she'd just seen. She just couldn't believe her own eyes ... or ears, for that matter. They shouldn't have done that, they just shouldn't.

"No, no, no! Don't start thinking, please!" Caroline begged her own mind, but the flashbacks still started.

I hope Damon isn't drinking again, she thought as she walked towards the boarding house. She had tried to call Damon and Elena, wanting to check up on them, but none of them had answered her calls. She had been mending them both ever since Stefan left two months ago. Elena was a mess, Damon was a mess and Caroline was sorting both of them out.

The truth was, she was a bigger mess than both of them combined. Stefan was the only person she'd ever cared this much about. He'd been her bestfriend, her mentor, her everything actually.

When everyone had given up on her, leaving her to deal with her own shallow self, Stefan had been there for her. Damon, after their very wrong relationship, had tried to kill her and let's face it, Elena wouldn't be bothered wether Caroline lived or not. But Stefan had saved her.

Stefan had taken it upon himself to teach her to be a good vampire, he'd helped her survive. He'd become her bestfriend when he really didn't have to. He'd chosen her. And that meant the world to her, which meant that Stefan meant the world to her.

And now he was gone, and he'd left her to deal with a sobbing Elena and a drinking-my-self-to-death-even-though-I'm-already-dead Damon. She'd been a mother to them ever since Stefan left with Klaus. It was her job to keep Damon away from drowning his sorrows in bourbon and Elena away from drowning herself in her own tears.

But in all the time that had passed, no one had bothered to think about Caroline. Everyone saw this bubbly and happy facade of hers and let her help them, but no one spared a thought for how Caroline must feel. After all, Stefan was her bestfriend.

No one had bothered to ask her how she had taken the departure, no one had thought about comforting Caroline. But she didn't want to think that way. She had to be strong for Elena and Damon and that's why she was heading to the boarding house now.

She walked in and found the house earily quiet. It was usually this quite, but she always heard the muffled sobs of Elena or the agitated sighs of Damon. Now however, she didn't hear anything .. untill she came closer to the staircase.

Sighs and moans. She knew what that led to, she was sure what it would lead to. But she still had to make sure her ears weren't deceiving her. She walked up the stairs and followed the sounds to Damon's room. Sure enough, the sounds were inside her ears now, making them want to start bleeding.

Unable to take it anymore, she burst through the door and all she saw was a swirling mass on the bed before someone shrieked. Elena and Damon ... going at it. She couldn't believe it.

"Oh my god, Caroline!" Elena shrieked again and started covering herself up, but the reaction she wasn't expecting was Damon's. "Damnit, Blondie! Get out of here!" he yelled and Caroline flinched at the pure venom in his voice.

They kept shrieking and yelling untill she finally found her voice. "How could you, Elena?" Caroline croaked. "Stefan hasn't been gone for two months even and you're already in bed with his brother!" Elena's face washed with guilt. Damon however, looked deadly, but Caroline wasn't scared of him. Not right now, anyway.

"And you, Damon!" she yelled this time, her voice finally coming back. "Your own brother! He wouldn't be gone if it hadn't been for you and this is how you pay him?!"She saw a flicker of guilt in his eyes, but it was replaced by anger again. "Blondie, I'm only saying this once-" Damon started, but Caroline cut him off.

"Save your breath, I'm leaving anyway" Caroline said angrily. "I can't stand the two of you anymore. I hope you know what this means because you've ruined everything, Elena." With that, she sped out of the house and straight towards her own.

Now that she thought about it, she might have been a bit dramatic but it was called for! Stefan left to save Damon's life and this is how Damon thanks him, by sleeping with his girlfriend? It was wrong, that's all! Wrong!

She wasn't being jealous, she was so over Damon. He had been nothing but a bitch to her all the time she'd known him, the only reason she put up with him was because of Stefan. And that's why she freaked out; because of Stefan!

They betrayed him, his trust. She could understand Damon, if only a pinch, but Elena? She was all over the place when Stefan left, claiming he had betrayed her and chosen his brother and bla bla bla. Now, all of a sudden, she's doing Damon. What the hell!

"How can they do this to Stefan?" Caroline said, putting her head in her hands. "God knows what Klaus is making Stefan do and all because of Damon and Elena! And they're here, screwing each other! ARGHH!" she growled, frustration filling every cell within her.

She jumped a little when her phone started ringing. She was so not in the mood for talking to Elena now, but the caller ID showed unknown. Sighing a bit, she picked up the phone. "Hello" she said and heard heavy breathing on the other side. No answer.

"Hello, who is this?" she tried this time and once again, no answer. Just heavy breathing. "Oh God, listen here jerk!" she said agitated. "I'm so not in the mood for freaking prank calls and unless you want me to rip your head off, you won't call again!" With that, she snapped the phone shut.

Not a second later, the phone went off again and she saw unknown on the caller ID again. Feeling her anger taking over, she picked up and was about to tell the bitch off when she heard laughter. The laughter made her anger go away in a nanosecond and suddenly, she was jumping up and down screaming "Stefan!"

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