I have allot of fun making this story. Although I'm not English it goes rather good I think. :D

I'm a teacher so I don't have the whole medical background. I watch allot of Royal Pains so on one night I dreamed about it, My name is Tamara and in my dream Hank treated me So I thought let's make a story about that.. (It's a little different though).

Chapter 4: Best Friends?

When Tamara could properly see again. She was lying on the couch. Hank was standing over her and Paige was sitting at her feet with a concerned look into her eyes.

'You gave us a scare' Hank said.

'Why?' Tamara murmured.

'You passed out on the couch luckily Paige could catch you on time otherwise you would have hit your head on the floor and this is not a soft floor' Hank pointed to the wood on the floor.

'What? I did what? It's really blurry' Tamara said.

'You don't remember anything? That's not good, I told you, I needed to examine you, you could've done serious damage to yourself' Hank said with a confidence tone.

' It's just nothing, a stomach bug or something and I didn't eat so much and I've read somewhere that not eating can cause fainting.' Tamara said with a clear voice.

'That's true but there can be an underlying condition' Hank fast replied.

'I want some blood, and I'm starting you on an antibiotic just for prevention and I checked your temperature when you were out its 99,7'

'No needles I said, and my body temperature is only up one lousy degree' Tamara said.

'Yes, I remember, but you can do yourself some serious damage you know, If you want to stay here start with the antibiotic or ill make you take it without you ever noticing it' Hank said with an elderly voice. Hank knew it was easy to slip someone antibiotic in drinks without people noticing it.

Tamara felt like she was a little child. 'Okay Okay, I take the stupid antibiotic but you're not going to use me as a human pincushion' Tamara said.

'Hmm, alright, but if your temp gets any higher I'm going to draw some blood and now rest' Hank demanded.

Tamara made an annoyed sound. Tamara was still feeling sick but she wasn't telling Hank she didn't like the nosy type Doctor.

'Come on Tamara, don't be so brave all the time everyone gets sick now and then just let Hank treat you'. Paige said to the girl on the couch.

'And the time you felt on your elbow and it bled allot and I told you, you needed to go to the hospital and all you could say was just put some foundation on it so you wouldn't see that you were hurt, and it would go away. And after 2 hours you needed to go to the hospital because the foundation made it worse. Yeah I know your style and it's the not to listen to your doctor one' Tamara said angrily.

Paige looked offended and she was. She saw her best friend on the couch but she wasn't sure if she was her best friend anymore.

'Thanks, that's very nice to say I just wanted to help' Paige said to her best friend then she stood up and walked upstairs.

Cliffy: Will the friendship be saved, what does Tamara have (well that's an question for me to, because I have no idea myself :D).

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