Chapter 5: Afraid of Needles

Paige was pacing up and down in her room when Hank came in.

'What do you want?' She said with an angry voice.

'I don't want you two to fight especially now she needs someone Paige for comfort. '

'She not dying, last time I checked she's just sick' Paige wanted to walk out of the room and drive around town just to cool of her mind. Hank noticed this and blocked the way out.

'Just stay here cool off a bit and come down I need to check on Tamara now. ' He said with an almost fatherly voice.

'Pfff' Paige murmured.

Hank walked down the stairs and saw Tamara laying on the couch Evan was sitting beside her.

'How are you doing? ' Hank did a quick examine and looked at the girl.

'Ehh, What's up Doc?' Trying to impersonate Bugs Bunny Tamara was looking paler than ever.

'Your temp is a 100,7 you know our deal I want some blood' Hank replied quickly.

Tamara looked a bit angry but didn't say anything. Hank took his bag from the kitchen counter and took out the needle to draw some blood. Tamara screamed when she saw it.

Paige could hear Tamara scream, she stood up from the bed and walked to the stairs she laughed and looked back at Tamara.

'You were always afraid of needles' Paige sat beside Tamara and took her hand.

'Thank you, you don't think I can persuade Hank in not drawing my blood' Tamara whispered to Paige.

'Not a chance.' She laughed.

'Look the other way and you won't feel a thing.' Paige reassured Tamara.

When Hank found the rest of the things like blood tubes and blood culture bottles. He began walking towards the girls. Tamara stuffed her face in the pillow.

'Don't be afraid Hank is the best doctor I know and that's not a reassuring thing that's the truth.' Paige said.

Hank asked Tamara to sit up and he tied a tourniquet around her arm about 3" to 4" above the venipuncture site.

'Make a fist please' Hank asked softly.

Tamara made a fist with her hand and looked the other way because she didn't want to see the needle in her arm.

Hank tapped quickly on Tamara's arm and found a good vein to draw some blood. As fast as he possibly could be he inserted the needle in the vein. The tube on the end was filling with a crimson-red liquid.

'This should be enough, you've done well.' Hank said in an voice he used for scared children.

He pulled a gauze from his bag and laid it on the puncture site. 'Keep it on for 15 minutes then it should stop bleeding'

Tamara was relieved the whole thing was over. She laid down on the couch again her stomach was doing back-flips and her head was close to exploding.

'Did you took the antibiotic?' Hank asked the girl.

'I had one swig, now is my next right?' Tamara asked.

'Yes, and use the measuring cup' Hank answered in his doctor voice.

'You did well girl, I thought you would have screamed some more. '

'Funny, and yes I think my friend helped me so much that I didn't feel the need to scream she brings the best out of me.' Tamara had a smile on her face and stared into Paige's face.

Paige felt the tears swell up in her eyes 'Please get better soon I can't stand to see you in this condition.'

'I'll try, I'll try.' Tamara replied but she stopped speaking because a wave of nausea attacked her.

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