4-We ran in to the room and saw Yubaba in front of her desk like she was waiting, but she would know if I would return, she is a witch after all and she sensed me last time I was here. She moved her hands and the door slammed shut, "Nice to see you Sin" said Yubaba,

"The names Chihiro, but I guess you would have forgotten all about that since you did try to steal my name and make me forget it" I shouted. Yubaba laughed and moved her hands again, this time she lifted me in the air and I felt a extremely sharp pain running through my whole body, I was screaming in pain. "Stop it Yubaba, what would Zeniba say" shouted Haku as he saw me in pain,

"Zeniba, I don't care what she says, she has always been perfect and I hate her" she shouted,

"Is that what you really think about me" said a familiar voice from behind Yubaba. She turned around and the pain was now gone, it was Zeniba, "Hello Chihiro, long time no see, I've really missed you.

"Me too granny" I said with a smile and then my attention went to Yubaba, "Yubaba, stop this madness at once, I have come back to stop you and since I am here you can do no harm",

"Ha, and how do you expected to defeat me, your just a spoilt brat of a human" laughed Yubaba.

"With the hair tie I gave her" said Zeniba, I forgot all about the hair tie luckily I was wearing it, "I gave it to her saying it will protect her, which was true but it wasn't the whole story, I knew something like this would happen so I put a spell on it so that the person who is wearing it has the power to do anything, just like a witch, I gave it to her trusting that she would use it for good but I guess she hasn't found it out yet", me a witch I moved my fingers in the way to zips someone's mouth like she did to me, just then Yubaba's mouth was sealed,

"ha, not so nice is it", and then I thought of something that Zeniba did to Yubaba's son, she turned him into a mouse. My fingers flicked in the direction of Yubaba, who was looking at Zeniba and pleading to undo the spell, (witches can't undo the spells that have been used on the) and before we knew it Yubaba was starting to shrink to the size of a mouse, and she was. I made sure that the spell was permanent unless me or Zeniba changed her back. Yubaba was now defeated and the bath house was back in business, thankfully Zeniba took up the post of being in charge while Yubaba was with her son, he son wanted to a mouse too again so they were both mice. As for me I kept getting the feeling that I had to go back home, but I didn't want to, everyone thanked me and Lin was there to give me a big hug, "you've grown" she said, it made me laugh to think that 5 years ago I was tiny. After everyone thanked me I went over to Haku who was in the corner watching me smiling but also depressed, "I have to go back now don't I" I said, strangely Haku didn't say anything, which probably means yes, "but I don't want to go back, I didn't want to go back 5 years ago either, why can't I stay, I know that I have my friends and family, but I was prepared to say goodbye to them when I went through the ally way, besides I know now I'm a witch as long as I have this hair tie and everyone here is my family". Haku took a deep breathe and looked at me, smiled and nodded, I was overflowing with joy, I could stay here in the spirit world with Haku, Lin and Zeniba, but it was back to the job work in the bath house again, oh well. I lunged at him to give him a hug and when we parted he took my face and kissed it even harder that at school, I was content and happy now that I could live here for the rest of my life. However, the problem was that my parent would be scared to death, I should be home by now and here I am in the spirit world never going to see them again, as we kissed a tear went down my cheek, but I was happy, after all I know have Haku, Lin and everyone I love here.