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The Games Are Back

One Month Ago

She looked the same as she did twenty six years ago, she had hardly aged at all. The face that she hadn't aged much wasn't because of surgery or anything to do with the Capitol, I knew that even if others refused to believe it. She was just one of those people who looked young. I bet it helped her get sponsors in the games. Katniss has the same brown hair and grey eyes as she did years ago. Her hair had grown a little longer and recovered from when it had been burnt in the games, but she still wore it in the same braid as she always had. She still had the same figure, the same power with her words.

"We surrender." Had she really just said that? There was a gasp from the crowd. How could we surrender? Who are we surrendering to? I had no idea what was going on, but clearly there were some people who did. You could see who, they were the only people in the crowd who didn't have shocked expressions.

A peacekeeper, who appeared to be more important that the others stepped out.

"District 12 is now the property of the Capitol, along with the other districts. All citizens of district 12 must do exactly as we say, or face punishment. Do you accept these rules, Mrs Everdeen?" The peacekeeper asked.

"Yes, I do."

"Then district 12 must continue its normal daily business, until the mines are deemed safe enough to be mined once again."

Katniss nodded and walked off. Peeta, who I hadn't noticed in the crowd before, followed. The people in district 12 who seemed to know what was going on started to organise everyone. They acted calm, but I could see the fear in their eyes.

Sebastien and I just stood next to each other, dumbstruck. What the heck had just happened? I thought to myself. In the space of two hours, we had been attacked, the towns square had been destroyed, people had been killed and there was a thick red crust over the floor. We had also fought back, surrendered and been ordered to continue our normal daily business. Not to mention that the mines would be re opening after that closed twenty seven years ago. This was bad news, all of it, and I had a feeling that worse was to come.

A big man walked over to Seb and I, obviously not impressed that we weren't moving or doing anything.

"How old are you two kids?" He asked gruffly. I was not impressed with his tone, and the fact that he called us kids. He did have a gun though, so I decided not to push it.

"Fourteen and fifteen." I replied in the same tone.

"Get to school then, like you have just been told to do."

"School isn't on today, its Saturday." Seb replied, getting angry with the fact that the man was ordering us around. He was probably weighing up if we should knock him out, or just shove him out of the way and run. Judging by the way that Seb was running his fingers over my knives, I was guessing that it would probably end up being more violent than that.

"School is on now, so go." The man was now running his fingers over his gun, getting ready to shoot if he had to. I think a gun would do a lot more damage than some knives, so I dragged Sebastien away before he could cause anymore trouble. I heard Seb mumble something about the fact that he could have taken him.

We were now under the Capitols control, however much we hated it. We were expected to carry on with normal lives and pretend that nothing had happened.

Then, it clicked. I understood. The Capitol had just regained control over the districts. They wanted thing to go back to the way they were twenty six years ago. Most people wouldn't understand what that meant. I did.

oOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO oOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo

I then remembered Lilly. Where was she? She was only nine, there were only two places that she could be. Either at school with the other kids, or at home with our mother. She was most likely to be at home, knowing her.

"I'm going home," I told Seb, "I need to find Lilly and make sure that she is ok. Put the weapons back in the Meadow before you go to school. I'll see you later." he nodded and I rushed off home.

The house was quiet when I came in. There was no one downstairs. I walked slowly upstairs, calling Lilly's name softly. The stairs creaked. I walked in our bedroom and found Lilly sat on the bed, knees up to her chest, hugging herself and burying her head in her arms. She was shaking.

I sat next to her on the bed and wrapped my arms around her.

"Where's mum?" I asked quietly.

"I-I don't know." She replied quietly, trying to stop crying, "people told me to come to school but I went home instead. Mummy was there and she told me to do what the peacekeepers told me and then she walked out somewhere and I came to our room."

"You were on your own when we were attacked?"

Lilly nodded. I was immediately angry with myself. I should have been with her. Mum was at work, so she couldn't and instead of Lilly being with me, she had been by herself. She could have been shot or even killed because of me.

I sighed, I should have been with her, but my mother shouldn't have left her on her own either when Lilly came home. That made me worried. My mother usually did a very good job of looking after me and my sister. Even when my father disappeared, she continued to work, she was a very capable person.

"Well we should go to school then, ok?" I suggested, smiling, "I will walk you there and pick oyu up. Remember, don't leave until I'm there."

She nodded again and got up. When we were out of the house Lilly held her hand up for me to hold it. I smiled as I did. I was so proud to be a big sister and to have such a wonderful little sister. Holding her hand and walking to school was just one thing that showed how close we were. After my fathers dissapearence, we had become even closer.

My sister really did look just like me. We had the same grey eyes, same brown hair. We both had freckles, I had slightly more. We had the same athletic build, the same cheeky grin. We are even both named after flowers. The only difference was that I was taller than her and had a better aim.

School was how it usually was. I dropped Lilly off and went to my class. We did the same things as we usually did. There was only one difference. One of our teachers was missing. People were saying that her was killed because he disobeyed orders, the other teachers refused to talk about it, which only added to the suspicion.

After school I walked home with Lilly and out mother was at home when we arrived. She was sat at the table waiting for us. That meant one of two things. One of us –namely me- was in trouble, or something bad had happened. Either was it was bad news.

"Lilly, sweetheart, go to our room." My mother said. I was in trouble for sure.

"Laurel, sit down, I want to tell you something."

I sat down, no saying a word.

"Do you remember nine years ago," my mother began, "and your father went missing?"

I nodded. What was this all about? What was she going to tell me?

My mother was speaking more quietly now, "Well, he didn't really go missing, that's just what you were told because the whole thing was kept secret and you were too young to really understand what had happened."

That was just a nicer way of saying that I wasn't trused. I was five, so I suppose that that was understandable.

"So, what actually happened?" I asked.

"Your father was one of the few people who thought that district 2 and the Capitol were organising a rebellion in secret. He went to district 2 to try to find our more about it and was killed," my mother was now trying not to cry, I said nothing and she continued, "since then our district started to prepare themselves for an attack. We didn't think that it wouyld come so soon, though, that's why we had to surrender."

So my father hadn't actually disappeared, he was murdered.

Katniss Everdeen had obviously known about the situation and my father must have been the one to ask her to teach me how to hunt and fight. Katniss taught her son, Sebastien, and I every weekend, so I was prepared and so was Finnik.

We sat in silence for a while. I was just about to leave when the television came on. It was a new President talking.

"I am President Dario Knight, for those of you who don't already know. I am here to make an announcement," he began to read some sort of projection that wasn't on camera, "as you all know, the Capitol are now back in control of Panem. After a very serious discussion, we have decided to bring the Hunger Games back. District 13 and the Capitol will also compete in the games. All children between the ages of eleven and seventeen will compete. There will be one boy and one girl reaped from each district. Tributes will not be aloud to take out tesserae. If you are eleven, your name will be in once, if you are twelve, your name will be in four times, if you are thirteen, your name will be in sixteen time, if you are fourteen, you name will be in twenty eight times and so on. If you are in any was associated with anyone who has caused any disruption in Panem, then your chances of being reaped will be doubled. The reaping will start in one month. The reaping will start in District thirteen at six o'clock in the morning, in District 12 at seven o'clock in the morning and so on. The districts tributes will be there for each others reaping, so, district 13 will see every reaping, district 12 will see every reaping exept District 13's reaping and the Capitol won't see any reaping. That is all. May the odds be ever in your favour and have a nice day." The television went black.

Fifty six. The number echoed in my head. Fifty six times my name would be in the reaping bowl. The odds were certainly not in my favour.

"District 13 still have nuclear weapons. Not enough to stop the Capitol. Katniss, Peeta and I made a deal with President Knight and we said that the Capitol must be included in the games." My mother told me.

"What good would that do?" I answered, not really sure what the deal meant.

"Maybe, in a few years, the people in the Capitol could get fed up with the games and start to protest against them." She had a point, if the Capitol's children were being taken off them, they might start to hate the games. If that happened, then the Hunger Games would have to be stopped.

I left the house. I needed some time to myself to process what had just happened.

I went to the Meadow. It was Monday today, so that meant that Finnik wouldn't be there. I wasn't avoiding him, I just needed some time to myself, some time to think about what had just happened.

The Hunger Games were being brought back. My father has been murdered. I had been lied to for nine years.

I curled up on the grass. I wasn't really in the mood for hunting right now. I knew I would have to at some point, if the snares I had just set didn't catch anything. They were only simple snares, I couldn't do any better than that. Katniss had tried her best to teach me and Finnik how to set up snares, but, unfortunately neither of us were any good.

Finnik was more useful with snares and catapults, I was better with knives. I could do a lot of other things too, I could run, swim, climb, identify plants and I had a good aim. It was all because of Katniss, I really did owe her a lot.

If I am reaped, which by the sounds of it I will be, at least I will stand some sort of chance against the other tributes. That thought reassured me.

My eyelids grew heavy after lying on the grass for so long. I climbed a tree, so I would be out of reach of anything that wanted to attack me, and I let myself fall asleep.

The escort walked to the stage. She was wearing the usual Capitol clothes, bright and ridiculous. She never said a word, she just walked and picked the girls name.

"Laurel Keene." Was what she read out. She read a boys name too but I was too terrified to hear. Me. It's me. My name. Two weks later I will be dead. Forgotten. Gone forever.

We arrived in the Capitol after watching the other reapings. Then we watched District 13's reaping on the television when we got there. I couldn't think about the tributes right now. I was too distracted thinking about the arena, how I would probably be killed instantly.

We trained and trained, but I wasn't any good. I never made any impression in the interviews either, the chariot rides were a disaster, my stylist was no good whatsoever.

So now I was rising, up the tube, to my death. I wasn't going to fight in the bloodbath, I knew that that would get me killed straight away.

I remembered my training score. Three. Everyone else had got either and eleven or a twelve. I was going to die soon.

60, 59, 58, 57, 56...

The countdown began. One minute. That was all I had left, would I die today or would it be tomorrow? Would I be dead in one minute?

40, 39, 38, 37, 36, 35...

Thirty seconds now. Thirty seconds left to live. Not really that long is it? What would you think about if you onl had thirty seconds left to live?

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5...

I thought about my family, my father my mother. How I would be joining my father soon now, very soon. I thought about Lilly and Finnik, how would they cope without me? Would Finnik look after my family? Teach Lilly how to hunt?

4, 3, 2...

I needed to run, the second the cannon goes off, I have to run. I can run.


I ran. As fast as I could, as far as I could. I ran for a very long time. I started to feel dizzy, sick. The world was spinning. I needed food now, water. There was a stream, I drank from it.

Only after did I realise how stupid that was, it could have been poisonous, I had been very lucky.

Three days. That's how long I had lasted so far. Was that good? There were still twelve tributes left, I had counted.

Suddenly I was falling and I hit the ground hard. Everything was hasy. Soil was being poured on top of me, I was chocking, screaming. There was nothing that I could do. Soon I wouldn't be able to breathe.

I could see someone with a shovel, burying me. If only I had looked, if only I hadn't been so clumsy.

I was dying now. The world was drifting away.

Then I was falling, fast. Is this what it's like to die? I wondered. I could onl hope that my family and Finnik weren't watching.

I hit the floor with a thud and I yelped. I struggled to breathe for a second. The air rushed in to my lungs and I took several long, deep breaths.

I curled up again on the grass, trembling with fear. That's what it could be like for me. I could be buried alive and forgotten about. They won't even be able to get my body.

It was going to be dark soon, so I went to check my snares now, in case they hadn't caught anything and I needed to hunt.

One rabbit. It wasn't much but it would give my family dinner tonight. There was nothing left over to trade at the Hob, so I just enjoyed the walk home.