"Welcome to Youkai Academy. Make sure to be careful, it's a rather scary place." The Bus Driver commented in a creepy voice as he let the new freshmen students out to the school for the first time. Many rushed off while a few took their time. One student simply swung his bag over his shoulder before hopping off the bus with a grin.

"Scary my ass, I bet my mom throws scarier tantrums when I steal the last bowl of ramen." He comments as he scratches the back of his head. Looking over the school the youth was impressed by its size and design before checking his watch. "Heh, I've got an hour before orientation. Might as well go check out my dorm room." He mutters to himself before reaching into a pocket for the grounds map all freshmen were provided with. "Let's see… this way."

Chapter 1: Enter the Hanyou, Naruto Namikaze!

"So in order to blend in with human society better, it is school policy that all students join at least one extra curricular club. Today you will all be let out of class early to check the various stands set up by the multiple clubs to hopefully find one that catches your interest. You have two days to find a club before you will be forcibly assigned one as this rule is non-negotiable. You must join a club, so it's better to join one you like." It had only been a week since the new term started and now the freshman classes were being told to join a club while the upper classmen were busy preparing to wow and attract the new blood, so to speak. A few students cheered at how they'd be let out early while others groaned at how they had to join a club. It was then the bell rang so they all gathered their stuff and headed out, some faster than others.

"Join a club huh? Well… I wonder what they've got." The boy wondered aloud as he adjusted his shirt and walked out with a bag over his shoulder. After a quick stop at his dorm room to drop said item off he began looking around to see the clubs. 'Mummy Club, with a real mummy too. Neat but no. Swimming? Nah, never really liked getting wet too much. Music Club? Maybe if I don't find anything else.' He thought as he walked along. Eventually he went towards the outdoor club exhibits and saw a small crowd gathered. Walking over he saw it was for the Karate Club. They were both showing off a bit of their skill while also giving out a challenge. Break more tombstones than one of their members and you get a cash prize, said prize being all the money gathered from the fee they were charging for an attempt. The boy was about to grab his wallet and walk up when he froze, as did just about all the other guys there since an orange haired bombshell wearing a cheerleader uniform with 'Newspaper Club' on it walked up and paid the fee. She was tall with her orange hair tied in two bushy pigtails and had a perfect hourglass figure.

'Whoa… who is that and is she single?' The boy thought before gaping in shock when she shattered the tombstones placed out for her with one strong punch. 'Holy shit! On second thought, maybe I should stay back. She might kill me if I piss her off.' The boy thought before walking away while shaking his head as the girl took all the cash from the stupefied Karate Club members and walked away. 'Still, Karate Club wouldn't be to bad I guess. I mean, I like getting into spars and all and I need to keep my skills sharp. So I'll head back if I can't find anything else. On another note, that chick was HOT!' He thought, giving one last glance to the orange haired girl as she walked off before going back to checking the other clubs for anything of interest.


"Hey did you hear?"


"Apparently the Newspaper Club got into a fight with the Karate Club and beat the shit out of all of them. Even the Karate Club President was totally annihilated by them."

"No way really?"

"Yeah, I heard it was a Club war or something." The boy stopped with his soda as he overheard the rumors flying about around the supposed fight between the two clubs. Walking around and hearing more or less the same story everywhere else the boy walked back to the Karate Club booth to get some concrete answers.

'If the Karate Club really did get their asses beat by the Newspaper Club then I know what club I'm joining.' He thought as he walking along, tossing his empty soda can away as he did.


Zero new entries. There was nobody that wanted to join the Newspaper Club.

All their previous entrants, mostly perverted boys wanting to get close to the girls, had retracted their desire to join after their fight with a few members from the Karate Club. Honestly, it had been an accident. They had wanted to cheer up Moka's little sister Kokoa after accidentally hurting her feelings by treating her like a child due to the backlash of Yukari's pills actually reverting her to her actual child body. So they also took the pills to become younger and show they didn't care when upon finding Kokoa, had found her being picked on and harassed by a few members from the Karate Club so they ran in to help and things just went from there. It wasn't a Club war, just an accident.

On a side note all the girls agreed they were incredibly cute when they were kids.

Still, the story had spread and now nobody wanted to join the Newspaper Club, leaving them without any new blood. The current members were all standing around a table that had their empty entrant list, silently cursing their rather horrible luck that usually drew them into such incidents.

Currently the only male in the room had short brown hair and was wearing the standard school uniform of a green suit. His name was Tsukune Aono.

The only other one wearing an unaltered school uniform was a girl with bright pink hair that went down her back, only she had on a short skirt rather than pants. Around her neck was a choker, a small rosary dangling from it in the gap between her breasts. She was Moka Akashiya.

Next to her was a girl with short blue hair and a rather large bust, easily the biggest of all the girls in the room. She had on a skirt like Moka, but rather than the green suit top she was wearing a sleeveless, light beige v-neck sweater that hugged her form rather tightly. This was Kurumu Kurono.

Also at the table was a girl with light lavender hair with a lollipop in her mouth. She wore an outfit similar to Moka and Kurumu but with a few belts looping around her waist. Her name was Mizore Shirayuki.

The youngest and shortest of the group was next to her standing only about as high as the others chests. She wore the standard school uniform only with a stereotypical witch's hat over her short brown hair and a small cape on over her shirt. The little girls name was Yukari Sendo.

Standing slightly off to the side was a girl with long black hair wearing and a dress with plenty of leather straps covering her form. In her hands was a spell book that she used for her magic. She was Ruby Tojo.

The Club members let out a collective sigh at their lack of entrants before a voice bought their attention to the door.

"You look like you have a problem." The speaker was a short girl with orange hair tied into two bushy pigtails on opposite sides of her head. She wore the regular school uniform, only without the jacket showing the black shirt underneath. Sitting on her shoulder was a small furry brown bat named Kou. The girl herself though was Kokoa Shuzen, Moka's younger sister. The Club all looked towards her as she crossed her arms and looked off to the side. "Since you said 'in any case' I guess I join for you. I'll join the Newspaper Club." It took a second before her words sunk in before the group broke into smiles and cheers as they welcomed Kokoa into the group. Moka meanwhile leaned close to her little sister before whispering to her.

"You know, if you wanted to join, all you had to do was say so."

"Th-that's not it!" Kokoa sputtered out before there was a knocking at the door getting everyone's attention. Sanding at the door was a boy slightly taller than Kokoa with spiky blonde hair. He wore the school jacket open showing a plain white T-shirt on underneath and a necklace with a green gem on it over his chest. He also had on regular blue jeans rather than the school's pants and some black shoes on his feet. Strangely though is was his face that attracted the most attention with his bright blue eyes and weird marks on his cheeks, three whisker-like lines on each.

"Is uh, is this the Newspaper Club?" He asked as he scratched behind his head with his right hand.

"Uh yes. Can we help you with something?" Tsukune asked after clearing his throat. The boy grinned before reaching into his back pocket and pulling out his student id.

"Great! Is it too late to join the club?" The group was once more shocked for a second before Moka spoke up.

"You really want to join?"

"Even after the rumors about how we beat up the Karate Club?" Kurumu chimed in since it was impossible to have not heard the rumors by now. The boy nodded as his grin grew, causing his eyes to squint. The look strongly reminded the girls of a grinning fox and it was only by sheer will that none of them responded with a squeal of 'Kawaii' at the sight.

"Yeah. I figured if you're all strong enough to beat the Karate Club then maybe I can get a good spar every once and a while. Plus I worked on my schools paper back in middle school so I have experience and stuff." A couple of the girls gave a small nervous chuckle at how he pointed out their victory over the other club. It wasn't like they actively searched for conflict; they just went around and got drawn into them by trying to protect their friends.

"You can join. We'd love to have more people." Mizore spoke up.

"Great! My name's Naruto Namikaze, nice to meet you all." The now introduced Naruto said as he gave a short respectful bow.

"Tsukune Aono."

"Moka Akashiya."

"Name's Kurumu Kurono."

"I'm Mizore Shirayuki."

"I'm Yukari Sendo. Nice to meet you desu."

"My name is Ruby Tojo."

"Kokoa Shuzen." As soon as the introductions were over Kurumu grinned.

"This is great! Now we have two new members. Let's celebrate!" She cheered as did the other girls, save Kokoa. Bottles of soda were brought out as Naruto walked over to the only other freshmen in the group.

"Are they always this rowdy?" He asked as she shrugged her shoulders.

"I've spent a bit of time with them before today since Moka is my older sister and this does seem kind of normal for them." She admitted while Naruto crossed his arms behind his head.

"Well I guess we'll have to get used to it then, huh?" The vampire girl jus scoffed slightly as Yukari came over to get the two involved in the celebration.

For the most part it was the older members asking Naruto some things about himself since they had a basic idea of Kokoa from the time she spent with them before joining the club. He in turn asked a bit about them to get an idea of who he was going to work with. It was almost an hour later when the door was opened and someone else walked in.

"Oh? What's with the party here?" The woman had sandy blonde hair with a couple parts on top of her head pointed off like cat ears. She also had on glasses and was smiling towards the club members even as they turned to face her. Kurumu grinned before grabbing both Kokoa and Naruto by the shoulders and pushing them forward slightly.

"We've got two new members Shizuka-sensei!" The older woman let out a small squeal of joy before she started hopping in place in excitement, even as her human transformation came slightly undone revealing two actual cat ears on her head and a tall of the same sandy color of her hair coming out from under her skirt. Kokoa simply stared at the older woman, wondering how someone like her could become a teacher while Naruto narrowed his eyes.

'Shizuka… that sounds famili-wait!' "Neko-chan!" Naruto cried out as he grinned while the rest of the students looked to Naruto in shock and confusion. Shizuka stopped for a moment to study Naruto before her face lit up in a matching grin and she grabbed him in a hug and spun him around.

"Oh Kit-kun! I didn't recognize you! You've gotten so big!" Wait, back up. How does their new male member know their teacher well enough to call her Neko-chan and how does she know him well enough to respond with Kit-kun? Naruto had wrapped his arms around the woman and hugged back while laughing at her reaction to him before Yukari cleared her throat getting Shizuka to stop spinning and set the boy down.

"Um sensei? How do you know Naruto-san here?" She asked, getting everybody else to nod their heads in agreement. Naruto scratched the back of his head as Shizuka placed a hand on top of his shoulder.

"Oh that's easy. I'm a good friend of his mother's. I've known Kit-kun here since he was six."

"Yeah." Naruto chimed in, "Neko-chan here is like an aunt to me. She used to come around all the time for holidays and stuff." The boy then pulled away from Shizuka and fixed the teacher with a pout as he crossed his arms. "But then you vanished on us five years ago and me and mom couldn't reach you anywhere. What happened?" Shizuka suddenly looked off to the side as she brought her hands together and poked her fingers.

"Well I um… started working here. And I uh… may have… forgotten… to um, mention it?" She stated nervously. The sophomore's of the group that had dealt with her for a year all sweat dropped, knowing just how absent minded the woman could be sometimes while Kokoa was again wondering how she had managed to become a teacher. Naruto kept up his pout as he huffed and turned to the side.

"Hmph, see if I get you some of mom's tuna casserole." The reaction was instant. Shizuka was on her knees hugging the boy's waist with large comical tear rolling down her face.

"NO! Kushi-chan's tuna is the best! I'm sorry!" She cried out as most of the older students started chuckling. Naruto kept up his look for a few seconds before he started laughing with the rest of them. Shizuka took that moment to realize she had been played before getting back up in a huff. She then gave a warm smile to the younger blond. "Seriously though, it's good to see you again Naruto-kun. I'm sorry I never contacted you guys."

"I forgive you. But I'm not helping you when mom finds out." She shivered for a second before pushing the thought aside. "So what're you here for?"

"I'm the faculty advisor to the Newspaper Club." She told the boy as he grinned. "Now if only I had you in my class, my little Hanyou."

"Hanyou?" The girls chorus in shock, while Tsukune did in confusion. Naruto's head instantly dropped and hid his gaze as Shizuka continued, not noticing.

"Oh, he hasn't said yet? Kit-kun here is a Kitsune Hanyou." She said as she wrapped an arm around the boy, only for him to jerk back. "Naruto-kun…" She started just for him to turn and bolt out of the room. "Oh dear… I forgot he's sensitive about that." She muttered before turning to the others. "Listen, could one of you find him and tell him I'm sorry? I only stopped by to check if we had new members. I have a meeting to get to soon. Thanks." Shizuka asked before leaving herself, leaving the club members alone.

"What's a Hanyou?" Tsukune asked as he had heard the term in passing but never knew what it meant. To be honest his lack of knowledge about the monster world was beginning to annoy him. Being ignorant wasn't cool!

"A Hanyou is a being that's half Youkai and half human. Humans refer to them simply as half-demons in their stories." Unsurprisingly it was Yukari, the child genius, that spoke up. "Remember how everyone hated me last year for being a witch? Well at least I'm full Youkai. Compared to a Hanyou witches are golden. Even you, a human with Youkai abilities are considered better than Hanyou's since you can just say you wanted to 'get rid of your human weakness'. Hanyou's aren't very well liked."

"That's an understatement. Just about all Youkai races hate Hanyou's." Kurumu picked up. "Most view humans as beneath them so the fact that one would willingly mate with one and have a child is considered a great insult to Youkai kind. Not only that but the child is hated as well. Hated by humans for being a monster, hated by monsters for being a human; Hanyou's rarely ever find acceptance or love from anyone other than their parents, and some don't even get that." The other girls looked at Kurumu in slight shock that she knew so much before Mizore pointed something out.

"Wait, don't Succubae have kids with humans sometimes?" She asked, ignoring the fact that she herself wanted to have kids with Tsukune, a human. Kurumu shook her head.

"That's different. Some races have strong blood that overpowers others when children are concerned. For instance, as a Succubus, any girl I have will be another Succubus. No exception. Any boy I have will either be the fathers' type or in rare cases our male counter-part, the Incubus. In races like that, where our children are guaranteed there's a bit of tension but it's considered okay." Mizore nodded her head as it was the same with the Yuki-onna race as well in that all female children were more Yuki-onna's. "Humanity is also considered a weak race in this instance as most Youkai blood will overpower the human half and ensure a pure Youkai child. But in the races with 'weak' blood that will mix with humans rather than overpower it, it's considered a disgrace to have a human mate. That one of our own would 'defile' themselves with a 'weak human' is enough to bring hate and sometimes even death to the parents and child." Kurumu finished before looking around. "Hey, where's Tsukune-kun?" She asked, getting the other girls obsessed with the boy to look around for him as Kokoa scoffed.

"He went after the Hanyou after you explained what they were." She told them while jerking her thumb towards the door. She was thinking over the info that Tsukune was apparently a human turned Youkai and not a pure one like she had thought after their encounter with the changeling a couple days ago. She had just figured he was a weak pacifist that couldn't fully control his own power which was why he had a seal on it, not that he was originally human. And that was the one her beloved Onee-sama was infatuated with? Something had to be done about that.

"Well quick! Let's go after him!" Kurumu cheered before Moka called for them all to wait.

"Just a second!" They all stopped to look at her as she glanced at all of them. "I know it doesn't bother me at all but does it bother any of you that Naruto-san is a Hanyou?" She asked, getting the other girls to understand why she stopped them. They all glanced at the others before Yukari spoke first.

"Not really. I know what it's like to be hated just because of what you are. I'm not gonna judge him for that desu."

"It doesn't bother me." Mizore added while moving her lollipop around in her mouth. Kurumu shook her head right after.

"I could care less."

"I feel pretty much the same as Yukari, though I didn't have to deal with as much of the witch hate she did." Ruby finished off before they all heard a scoff from Kokoa.

"Well I do, just like I don't like that that Tsukune boy is human." She added with a look towards Moka. "Onee-sama, how could you, an S-class vampire, tolerate being around some human filth? We even drink human blood for food! And now you're fine with a Hanyou? That's even worse!" Moka sighed as Kokoa ranted.

"Kokoa-chan, Tsukune-kun was my first friend. Not only that but he's a really great person who's kind and loyal and honest. The fact that he's human doesn't matter. Remember kaa-sama said to never judge someone based on race?" To be honest, it was one of the few memories she had of her mother as most were missing, however Moka had forgotten it for a while and gotten caught up in the 'human hate' as it were due to her treatment while she was in human schools. After meeting Tsukune though, things had changed and she let her irrational hatred go while also remembering one of her mothers lessons. Kokoa looked off to the side at the reminder of Akasha as she was a woman that Kokoa looked up to and respected. She even thought of her as a mother more than her real mother.

"Yeah but…" She started, trying to come up with an argument but failing. "Fine… I'll give the Hanyou and human a chance." She admitted. That didn't mean however she was going to let Tsukune or her sister be in a relationship. That part still had to be fixed. Moka smiled at the girl before turning and following the other girls out of the room as they started searching for Tsukune and to a lesser extent Naruto.


'Where is he?' Tsukune thought as he ran down the hall looking for Naruto. Once he learned what a Hanyou was he left, knowing enough to guess that Naruto had run because he instantly assumed they would all hate him for what he was. Tsukune didn't care at all seeing as he was a human in a school for monsters and he was pretty sure that Moka and the others wouldn't care either since they didn't care that he was human. He wasn't too sure about Kokoa but guessed that the younger vampire would likely go with her sister's choice and accept him. As Tsukune ran he ended up outside and looked around. He paused for a bit to catch his breath as he had been running for a few minutes now and happened to glance up when he saw a figure sitting on the roof. A figure with spiky blonde hair. 'There he is.'

It was only a couple minutes later Tsukune managed to make it to the roof and walked out, seeing Naruto sitting on the edge with his knees pulled up to his chest and his arms wrapped around them. He was looking out at the sunset with his back to the boy though so he couldn't see what was on the younger blonds face. "Naruto-san?" He called out hoping to get the boy's attention.

"What?" Naruto didn't bother turning around to face him but rather just kept staring off to the horizon. "If you came out here to tell me to stay away then don't worry, I won't bother you or your club. I'll go somewhere else. I know when I'm not wanted." Tsukune shook his, not that the blond saw it.

"That's not it."

"Oh, so you're here to pick on the Hanyou huh? Well then fine, go ahead. I'm used to it." Naruto cut in. Tsukune looked appalled that he could say that so simply, as if it was already a forgone conclusion hat he was to be hated. "If you attack though, I will fight back."

"I'm not here to mock you or hurt you."

"Then what are you here for? I said I'll stay away but that's not what you want. I told you to go ahead and mock me like the rest always do when they find out but you're not going to do that. So what're you here for?!" He shouted as he spun around showing that while they hadn't fallen yet his eyes were filled with tears. Tsukune gave the boy a sad smile before offering a hand.

"I came to bring you back to the club. We don't care if you're a Hanyou." Naruto's eyes went wide before they narrowed.

"Bullshit." Now Tsukune was shocked as Naruto continued. "Everyone hates me once they find out what I am. Everyone. Don't you stand there and lie to me and say you don't care!"

"I don't! And I know that others don't either!"


"It's not! I know it's not because they don't care that I'm human!" Tsukune shouted to the boy getting Naruto to freeze. He then narrowed his eyes and cocked his head to the side.

"That's a lie. I sense youki coming from you." Tsukune sighed and held up his arm, showing the chain and lock on it.

"That's cause I'm not a pure human anymore. Last year some stuff happened and in order to save my life, Moka-san gave me some of her blood, since she's a vampire. It gave me a power boost so I could survive and even fight back against our enemies but eventually I was overcome and turned into a ghoul. I would've gone on a rampage and attacked everyone around but a friend locked my powers up in this seal. As long as it's on I'm still human." The sophomore explained. Naruto rubbed the tears out of his eyes while looking closely at the holy lock on the older boys arm. "I may not be a full human anymore but I still am one and the others don't care one bit. To be honest I'm still finding stuff out about the Youkai world but no matter what I find out, I wouldn't hate someone just because of what they are." He finished with a small smile. Naruto stared at the lock for a little while longer before looking off to the side.

"It's not that simple for Hanyou's. Mom's hated everywhere she goes and I get it even worse. I've even had people attack me for being a Hanyou and I actually have an entire race under orders to exterminate me if they see me." Naruto admitted, which shocked Tsukune.

"An entire race wants you dead?" Both boys turned to see that the girls had come up to the roof, apparently just in time to hear Naruto's last words. The blond grimaced but nodded.

"Yeah, the Kitsune. Their numbers are starting to decline, not enough to be in danger but enough that people are getting worried. As such, their pressuring their own to have more Kitsune children, especially the stronger ones since its believed strong parents bring about strong children. Mom's one of the strongest so she was really getting pushed to have a child with someone that would grant her a pure blooded child. But she fell in love with a human and had me instead. She's been exiled from the Kitsune clans while a death order has been put out on any kids she has for doing what they see as disgracing their mighty race. My mom is the only Kitsune I can trust. Any other will attack me the moment they find out who I am and try to kill me." He explained.

"Then hat's more reason for you to stay with us." Tsukune spoke up, surprising everyone, girls included. "Earlier the girls beat the Karate Club because they were picking on Kokoa. And last year, we got into plenty of trouble from protecting each other. We're strong, and we look after our friends no matter what." Naruto was looking down thinking it over as the girls were now all smiling towards Tsukune. That was why they all fell for the boy to begin with. In the back of their heads they weren't looking forward to possibly fighting off an entire race but Tsukune had spoken the truth. They all looked after their friends, no matter what.

"I… I don't want to cause any trouble." The young blond mumbled as Moka stepped forward and lifted his head to give him a smile.

"You won't. None of us care you're a Hanyou and if you stick with us then that makes you a friend and we'll fight for you." The others all nodded their agreement as Moka took a step back. "So, do you still want to join the Newspaper Club?" She asked, getting them all to chuckle.

Authors Notes: So here is a new story for you all, one of the two Rosario+Vampire X Naruto crossovers I plan on doing. And it's already different from everyone I've ever read. All the crossovers I read either have Naruto replace Tsukune, join the Academy and become Tsukune's best friend, and a couple where Naruto is older and plays the role of a smart upperclassmen like Gin is supposed to do. The only exception I've seen is Turbulent Tides, which I highly recommend for you all to read. Yet, I've never seen one where Naruto is younger than them and a freshman while the rest are sophomores. So I wanted to be different and do it this way. As for him being a Hanyou, yeah that part isn't very original. In every story he's either a ninja, Kitsune Hanyou, a full blooded Kitsune or something big and legendary, usually a dragon or another vampire. But I think I can pull this off differently than others do so him being a Hanyou won't be to clichéd.

The pairing for Tsukune hasn't been decided as I'm having trouble picking which girl to give him. I really like Kurumu and Mizore but TsukuneMoka is also the easiest and my favorite pairing. At the same time though I really like putting the guy with Mizore. And while I may not like TsukuneKurumu as much as the other two, I won't pair the girl with anyone else from Rosario+Vampire as no one holds the same appeal as putting her with the human. Yukari is simply too young in my book and while I like Ruby mostly for the masochist jokes she ends up getting into, I don't like her that much as a character otherwise. As such, Tsukune's pairing is still up in the air.

For Naruto though, it's strictly NarutoKokoa. I'm doing this for a couple reasons. One being I've never seen a story with this pairing that wasn't a harem, making me the first. Another is that I think they'd work well together. After Kokoa actually warmed up to the group and stopped trying to attack Moka or keep her away from Tsukune, she became a really nice character with some surprising depth to her. In fact of all three of Moka's sisters, I'd say Kokoa is by far the most developed while Kaluha is the least and Akua is closer to Kaluha on the scale than she is to Kokoa. I know that most of this is simply because Kokoa gets far more screen time but it doesn't change my opinion of her. The final reason I'm doing this pairing is because all the older girls would be going for Tsukune while again, Yukari is too young and I'm not a fan of Ruby.

There will be other Naruto characters appearing throughout the series. Some as small mentions while around three to seven will get actual roles to play. Obviously two are his parents but the rest will be revealed as the story goes on. I also won't reveal how strong Naruto is right now. In fact he won't actually fight until they go to the snow village.

As for the story, it will for the most part follow canon with a few deviations from Naruto's involvement. There will also be two original arcs to go through as well, one before their trip to the human world and one right after it before Fong tries recruiting Tsukune. They'll mostly be for character development though with only one of them having any real action.

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