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Chapter 3: The Demon Awakens…-Part 1

Beware the fury of a patient man - John Dryden

The silence within the faculty room was thick with tension as the two groups stared at their respective leaders, both of whom ignored everything but each other. Shido was tensed; his brows were creased with an increasing amount of sweat, his eyes continuously shifted from one place to another to avoid looking Naruto in the eye and he continuously swallowed lumps that kept appearing in his mouth. Naruto, on the other hand, had become a statue; he made no motion at all, his sword arm joining his left arm by his sides, and his eyes were fixed squarely upon the squirming form of the teacher in front of him. His eyes were blank, two blood-red oceans of death and chaos which burned with detached fascination.

Saya, who had shifted closer to her blond friend, placed an arm upon his shoulders in a gentle but firm grip. Standing on her toes to better lean into Naruto, who had subconsciously lowered himself to Saya's height while keeping his eyes on Shido, Saya spoke softly to break the silence that was beginning to turn stifling. "Naruto…you know now is not the time to be having fights with one another, despite how much we hate him. If you keep this up, the sun will go down and it would be even harder for us to move around in search of a safe-house." Her orange eyes furrowed when Naruto paid no mind to her, continuing staring at Shido like one stares at a bug: with disgust and contempt.

Shido seemed to regain his composure once again, adjusting his glasses so that they shone with light. "Uzumaki-san, your friend speaks the truth. Would it not be wiser for us to join forces to find a solution to our problem?" He threw his arms around, gesturing to the corpses that littered the floors of the faculty room. "We need to act in an orderly and logical manner to ensure our safety! We need not make the mistake of basing our decisions on emotions…but most importantly, we need to stay together and work as a cohesive unit to prevent the extinction of the human race, Kami-sama forbid."

Naruto arched a brow, his gaze still fixated upon the bastard. "You say that our decisions should not be made based on our emotions…then tell me this: why did you fail a brilliant student because your father asked you to?" He smirked when he saw Shido clench his teeth as the other students and Shizuka gasp at the revelation. Rei was glaring holes into Shido's head, utterly furious at the reason for the man's actions. Naruto pressed on, deciding to end whatever it was Shido wanted. "Since someone such as yourself, who makes decisions based on his emotion, it would be detrimental to all of us if we followed your example…wouldn't it?"

Shido mentally cursed at the blond student; he had been hoping to provoke the boy into showing that he was a flawed leader…but he had still failed, and now he was no longer in a position to lead the group. 'Damn you, Uzumaki Naruto…Every time we meet, you always manage to outmaneuver me and deny me of your loyalty…fine then. Let's see if you feel that way when your friend has an "accident"…' By the end of his thoughts, Shido had a small and satisfied smile on his face which he quickly covered up. Unfortunately, Naruto's eyes were more than quick enough to catch that detail.

Shido's group had been silent the entire time they had burst into the faculty room, none of them doing anything in particular. In fact, they all looked to Shido as though he was their God or something incredibly stupid like that. Saeko and Rei both frowned as they took in their eerie behavior, Kohta and Takashi gazed at them in a combination of suspicion and slight concern and Naruto stared at them with veiled interest. 'They look like they're not even aware of all that's going on…' Sparing a glance towards Shido, he pondered more on the subject. 'Does he have any skill with hypnotism? I mean, they're looking at him as though he has all the answers to the questions of the universe.'

Saya finally felt her patience snap at the waste of time. "What the hell are we all standing here for? We need to escape before the sun sets and all of you are just staring at each other; Naruto, can you lure all of 'them' away while we head to the buses?" She questioned angrily, her arms crossed over her chest and her lips marred by a frown.

Naruto easily nodded, his eyes finally shifting from Shido to face Saya. "Yeah, I've got just the thing to catch their attention…It might cause some damage to your ears, but that can be fixed when I get back." He crossed his arms and gazed at the doors pensively. After a few moments, Naruto released a frustrated sigh and turned to his group. "Rei-chan…I'm sorry, but you guys have to join forces with Shido's group until we reach the buses; the safety of as many students we can save is more important than holding a grudge and being indirectly responsible for their deaths."

Takashi seemed to approve of that, his eyes burning with determination to help out as many people as he could to escape alive. Saeko was gripping her kendo stick tightly with no outward expression, making Naruto wonder if she thought they would be better off without extra members. Shizuka had a happy smile on her face, probably because there were more people surviving the zombie invasion. Saya and Rei scowled heavily at that; Saya didn't trust Shido to not try and work his charm on them and Rei felt that Naruto was being too lenient with Shido.

Nevertheless, who were they to play God with someone's life? What gave them the right to allow someone to die when they could've helped them? The answer was obvious…regardless of what differences they had, they couldn't just say no to staying together to walked over to Kohta and leaned down to speak into his friend's ear. "Listen Kohta…while I'm gone, Saeko and Saya-chan will be leading the group, but I don't trust Shido to keep his nose out of our business. So do you mind watching him whilst I'm gone?"

Kohta narrowed his eyes and turned to Naruto with cold eyes. "Yeah, I will…I'll make sure he doesn't try anything Naruto, you can count on me." Naruto nodded in satisfaction. Saeko, Takashi and Rei were all melee fighters and would be unable to watch Shido from a distance, meaning Shido would catch on to them and act accordingly. Kohta was a long-ranged shooter, meaning Shido would be less likely to know he was being watched and Kohta would easily be able to kill him if he tried anything.

Nodding in thanks, Naruto rose to his true height and twirled his sword absently while he headed out. "Alright, I'm out. If you guys hear something loud, run in the opposite direction…Saeko-san, Saya-chan I'm placing both of you in command during my absence. See you guys later." With that, Naruto faded away from view like mist.

-School Hallways-

The hallways of the school were choked with an ungodly amount of 'them', the corpses continuously walking into each other and various items like lockers, sinks, doors etc. Naruto paid no mind to them as he stuck to the ceilings, strolling through the halls without the need to go through the crowd of 'them'. Every meter or so, he would drop a kunai unto the floors of the halls and continue on his way, paying no mind to the increasingly confused corpses that shuffled about in different directions in search of the sounds that kept appearing every two minutes.

Passing through the halls and entering the first classroom on his left, Naruto was greeted by the sight of two students backing away in fear as half a dozen of 'them' crept towards them. One of the girls screamed when the closest one lunged towards her, only to be blown back at impressive speeds by Naruto. Appearing in front of the girls in a shower of leaves, Naruto immediately jabbed a pressure point on their throats to prevent them from attracting more of 'them.' "Sorry about this, but you girls need to be quiet." He lazily drawled out.

Turning to face the recovered zombies, Naruto stuck out his hand and closed his eyes, uncaring of the approaching abominations while the two girls behind him clutched each other in fear. When he opened his eyes, the usual slit eyes had been replaced by a ripple-like pattern with purple sclera and irides. "Shinra Tensei" There was a brief flare of his chakra, large enough to light the world several times over, before the jutsu activated.

While Naruto had toned down the power of his Shinra Tensei, he had forgotten one crucial aspect of these people: they had less chakra than Genin. In his mind, he had supplied the amount of chakra needed to overpower a Chunin…so the results were interesting, to say the least. The excruciating force of the Shinra Tensei ripped through the room, flattening everything in its path as it expanded outwards at speeds that would make Jinton seem like a snail's pace. Since he was at the center of it all, Naruto was unaffected by the devastating destruction caused by his attack.

However, the two girls behind him had also fallen prey to the jutsu; their mangled bodies lied in the wreckage of the former classroom. Naruto made no sound as he gazed at their prone forms; the shinobi in him was unaffected by the fact that he had caused their death. Casualties were to be expected in situations like this and he wasn't going to freeze up and go into a depression like he would've in the past. The demon in him, on the other hand, craved more death and destruction…well, that and fucking the brains out of Saya, Rei, Shizuka, Saeko and Yuuki…he was pretty sure Kyoko would be joining that list very soon.

He had come to discover that his demonic instincts included all the good and bad ones. He didn't know if that was a bad thing or a good thing but managed to force that to the back of his mind as he received the memories from a dispelled clone.


The clone was leaping through the air, trying to get an aerial view of the situation. From what it could see, most of the buildings had been occupied by 'them' and those who were still alive had taken to locking themselves within them to evade 'them'. The clone shook its head in disbelief. "What the heck are they thinking? Sooner or later, they're gonna have to go out for food and provisions…then what are they going to do?"

Landing upon the rooftops of a nearby building, the Naruto clone was treated to the sight of the combined group bursting through the exits into the school grounds. The front-liners were Saeko, who used her bokken to bash her way through, Takashi, who had also adopted a strategy similar to Saeko's, and Rei, who was stabbing 'them' with her spear-like weapon through the head. Right behind them were Shizuka, Saya and a few of Shido's group members. The clone arched a brow as he saw Kohta come running out of the building with speed belying his appearance.

'Why is he booting it outta there?' The clone wondered. Its questions were answered when Shido and the remainder of his group burst out of the school, all scrambling madly to the buses as an endless number of 'them' poured out of the school and onto the streets of Tokonosu City. The clone blinked twice in rapid succession. 'Well shit…this certainly complicates things; just how the hell do they keep multiplying? Do they reproduce asexually? I swear, Murphy just loves to fuck up my life at the most inopportune moments…'

Deciding to dispel itself, the clone was about to release the last reserves of its chakra when it happened. His eyes had been inexplicably drawn to Shido's form and as such, he had seen the student behind him fall to the ground and sprain his ankle. The clone tensed, preparing to Shunshin down and save the student when Shido turned around, having heard the boy's pleas.

Due to the fact that there was considerable distance between them, the clone was unable to catch what exactly was said between the two…but he clearly saw Shido smash his foot into the face of the boy…

-Flashback End-

Naruto shook with silent fury as he went through the memories of his clone. 'That bastard…How dare he…HOW DARE HE!' A guttural roar erupted from Naruto, a primal sound that echoed throughout the school. The undead all stopped in their tracks, their faces taking on frightful expressions as the killing intent from the school continued rising in intensity and oppressiveness.

Inside the bus, Saeko suddenly snapped her eyes towards the school. She didn't know what it was, but she could feel a huge surge of malicious intent emanate from the school…yet she had a feeling that Naruto was involved somehow. 'This…could be even worse than we all expected.'

Inside the school, Naruto had resealed Tensa Zangetsu…killing Shido with his blade wouldn't satisfy him. No…he had to personally rip his body apart with his bare hands if he wanted any satisfaction. Black youki began to seep through his body, initially appearing as a mass of black bubbles and rapidly evolving into a full chakra cloak.

The beast had been unleashed…and wanted nothing more than to kill the traitorous excuse for a human. Activating the explosive kunai he had dropped inside the hallways, Naruto fed chakra to his throat and screamed to the heavens. "SHIDO! PREPARE YOURSELF…FOR YOUR DEATH!"

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