Nabiki kept her eyes on the road, contemplating some of the uncanny and amazing things she's seen in her life. She's seen magical curses that changed a person into a different gender, even a different species. Ghosts animals looking for brides, martial arts techniques that defied the very laws of physics (not to mention common sense), Princes from other lands, a floating island, massive spaceships that covered over whole Tokyo districts, time travelers, even hundreds of years old immortals.

Massive deaths didn't phase her any longer, she was used to the carnage. In fact, having been to every corner of Japan, from Naha to the very tip of Sapporo, and found very little that could shake her near icey and flippant facade. If the very Divine Deities were standing before her, she wouldn't even blink at the peculiar sight. There was one thing, one impossible feat that Nabiki couldn't even dismiss. She had been totally taken by surprise when it happened. She shouldn't have been so surprised, because of the one who had comitted the feat. He's defied the odds of improbability on casual strolls in the park, challenged the laws of physics with simple gestures, thumbed his nose at the very logic of the way things worked with a single word.

But she was surprised, so surprised she couldn't do anything but stand there and mumble the mantra she still utters, even after it had happened almost a week ago...

"I can't believe it, he actually outran a bullet..."

"Don't forget 'with two bad legs, at point blank, while you were so weak'," the cheerful pigtailed young man added, "That part always brightens my day!"

"What's worse? Is the fact you didn't DODGE the bullet, you *outran* it!" Nabiki was still somewhat in her own little world as she thought over this for the umpteenth time.

Ranma paused, and mused to himself, "Although, even I didn't think it was possible... at the time, I mean."

"THEN WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU JUST SIT THERE LIKE ANY DAMN NORMAL REALITY WARPING, NATIONALLY WANTED SOCIOPATH WOULD HAVE, AND TOOK THE DAMN BULLET?!?!" Nabiki shouted, turning to Ranma with a wild expression on her face. Ranma calmly grabbed the wheel with his right hand, and swerved the van they were in slightly to miss the crowd of schoolchildren crossing the street, while running down the crossing guard wearing a Bonjovi t-shirt.

"Hey, I took it as a personal challenge!" Ranma retorted, "by the way, you owe me a coke for that."

"I never made a bet with you about that!" Nabiki replied exasperatedly.

Ranma blinked, "You didn't? Damn, I was kinda thirsty, too."

"Damn you, Ranma..."

"Now, now," Ranma placated, "Don't get cranky about it."

"Yeah, whatever..." Nabiki replied with a sigh, "I just hadn't gotten enough sleep, thanks to you..."

"Oh, and your fly's still undone..."

Nabiki quickly looked down, blushed, and immidiately zipped her fly up. She then threw a sideways glance at her partner, "Exactly how long have you been staring at that?"

"Since we hit the Kentuky border. The scenery's kinda boring around here."

"I'll say, I can barely keep my eyes open. Kami, does a fucking area need so much grass?"

"If you're so tired, why am I letting you drive?" Ranma asked with a chiding tone.

"Because you don't have your liscense, dumbass..."

Ranma's sighed, and then turned back to look out the window, "Now, now, Nabiki, I think I've let you get away with this for long enough, you know what time it is?" He opened up the glove compartment, letting Nabiki know exactly what he was referring to.

Nabiki immidiately hit breaks, causing the car in turn behind her to quickly swerve, flip over into a tall wheat field, and burst into flames. The passengers crawled out the windows, and ran around screaming, unintentionally feeding and fanning the flames that encompassed them.

"N-no... please," Nabiki pleaded, immidiately going from confident yet irritated, to submissive and frightened, "I'll... I'll be good, I promise!"

Ranma ignored the flaming body that slammed into the passenger side, screaming and pleading for assistance into the window. "Sorry, you brought this upon yourself," Ranma nodded his head to the back of the van, gesturing for Nabiki to head there after pulling over to the side of the road. He then rolled down the window, and backfisted the bastard. Ranma so hated hearing Nabiki complain about touching up the paintjob of the van when it got scorch marks on the finish.

"Please, this is demeaning," Nabiki whined, but nonetheless, got up and walked to the back where she would be made to sit in 'the chair'. It was apolstered with fine red leather that stuck to bare skin, with thick padding for bounce, and a swivel base.

"Don't beg, and save some of your dignity." Ranma replied, sitting in the chair across from her.

"But... we've been doing this ever since we got rid of those pesky Aliens! Can't we..."

"NO!" Ranma shouted, before settling down into his seat. He motioned his partner to sit down, and handed her the female personal entertainment device, "You will do this, and that will be the end of it."

Nabiki whimpered some more, but took the device, and turned it on. With a sigh, she waited for the Nintendo logo to dissappear. She opened up the game save, and glared defiantly at Ranma, "Really, with all the time I spend driving, and you sitting there, you'd think you would try to find your damn Mewtwo yourself..." Nabiki brought her eyes back to the screen of the baby-blue Hello-Kitty Gameboy, and started to play.

"And be quick about it, woman!" Ranma proclaimed, "We have a Britney Spears concert to catch!" With that, he brought the Saotome Honor blade to bare, and admired the shimmering surface.

Ranma returns in...