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Chapter 1. New life.

Beatrix was contemplating what to do next while her daughter was fully asleep. They could not stay in the States she and her little girl will be haunted here and not by memories only. Europe was a dead-end as well Bill had a lot of connections all over continent. The only place where she could go was Australia well-developed country neither too small nor too overpopulated. In addition her sister was living there.

Suddenly her cell rang. Beatrix was happy to see that it was her sister Melanie.

"Hi sis, how are you?" she asked trying to pretend that everything was ok.

"My dear I am doing well. I was wondering whether you would like to visit me sometime soon and maybe you can move over here. Oh dear Australia is a miracle" she said with awe in her voice.

"Well, Mel I would love to come and as soon as possible. I'll explain later when we'll see each other in person". She noticed that her sister became nervous.

"If it is an emergency I will send an invitation to the embassy as soon as I hang up". Beatrix thanked her and hung up.

It was around noon when she left the hotel with her daughter. Thank goodness there was not much stuff to carry. Beatrix decided to drive all the way to DC. Otherwise they could be tracked by Bill's allies. It would take only a day to drive. They would not stop anywhere until they'll reach the embassy. She injected BB with some sedative so she will sleep through their entire journey to DC.

Black Mamba turned an ignition key after she finished examining surroundings. Everything was clear. She drove the car within a speed limit while still being in a city. When they reached highway, Beatrix speeded up and car entered highway mixing with traffic.

Next day they've arrived in Washington. Beatrix parked her car few blocks away from their destination then she picked up her daughter and they headed straight into the embassy. A tall woman greeted them as Black Mamba started talking. They were escorted to one of the officials.

"Dr. Black your visa should be ready in three days. Do you have a letter from child's father where he indicates his permission for her travelling abroad" he asked politely.

"No, the father of a child is dead here is her birth certificate" she gave him a document where it was stated that father is unknown.

"Very well, then there should be no problems" he informed them with a smile. Beatrix thanked him and left.

Three whole days should be enough to make some phone calls. She decided to go to electronics store first just to see the news.

"Today there was an abduction off very famous gangster and mafia squad leader known as Bill according to witness someone has broken into his home and have abducted him. Police did not disclose any information as of yet but we are expecting to hear from them within an hour or so. Stay with us". She ran towards her car. Was it that she did not kill Bill or his followers decided to give him proper burial? There was no time to think. Important phone calls have to be made.

"Hi Jan, did you watch his house after I left. What did you see?" she was listening carefully to every word that was said on the other side. "The probably had stolen you know what ok. I got to go now. Call you from safe place" she hang up.