Disclaimer: This story is for entertainment purposes only. I do not own any of the characters from the USA Network show "Royal Pains." I merely borrowed them for a time.

This is the First English story I made, I'm from the Netherlands so any faults in grammar are because I'm not from an English speaking country.

Chapter 1: The New Girl.

Paige slowly walked into the guesthouse with her best friend a few minutes behind her.

'Can't you walk a bit faster' Paige said.

'No, I'm tired and I can't walk any faster than this' The dark haired girl replied.

Paige came to an halt on the doorstep of the guesthouse waiting for her best friend to tag along.

'Finally girl, I thought you fell asleep on the ground' Paige joked..

'Not funny' The other girl replied again.

Evan came walking to the doorstep to see his girlfriend Paige but then he noticed the other girl.

'Hey, who are you? ' He said with his business voice.

'Uhmm, I'm Tamara' The girl answered quickly.

'Tamara is my best friend I've known her for a long time' Paige replied because she thought Evan was going to ask the usual.

'Okay, and what are you both doing here expect for meeting me' Evan said this with a smile on his face.

'Well my house is being renovated and I forgot Tamara was coming over for the weekend' Paige replied.

'And you want to ask us if you both can sleep here?' Evan already knew what Paige wanted to say so he took no time for letting Paige finish with her sentence .

'Yes!' Both Tamara and Paige answered the question.

'Well it's okay I guess I only have to ask Hank but I think he's okay with it'

'Hank, Hank i need to speak to you' Evan yelled.

'What Evan? Is someone dying?' Hank replied.

'No, Tamara and Paige wanted to sleep here for the weekend because Paiges house get renovated' Evan pointed to Tamara and then his finger went to Paige.

'There Welcome mi casa su casa' Hank answered then he walked over to Tamara to shake her hand. He introduced himself really quickly and then Evan did the same.

'Well Paige can sleep with me and Tamara can have the spare guestroom' Evan said.

'I think that's an good idea and It's already getting late so I'm of to bed soon' Hank Replied his brother.

Tamara yawned and took her bags upstairs to the spare guestroom.

'Good Night and sweet dreams' she said and then she got into bed.