[Author's Notes: This chapter shows Eriol relating his side of the story. Do read and review.]

Our Story By like a falling star

*Eriol's POV*

It was never my intention to move to Tomoeda. I never even knew that it was my duty to train the Cardcaptor until one night, when my annoying incarnation, Clow Reed, appeared in my dreams, telling me to 'seek the eastern Star'. That not-so-pleasant surprise was subsequently followed up by an eventful visit from Mizuki Kaho, reincarnation of Clow's blast-from- the-past girlfriend.

Up till now, I've never figured out the reason Kaho and I got together in the first place. Perhaps she saw beyond me; she saw Clow, her love. Me? I was young, I was naïve, and stupidly trusted my ancient mind's advice, which, of course, was to go after Kaho. Big mistake. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with Kaho, it's just that, now that we know each other better, I've come to realize that we were obviously very mismatched in the first place.

If people tell you that opposites attract, don't believe them. Well, there are exceptions, of course. But not in our case. I was a neat freak; my entire life's [and past life's] collection of books were shelved neatly, in alphabetical order, in a small, cozy room with plush carpeting and a comfortable reading couch. The books were my life, dusted faithfully every single day to keep them in mint condition. Kaho, on the other hand, was a scatterbrain if I ever saw one. She was constantly leaving things - the ring I gave her for Christmas, important documents and such - lying around, and losing them subsequently. And she never understood my passion for history and literature. I never understood her obsession with Brad Pitt movies. In short, we never really understood one another.

After a couple of shouting matches, we cooled off for a bit and eventually got back together. But then there was no passion, no spark, and we basically just tolerated each other, going out for the sake of it. Even later, when I left her for Tomoyo, she acted completely nonchalant. I suspect that by then she was seeing someone else already.

But I digress. The point is that, roughly half a year after Kaho's visit, I found myself on a plane to Japan, Tomoeda, a place that I previously never knew existed. Oh, yeah, and not to forget the two guardians whom I created, both complete opposites. Spinel was always the milder one (though that's not saying much), with an unusual allergy to sugar, and a fascination with trying to decipher ancient scribes. And Nakuru, the loud one who preferred to be referred to as excitable, who soon developed a deep infatuation with the Cardcaptor's onii-san.

This may seem slightly out of character, but I remember that on the first day of school in Japan, I complained for a whole twenty minutes before actually putting on that ridiculous sailor suit, complete with the hat, that the school authorities actually had the audacity to call a uniform. And when I finally put on that starched white-and-blue fiasco, I didn't dare look into the mirror.

"We have a transfer student from England." I distinctly remember Tereda- sensei, now with a pregnant Rika and one lovely little boy, saying as I stepped into the classroom. Smiling politely, I immediately zoomed in on the Cardcaptor. Kaho was right. She was cute-in a bouncy brown hair, big green eyes kinda way. As I walked towards my assigned seat, I noticed the boy with the chocolate brown hair and eyes, scowling at me from behind the Cardcaptor.

I heard a giggle to my left, and turned to see a girl, the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Even now it seems like a dream and sounds like a fairytale, but she really was beautiful. I took in her sparkling violet- gray eyes and her petite, elegant profile for a moment before I decided that love at first sight actually existed in real life.

Then I realized what was going on: Mr. Chocolate Brown Eyes was in love with the Cardcaptor. I'm still amazed at how perceptive I am about such things. Anyway, I smirked at him and decided to linger a little longer on the eye contact with the Cardcaptor. His scowl turned into a low growl.

I sat down, trying to ignore the stares, whispers and giggles around that usually follows a new student. I shook off those "he's so cute!" and "I wonder why he moved here" signals, as I noted the long, silky curls of THE GIRL who sat in front of me. Then she turned around, stunning me for a moment, because when our eyes met, I was rendered utterly and completely speechless. Her eyes weren't just beautiful, they were warm and friendly and enigmatic and discerning as well.

And when she smiled- it was indescribable. Up till this day, I still remember her exact words. "Hello, welcome to Tomoeda. I'm Daidouji Tomoyo. Hope you like it here."

Basically I blushed and sputtered [for the first time in my life] and replied with something along the lines of "er--". This is embarrassing, really, but when she giggled I could swear it was the laughter of an angel- pure and sweet and innocent. "Good to meet you," was all I said. That was the understatement of the century.

"Likewise," she said.

And that was the beginning of our wonderful story.