Guys, I've done a little thinking and I've decided to make the continuation of this story as another story. I have a lot of the plotline done and and it's going to be long so why not make it a kind of sequel to this story? It would make sense, wouldn't it? It'll be the same story, same characters, the plot will be exactly the same as I would've posted on this one, but it'll be my story 2 here.

Does that make sense?

I'll just clear up a bit. What I was going to continue posting on this story, I will now be posting on a story called "Fix the broken". That is the continuation of this story so if you want to continue reading this story, read that one.

On a sidenote, the traffic stats kind of blew up when I posted the chapter yesterday and I just want to say that I'm incredibly grateful for everyone that reads this story. Even after all this time, so many people read the newest chapter and I just want to thank you all for making my day! But guys, come on, atleast review me your response. It doesn't take that long, just one click on the review button and then typing in one or two words! So please, review me your thoughts if you havent already!

I hope you will continue reading the continuation, it really is something worth the while!