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Author's note: this is slightly modified 'Black Mamba gone to Wombat' . Content remains pretty much unchanged with few minor exceptions. In other words: the story has been revised. Enjoy ...

Chapter 7 Christmas Cookies

Elizabeth Black/Beatrix Kuddo have not seen Will William since that conference night. She phoned several times to apologize – he never picked up the phone. She went to the museum – he was always way too busy to talk. Moreover, he was picking Nikki from school no more. She was picked up by a girl named Sandra. Who was a cousin of hers according to Isabelle/BB. Her daughter was invited into Wilson's home no more. Kuddo's daughter was missing it. So her mother decided to act sooner and not later.

It was the day after Christmas, BB and her mother were baking cookies all day.

''Mommy, can we phone Nikki's home before we'll come?'', Isabelle was asking the same question over and over.

Her mother said no again, if they would phone, they would not be able to get in. She changed the topic back to backing process. They had a great laugh and a lot of fun. After supper was over, Beatrix and BB put cookies into jar and headed over to Wilson's residence. Beatrix was curious about Will. She taught his daughter martial arts along with other children. However, Nikki knew the same basics as BB. Kuddo only taught standard basics to her students. They needed to know martial arts for self-defence and for staying in shape – she was not training a high élite assassin squad. Elizabeth was aware of the fat that Nikki learned basics from her father.

Kuddo learned her basics from Bill and Pei Mei. She wanted to know where the hell Will had learned that stuff from, and she was going to find out – tonight.

They pulled over on the driveway. Isabella was very excited. They rang the doorbell.

''Nikki, daddy is going answer the door sweetheart'', they heard Will coming to the door.

''Oh, hello there Isabelle'', he smiled at her.

''Good evening to you as well Elizabeth, please come inside'', he politely invited them.

''Sweetie, you can put cookies on the kitchen counter and come into the living room we were just about to watch 'Finding Nemo' I am glad you came'', he told smiling at both of them.

''Will, I am sorry about the other night, I did not mean to hurt anyone.'', Beatrix confessed.

''No worries, I overreacted myself. Now come on into the living room and join us''. She accepted the invitation.

They were playing monopoly before watching the movie. Will excused himself for few minutes he had to go upstairs. Beatrix waited until movie had started and quietly slipped out of the room. She heard water running. He was taking a shower. She crept upstairs and was waiting until he'll get out.

As soon as he got out, Will jumped, flipped, next moment he was facing Kuddo.

''What the hell was it? Why are you creeping on me? You know I could have hurt you'', he gently reminded her. Kuddo felt bad and yet she knew that it was the right thing to do.

''I am sorry, but I was just curious about the one who taught you martial arts, the technique that Nikki uses is quite rare.'', Beatrix told him.

'' Well, let's talk in the kitchen after I'll change'', Will walked into his room, Beatrix went downstairs. Both Isabelle and Nikki were too distracted by the movie , they even did not notice when Kuddo came back.

''So, would you like some tea before the talk'', Bill sneaked behind her. Beatrix nodded. She noticed that he was wearing an oriental robe matched with oriental pants.

''I like your Japanese apparel'', she complimented his clothes.

''I got it long time ago when I was studying and living in Japan'', he smiled,

''I also was one of Pei Mei students'', Will paused observing her reaction.

''Can I ask you something?'', Beatrix looked wistfully. He nodded.

'' Did you know or hear about any other Pei Mei students?'', she posed the question.

''I did only about very few. I assume you were one of his apprentices, otherwise you would not ask.'', he looked at her.

''But I did not hear about you Miss Black'', Bill assured her.

''I was indeed one of them. The person I am wondering about is Bill aka The Snake Charmer'', she informed Will.

''I bring my sincere apologies, but I am not aware of anyone with that name'', Bill lied and observed her reaction.

''However, I heard of Beatrix Kuddo. Do you know or heard of her?'', Will was striking back.

''I'm sorry, but I never did'', she lied also.

They changed topic and started talking about the weather. Beatrix started liking Will Wilson. The fact that he was Pei Mei student did not bother her. Elizabeth was happy that he had daughter who was getting along quite well with BB.

Both sisters were asleep by the time when movie was over. Will helped Elizabeth to carry Isabelle to the car. They agreed to go on a date sometime next week.