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Chapter 4: The Demon Awakens…-Part 2

When Naruto activated the One-Tailed chakra cloak, the last thing he expected was to end up in the sewers of his mind. Just like when he had Kurama sealed in him, the bars that made up the seal were wide open and the water level had been reduced; instead of it being knee-deep, it now barely managed to cover his ankles.

"What the hell am I doing here at this time?" He muttered out loud, turning his head sideways to the darkened patches of his mind. Now that he was here again, however, he could feel that he wasn't as alone as he had thought. When he first came here, he was so preoccupied with finding Kurama that he had actually missed the presence that reverberated in his mind with unknown familiarity. He released a sigh of frustration. 'Why does this shit keep happening to me at the worst of times? The Wave mission, the Chunin Exams, finding Baa-chan…why the hell does Karma think I need to deal with this?'

Focusing chakra into his eyes, Naruto activated his Mangekyō Sharingan and peered into the recesses of his mind with the increased clarity the Mangekyō offered. However, despite his actions, he could not see anything that represented the presence of another being. "Do you really expect it to be so easy to find me? I may not be up to date with Shinobi of this generation, but I'm very positive that they were taught not to rely on just one of their senses." The voice echoed within Naruto's mindscape, making it impossible for Naruto to discern whatever form the person…spirit…thing.

Naruto snarled as he cut the flow of chakra to his eyes; maybe he should try yelling. That always worked for him in the past… "Who are you and what the fuck are you doing in my mind? The fact that you've been in here for Kami knows how long doesn't really seem like the decision of a sane person. I mean, it's my mind but you don't see me coming here often, do ya?" As he spoke, he kept shifting from one position to another as he used his ears to try and catch the sounds of footsteps or the rustle of clothing that could alert him of his 'visitor's' position.

"True, staying in such a dull place like this wouldn't be sane…but being sane is overrated. You should know; it's the crazy ones that make the world move around." The voice reverberated everywhere around Naruto, making it impossible to even hear the person's footsteps. There was a brief pause, as though the voice was waiting for something, before it returned once more. "Still can't figure out who I am? Surely a genius such as yourself should be able to look underneath the underneath and connect the dots?"

Naruto scowled heavily and wracked his brain for anything that could help him deal with the person hiding in plain sight. He needed to wrap this up quickly and head back to help his friends survive. "I wouldn't worry about your friends; in a mindscape, one day in here takes about two seconds out in the real world…but since you're anxious to help them, why don't I give you two clues to try and guess who I am?" The tone of the voice had turned slightly giddy, though it didn't lose any of its booming bass. "First clue: Did Kurama ever tell you about the birth of the Bijuu? Second clue: You've fought someone with the same eyes as mine."

Naruto froze, his chakra cloak slowly dissipating as he pondered the words of the voice. 'H-How does he know Kurama's name?! The furball didn't even tell me his name, Son Goku did…but this guy seems to know him well. The other part as well…the same eyes as him? That means he's talking about a Dōjutsu…okay, I've fought the Byakugan, the Sharingan and the Rinne-OH SHIT!'

Steadying himself, Naruto took in a deep breath as his mind arrived at an answer that was both shocking and obvious. The voice returned once more, an amused tone easily discernable from it. "Seems that you've finally gotten it…that's good because now I can directly contact you instead of simply being a disembodied voice that you wouldn't trust." There was a brilliant, blinding flash of light that forced Naruto to instinctively close his eyes. When the light died down, Naruto could only gape at the sight in front of him.

The man in front of him wore a white cloak with a high collar, revealing his necklace with six red magatama. Underneath his cloak, he wore a generic black shirt and blue pants with bandages around his shins. Around his waist, he had a sash that held a sack, presumably containing his ninja tools. On the back of his cloak was a stylized Rinnegan with nine magatama in three rows beneath it. In his right hand was a shakujō and his left hand clutched a sheathed sword, which Naruto could tell was a katana. He had a handsome face, with smooth healthy skin and a stern look on his face. He had short red hair that spiked up in the front with two distinctive pieces of hair resembling horns. Lastly, the final key that made Naruto flop unto his butt in disbelief, were the familiar ripple-like pattern which spread over the eyeballs, with light purple irises and sclera. "Hello Uzumaki Naruto…how does it feel to meet your ancestor and predecessor?"

Naruto could only point a trembling finger at the man regarded as the God of Shinobi. "You're…the Rikudō Sennin?!"

-Real World-

Roughly a minute had passed since Naruto had entered his One-Tailed state and the hallway had already been run over by more of 'them'. The chakra shroud that encased Naruto prevented each and every one of them from making it past him; while the cloak made various noises as it shifted in the air, the intent emitted from the chakra was enough to make them keep their distance from the strange student.

It was at that moment that Naruto's eyes snapped open. Seeing the group of 'them' in front of him, Naruto responded like he would have. "Fūton: Daitoppa (Wind Release: Great Breakthrough)!" Thrusting his arms out, a huge gust of wind sent all of 'them' flying and crashing into themselves and other objects. Despite his desire to kill Shido for betraying his own group member, Naruto cancelled the chakra cloak and flipped through more hand-seals as 'they' groggily climbed to their feet. "Katon: Gōka Mekkyaku (Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation)!" A massive wall of intense flames streaked out of Naruto's mouth, slamming into the horde and rapidly turning them to ashes. A few tried to make it past the flames but were slowly disintegrated to nothing but dust.

The school was officially unusable for anything now. The hallways of the Academy were charred from the various Katon jutsus Naruto had employed and the entire institute was covered in the blood of many people. Naruto sighed to himself as he nonchalantly smeared blood off his left arm unto a nearby wall. 'Next time you decide to pull that on me, I'll prank your ass to hell, Kami no Shinobi or not.'

"What are you complaining about what I did? Had I not interfered, you would have acted in a manner that would be a remake of your fight against the Snake Sannin where you lost control…or did you truly believe that you know more about the Juubi's chakra than I do?"

Naruto bowed his head in shame. He had indeed been prepared to go on a rampage to get to Shido… "Forgive me, Sosen. I let my emotions control me instead of keeping a level head and reacting accordingly." The Elder Sage merely chuckled before he retreated to the center of Naruto's mindscape. Turning to the grounds where the school buses were parked, Naruto grabbed one of 'them' that had tried lunging at him. Seeing that this was the last one…well, not alive but not dead (you all get what I mean, right?)…he decided to test an idea the Elder Sage had suggested.

Focusing an amount of corrosive youki into the tips of his fingers, Naruto buried his right hand into the chest of the dead male student while his left hand held its jaws in a vice grip. Injecting the youki into the body, Naruto then chucked the body out towards the school grounds. The body sailed through the air, gaining the attention of all the others, before slamming into the group chasing Takashi and the others.

Naruto, deciding that he had done enough distracting, tensed his leg muscles and leapt out of the burning school building. As he soared into the sky, he made the 'Serpent' hand-seal and released the chakra in the explosive kunai he had dropped earlier.

-Survival Group-

When Naruto left to make a distraction, the group had managed to silently make their way through the main Academy building to the stairs that led to the exits. Though they had stopped because more of 'them' were parading about so close to their exit, the group had managed to evacuate most of their members. That was when shit hit the fan.

One student, who had been holding a long mop stick, had managed to blow their cover by taking no notice of his surroundings and accidentally whacking the stair rails. The moment that happened, everyone stopped and looked in horror as the sound echoed for as far as they could hear. Takashi, who had been holding the doors open for the others to make their way past, probably made the situation worse than it already was. "RUUUN!"

Takashi's scream was the trigger that caused everyone in Shido's group to start running while Saeko, Rei and Takashi followed them. As he kept running, Saya jogged beside him and let her mind be known. "Why did you have to open your big mouth, Komuro?! We could've made it here by taking care of the ones that were close by if you hadn't said anything!"

"The sound would've echoed anyway! Just concentrate on getting to the buses." Takashi snapped back. Saya scowled but nodded and darted forward. Behind them was Kohta, shooting as many corpses as he could see with deadly accuracy, covering their rear. Shizuka was with Saeko, who was very easily clearing a path for the others to follow while Takashi and Rei took each of her sides.

The group was about to make it to the bus when a sudden motion caused them to stop and, in the case of some people, scream. Growling at them with primitive savagery was a wolf…one that had rotting flesh, menacing glowing red eyes and drooled a substance that looked like acid. The wolf averaged a height of about 1.50 meters, with long and somewhat bulky legs. The fangs of the wolf were fully displayed, showing that its fangs were very sharp and watered with blood.

A gasp was uttered from Saya as she saw the beast in front of them. "Oh Kami…even the animals can be infected?"

Shizuka shrunk back in fear, hiding behind Saeko while Shido did the same with his students. Takashi gulped as the wolf eyed all of them hungrily and spoke in a whisper. "Hey…Kohta?"

Kohta nodded once and slowly checked his magazine; one second later, a soft curse could be heard. "Sorry Takashi…I'm out of ammunition." Takashi made no response, save slowly backing away from the ting in front of them.

The wolf took one step towards them with deliberate slowness…as though it was intelligent enough to consciously instill fear within them. By now, Saeko was slowly reaching to grip her bokken in her primary two-hand style while Kohta was rummaging through his pockets for anything he could find to help their situation.

One of the girls continued to back up at the sight of the wolf coming closer, only to feel herself walk into someone. Slowly turning around, she was met with the calculative gaze of Shido looking down on her. She felt a tremor of disgust and fear race through her, increasing when his gaze dropped unto her chest area. "I'm very sorry for you, my dear…unfortunately for you, Marikawa-san is already here and I have no intention to let her go…so you're disposable."

Before she could utter a word, she was roughly shoved by Shido towards the wolf. The deceptive strength his weak-looking arms had surprised her into inaction; by the time she snapped out of her confusion, she found the wolf already bounding towards her with speed she knew she couldn't hope to match. Tears gathered at the edges of her eyes and she turned her head, unwilling to watch as the monster bore down upon her…

Well, until a flying corps slammed into the charging wolf and sent both of them flying into a nearby wall. The force generated had actually whipped up a small gust of wind which sent the skirts of all females flying in many directions. Kohta, the closest boy at the time, fainted as Saya's skirt flipped and revealed her blue and white stripped panties. Saeko's blood-red thongs, Shizuka's purple underwear and Rei's white G-string also suffered the same fate.

"Nice view…didn't know you wore those, Rei-chan." All turned their faces to see Naruto standing on the nearby flagpole. His hands were clasped together in a strange sign and he was looking at the school building with an expectant look. "Saeko-san also has very interesting tastes in clothes…I wonder if you all wear matching undergarments."

Shido stepped forward, his smug confidence rolling off in waves. "And what exactly are you waiting for, Uzumaki-san? Do you wish to kill each and every one of 'them' until your thirst for blood is satisfied?"

Naruto ignored the man as he felt the flare of chakra from the kunai and grinned broadly in anticipation. I mean, who wouldn't be excited to blow up the place they were forced to go for more than a decade of their life? 'I never believed that I would be able to achieve this dream of mine…now I am at peace with my life.'

With a violent roar, the school exploded into nothing more than a huge dome of flames. Various bits of rabble rained from the skies unto the few remaining zombies that loitered the school. Nodding his head in satisfaction, Naruto turned to face the group behind him and tilted his head to the side. "Well, what are you waiting for? Get on the damn bus already!"Snapping out of their thunderstruck moment, the group turned and made their way towards the school buses. Luckily, one of them was just ahead of them!

However, as Shido turned to head towards the bus, a tendril of rotting flesh erupted from the back of the thrown corpse and latched itself unto the male teacher/closet emo. Letting out a startled yell, Shido was pulled unto his back and landed with a heavy crash. As he tried to get up once more, another tendril was thrown into the mix…and another…and another…and another…until he couldn't even move his limbs freely.

His screams did nothing to catch the attention of the others; even those he had hypnotized were unaffected by his voice. "HELP ME! SOMEBODY GET THESE THINGS OFF ME!" A chuckle was heard. He stilled, his shock at the circumstances of the situation ending his futile resistance. Slowly turning his head to the best of his ability, he found himself staring into the eyes of Uzumaki Naruto…only this time, they were purple, ripple-like patterned and gazing at him with the glint of a killer.

"You thought I wouldn't find out about what you tried to do to Yuuki-hime? I already told you, Shido," He whispered, leaning in to further intimidate the teacher. "I see everything you attempt on my precious people…I hope you receive the punishment you deserve for all the sins you've committed." Taking a step back, Naruto watched the tendrils return to the corpse, dragging Shido towards his death despite his struggles. As the man felt the corpse devour him from the iside out, the last thing he heard were the words that truly marked the end of the world he used to know. "Chibaku Tensei."

Clapping his hands together, Naruto concentrated on the jutsu. Almost immediately, the dark sphere of gravity he knew all too well appeared in between his hands, appearing like a Mini-Tailed Beast Bomb. Taking a look at the school bus the others were running to, and noticing that they were ready to go, Naruto closed his eyes…

And released the sphere towards the heavens.

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