My second Ice age story, and the first I believe to a story about Steffie.

I don't own any of the Ice age characters just the story, Please enjoy and review.

Down by the new teenage hidout, Steffie, Megan, Katie, Ethan and Peaches were talking about life or the latest gossip, well the brat pack were. Ethan and Peaches were really thalking about having a calf in far future, when their in their mid or early 20s so two to three years time "Their such a beautiful couple, I'm so happy for them, not every girl is as lucky as Peaches to have such a gentleman like Ethan" Megan stated while the others nodded in agreement "And who's handsome, clam, strong, funny and goofy, I could go on forever" Katie listed "Ethan to is very lucky aswell, I mean how many female mammoths do we know that can hang by their tails,flip from trees and fight pirates?"

"None that I know, ha ha, right Steffie? Steffie?" The two female mammoths looked over to their useally sassy and chatty leader for her say, but Steffie didn't look quite like herself, she was silent, looking over to the couple with a woeful look and sighed sadly, the other two looked at each other with worry "What's wrong with Steffie,Kate?" Megan whispered over to her blond friend. Katie shugged "I'll ask"

"Steffie, what's wrong girl?" Steffie looked up to where the voice came from "Huh, oh nothing" Steffie leid, shuffling her feet a bit "Well it dosen't look like nothing, and we know when your lying, you shuffled your feet you ever do that when you lie" Katie said with sly smile, Steffie looked surprised, she didn't know how her friends knew about her "OK, maybe I am a little sad, but it's not because of Peaches having Ethan, not even close to that, in fact I'm happy for them it just..." Steffie couldn't say it, she was to depressed at the moment to relly talk to anyone "It's just, what?" Megan said wanting to hear more.

Steffie shook her head "Look girls I need some time alone, to think things over. I'm going for a walk, don't bother to to look or come and get me, I just need to be by myself" Steffie explained to posse, which nodded to her some what orders, and so with that Steffie turned and walk off into the woods somewhere, her firends notice that even her walk was off, Steffie would never drag her feet but now it looked like she really didn't care, nore was Steffie really caring on where she was going, she just wanting to walk away. Katie and Megan couldn't look away from their leader until she was out of sight. When Peaches and Ethan came over, Steffie was long gone "Hey where's Steffie, wasn't she just here?" Peaches asked while Ethan looked around "She went off for a walk, said that she need think some things over, and by her depressive look I say it's gonna be a long time until she comes back" Katie told the other two, while Megan staid silenced "I wonder why?" Ethan also asked, all mammoths then looked back shortly before they walked off together, to take their minds off what Steffie was going to do, though they still wondered "Why are you so sad Steffie, this is not like you?" Megan thought to herself, Peaches thought the same but she also wondered where Steffie would go. Peaches and the others silently prayed that Steffie would OK soon.

Remeber about me saying that part 3 of True feelings show, was short, this is a lot shorter. Sorry about that. The next one won't be short.