Author's Note: Happy White Day! For those who don't know what White Day is, it's a holiday in Japan that is essentially a reverse of Valentine's Day. Instead of girls giving chocolate to boys, White Day is when boys return the favor and give chocolate to the girls. Since I wrote a Valentine's Day special for this story, I think it's only fair I write out a White Day special as well. Hence, this extra chapter for everyone to enjoy. Just like my Valentine's Day special this is after they get together but before Fong-Fong comes in. I just never really liked that guy so he's not getting a place in my extras. Also like the Valentine's special, this has absolutely no connection to the real plot and will never be mentioned by it so there's no need to worry about something from this ever being important to the actual story. It's just a fun extra I felt like writing.

Also as a side note and warning; this chapter will have a lemon in it. To be honest this will only be my second attempt at writing a lemon ever so I'd like opinions on how well it's written in the reviews. Oh, and as far as I can see this will also be the only lemon this story will likely ever get as well. Unless canon continues on to a point I think I can reasonably throw one in that is. But for now, this will very likely be the only lemon the story will ever get.

Anyways, enjoy the loving extra!


Naruto's hand fumbled around his bedside table as his alarm went off to wake him for the day. The blond Hanyou let out a light groan in annoyance before his fingers felt his clock and he turned the alarm off with a slight grin even as he kept his eyes closed and his head on his pillow. He stayed like that for a couple seconds before sighing and getting up with yawn as he stretched his arms over his head. Opening his bright blue eyes the teen grinned as he hopped out of his bed and went to his bathroom for a morning shower. After cleaning himself up for a day the boy came out of the room running a towel through his hair as he looked at his calendar to see what day it was.

"March Twelfth." He muttered as he went over his plans for the day but found nothing special. He then glanced to the block two days from the current with a light smile as it had been marked on his calendar for a couple weeks now. "Only two days left until White Day. Man Kokoa-chan is gonna flip when she sees what I have planned for her." The boy commented before getting dressed and writing a reminder to contact his mother and placing it on his bed to make sure he saw it.

"Well, time to get started!"

Hanyou Special - White Day

In Japan, Valentine's Day is February Fourteenth just like the rest of the world. It's also filled with romance and the giving of gifts and sweets as well. However in the land of the rising sun, Valentine's Day is the day for girls to give chocolates out. They give small chocolates to the boys they know and then give large special chocolates and other gifts to the boys they care for. However all the giving is from the female side of things on Valentine's Day. That's because they created another holiday for the boys.

White Day on March Fourteenth.

One month later and it's the boys turn to buy chocolates and give them to the girls. The same basic rules apply in that they give small regular chocolates to the girls they know but then give special chocolates to the one's they feel are special either because they're in a relationship or because they're hoping for one. Those with money will usually go and buy some very expensive fancy chocolate and other gifts to go with the sweets while those with cooking skill usually make their own for their special someone. Like Valentine's Day, both genders look forward to the day in the hopes of getting lots of chocolate or spending time with that special person they like.

Naruto had started working on a plan for Kokoa the day after Valentine's Day and had only been adding or taking away from it since until he reached what he felt was a perfect plan. All that was left was for him to make the food and get the other girls their chocolate. One would be simple and the other not so much since he wasn't the best cook around. It never helped that he pretty much stuck to ramen when he needed to cook something for himself. But he was pretty sure he could get everything he wanted together for the day.

"Morning everyone!" The blond called out as he walked into the clubroom. Unsurprisingly Gin was already there reading one of the Newspaper Club's older issues. Tsukune was working on some homework while the only other girl in the room so far was Moka, who was like always near Tsukune.

"Morning Naruto/-kun." The trio called back as he took a seat near the human/vampire pair and pulled out some of his homework to work on while they waited for the others. Gin wouldn't help him if he got stuck on a problem but Moka or Yukari were always willing to help out. The group didn't have to wait long before the others arrived. The next to show up was Kurumu that sprinted for Tsukune the second she laid eyes on him and instantly pulled his head into her cleavage before Yukari would show up and attack the succubus to get her off the boy. Mizore snuck into the room like she normally did and only showed herself when Kurumu tried to retaliate against Yukari. Naruto and Tsukune sighed in unison when Moka got up and jumped in to try and separate the fighting girls as Naruto's attention was drawn to the orange hair belonging to the last person to enter the room. With a grin the boy got up and walked over to his girlfriend and wrapped her in his arms and gave her a kiss on the cheek like he did every morning, something she returned just as eagerly.

"Morning Kokoa-chan."

"Morning Naruto-kun." She chirped as she shuffled around to lean her back against his chest while he had his arms wrapped around her and his head on her shoulder. "So sempai, anything we need to know for the paper this week?" The young vampire asked Gin as he was still in his seat, though an eye was kept on the fight between the older girls.

"Nope, pretty much the same as Valentine's Day but in reverse for White Day." The werewolf admitted before the girls all stiffened.

"…White Day…" They muttered in unison before turning on their respective man, the second year girls all looking to Tsukune as Kokoa turned her head to the blonds over her shoulder.

"Totally forgot about it didn't ya Kokoa-chan?" The boy asked while the other girls started hounding Tsukune to try and get an idea of what he was doing for the special day and who he was doing it with. Kokoa chuckled lightly so the blond squeezed his arms around her for a second and kissed her again. "Well don't worry about it. I've been planning some stuff for a while already. It's gonna be great!" He chirped as the girl smiled.

"I don't doubt it." She replied before breaking away and turning around. "Hopefully it won't be like my horrible planning for Valentine's Day was." She muttered as he frowned and cupped her face.

"Hey, I told you on Valentine's Day and I'll say it again, I didn't mind. You may have overreacted to my mom's chocolate but you didn't know she sent it so it was my fault too. Besides, I still had fun just spending the day with you so it was fine." He told her before smiling. "But I can promise you, if you come in with some super great chocolate, I won't get jealous or anything over it." He joked as she smiled but scoffed.

"Who would give me something like that other than you? Tsukune is going nuts over my sister and the others and Gin would aim for them too." She pointed out as they glanced to the side to see all the girls had pretty much driven Tsukune into a corner with no way out and were asking him about the upcoming day and his plans. Sadly the turned human could only stutter out that he was working on it and not give anything away as he was worried they'd start fighting if he said anything. Or worse, that they'd attack him over his plans. The only two currently in a relationship as well as the only freshmen in the club chuckled before turning back to each other. "See my point?"

"Haji." The blond countered and she waved it off.

"He gets me anything and I'm throwing it in the garbage where it belongs." She quipped as the boy laughed.


Naruto sat down at his desk with a light grin as he opened his laptop and opened up a live video chat while waiting for his mother to get online. It wasn't long of a wait as he had known she would be getting online soon and it only took a minute after she did for a screen with her face to open up on his end of the connection. "Hi mom."

"Hey sochi, what's up?" She asked with a grin, running a hand through her red hair for a second.

"Not much. Just finishing up my plans for White Day with Kokoa-chan." He replied as she tapped a finger on her chin and leaned back in her chair for a second.

"She's that vampire freshman from your club right? The one you said actually didn't like you at the beginning of the year?" She asked as he nodded so she broke out into a grin. "See? I was right all along. It's not what you are but who you are. Not only did you win her over as a friend you're even hoping for a relationship with her."

"Actually mom, I'm already in one." He corrected as she froze on the other end. "We've been dating for a couple months now."

"AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME?!" The woman shouted as she grabbed her camera and pulled it close to show a face that was torn between distressed and pissed. "Why sochi?! You know I would've wanted details for this! What's she look like? How does she act with you? How'd you two get together? What'd the two of you do for Valentine's Day? Oh, I hope my yearly cake didn't cause any trouble! Why haven't you said anything yet? Come on sochi I want details!" The woman rambled as Naruto laughed and she huffed while setting her camera down. The blond got his laughter under control as his mother pouted at being left out of the loop before he explain everything to her. "…Of course she has orange hair. Knowing you that's what originally attracted you to her."

"Not really but I'm not against it either." The blond admitted as his mother's violet eyes seemed to shine in amusement.

"Now what do you have planned for her sochi?"

"Well first off mom, sorry I won't be able to do anything for you." He apologized while the woman waved it off.

"Forget that. I've got what I wanted already with you telling me you have a girlfriend. Now don't dodge the question. What do you have planned for her?" She repeated while he shook his head.

"I wasn't dodging the question! I've been planning the whole day for her right after Valentine's Day." He admitted as she stared at him with a raised brow so he sighed. "I just can't tell you because her sister is listening at my door!" He called out hearing an 'EEP' before he got up and walked over to open the door to see not just Moka but Kurumu also listening at his door with sheepish smiles. "Okay, what do the two of you want?" He asked as they looked to each other.

"To see what you have planned for Kokoa-chan." They chirped in unison before Moka started explaining.

"She's my little sister Naruto-kun, I want to make sure she's taken care of."

"I just love a good love story like your relationship has been turning out to be and wanted to know what's coming next." Kurumu admitted as the boy sighed but shook his head before walking back into the room and inviting them in.

"Well come on in I guess. You two can meet my mom while you're here." He told them before retaking his seat as they walked in and stood behind him and looked at the screen to see the red headed Kitsune that raised the blond they'd come to call a good friend. "Girls, this is my mom Kushina Namikaze. Mom, these are Moka Akashiya and Kurumu Kurono, my club mates. Moka is also Kokoa-chan's older sister and Kurumu is a helpless romantic like every other succubus." The blond introduced, pointing to each girl in turn while Moka gave a smile and Kurumu smirked as she also smacked the top of the boy's head for his quip at her. "Ow!"

"Nice to meet you ma'am." They said in unison with a nod as Kushina looked them over with a smile.

"Likewise." She replied looking at the two. "I hope my sochi hasn't caused any trouble for you two."

"Of course not." Moka answered while Kurumu grinned and nudged the blond in the shoulder.

"Nah, he's just been a little bit of a prankster to the club president. That and his lovey-dovey stuff with Kokoa-chan is fun to watch." The succubus added, the girls ignoring Naruto's indignant 'Oi!' as they shared a chuckle.

"Well thanks for helping him and if there's anything I can do to repay you then just say the word."

"Could I get a car?" Kurumu instantly asked as Moka slapped her arm with a scowl as she giggled lightly. "What, I was joking. Honest."

"Well I can't get you one of those since I don't believe in any big spending like that." Kushina chuckled out while Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Which is why you continually spend cash on a priceless sword collection." The boy quipped as Kurumu smacked him in the head. "Ow!"

"Thank you Kurumu-san." The woman commented with a grin while both the girls smiled back and Naruto rubbed is head. "Well now, as long as those two promise to keep quiet you can answer my question from before and tell me what you're planning with you girlfriend." Naruto glanced at Moka and Kurumu with narrowed eyes as his mother tried to get the answers she wanted.

"You two promise not to tell anybody about this? Not even Yukari or Mizore, I want this to stay secret. Kokoa-chan can give you all the details if she wants afterwards but I don't want any risk of her finding out before it happens." Naruto asked as they both nodded their heads so he sighed but then turned back to his mom to see her waiting with an expectant grin.


"Why are you two giggling so much?" Kokoa asked the next day as she walked into the club room to see Kurumu and Moka giggling madly while whispering to each other. Mizore and Yukari were both standing off to the side, the younger girl pouting at being left out while the older just kept an eye out for Tsukune. None of the boys had entered yet so Kokoa walked over to her sister and friend as they giggled more when they saw the younger girl.

"Nothing Kokoa-chan." Kurumu lied.

"We just learned something yesterday, that's all." Moka added but Kokoa scowled as Yukari walked up.

"Then why won't you tell us?" She asked as Kokoa crossed her arms.

"We promised not to Yukari." Moka apologized while Kurumu scoffed.

"Hey, you could've found out but you were too busy prepping yourself for the special chocolate you think Tsukune-kun's gonna give you." Kurumu shot out before grinning and crossing her arms under her bust to make it look bigger. "But we all know I'm the only one who's going to get that. And then when he gives me the chocolate and declares his unending love for me I'll take him off to my room so the two of us can make sweet love all through the night." The girl cheered while Yukari growled as Kokoa sighed before walking away, knowing a fight was coming.

"That's not true cow! Tsukune-kun would never pick you!" Yukari shouted as the succubus scoffed and the two started arguing. Kokoa stood next to Mizore to wait while Moka tried to separate the two of them.

"Why aren't you fighting?" The freshman girl asked as the yuki-onna shrugged.

"They're both wrong to begin with plus if they're all too busy fighting then I can take Tsukune for myself when he walks in." She admitted while the vampire nodded her head. The door opened and Kokoa grinned as Naruto walked in, shaking his head as soon as he saw the fight going on.

"You'd think they'd get tired of it." He muttered before walking over to Kokoa and Mizore. "Hey girls."

"Hey Naruto." Mizore replied before tilting her head to the side. "I've got a question for you."

"Well alright, shoot." The boy shrugged as he was wondering what Mizore would want from him.

"I know Moka and Kurumu went over to the male dorms yesterday for some reason. Would you know what happened that's been having them giggling like preschoolers every five minutes since?" The ice girl asked as Naruto sighed.

"Yes, and I made them promise not to tell." He muttered while running a hand over their face.

"Not to tell what?" Kokoa asked as she narrowed her eyes. The boy just gave her a grin as he pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her.

"They wanted to know my plans for you and I told them on the condition they don't tell anybody." He answered before glancing up at Mizore. "And before you ask, no I'm not telling you in private later. The only reason I told the two of them is because I was having a video chat online with my mom when I caught them listening at my door and my mom made me tell. I don't want anyone else knowing in case someone leaks the info to Kokoa-chan here. I want it to be a surprise for her." The boy shot out as Kokoa rolled her eyes at how secretive her boyfriend was being while Mizore shrugged.

"I don't really care too much and I could always find out afterwards if I really had to know."

"Do you really have to go to such extremes to keep it a secret Naruto-kun?" Kokoa asked as he pecked her on the cheek with his lips.

"You're a smart girl Kokoa-chan. If you got a clue about anything I have planned you might figure out a lot of it. All you can know for sure is that you're getting chocolate in addition to going with my plans for the day." He answered as she smiled at how he said she was smart. Mizore just had a light grin before walking away as Tsukune walked into the room. "Don't worry though, tomorrow you're going to have the best day ever."

"I hope so. All this secret stuff is getting annoying." She told him as he just chuckled. The other girls had stopped fighting when Tsukune came in while Yukari then whipped over to Naruto and demanded to know what he was planning for Kokoa. However the blond shot her down so the witch vowed to find out somehow another way.

But despite her best attempts, Yukari couldn't get the secret of Naruto's plans out of Moka or Kurumu. Mizore wasn't any help since she just repeated what she told the boy directly and Ruby was more concerned about Tsukune to actually care for the freshman pair beyond hoping they had fun and that she could get some details afterwards. Gin had for once been in agreement with the younger girl and went off to ask Naruto in private but had come back claiming some kind of man rule that wouldn't let him share what he had learned. Tsukune had simply said that he'd respect Naruto's privacy and since he was obviously going to such lengths to hide his plans then he wasn't going to pry. That left Yukari with only one option.


"You mean Namikaze has some kind of super-secret plans for Kokoa-chan and you want to know what?"

"Exactly Haji. You're enough of a lolicon that you keep pestering both me and Kokoa even though both of us keep telling you no so I figured you'd want to try and find out what he's planning with her for whatever reason." Yukari admitted as she sat across from the Karate Club president and he grinned.

"True, very true." He admitted before standing. "In that case I'll do it Yukari-chan! I'll find out what he's planning and then I'll make plans to top it!" Yukari rolled her eyes at the latter part of the declaration before waving him off.

"Sure, fine, whatever desu. Just make sure you tell me after you find out."

"Can do Yukari-chan!" He cheered before running off, no doubt to find Naruto and get the answers. The girl grinned as he left thinking she would finally get her answers as she took out a book to read while she waited. An hour later and a very soot and ash covered Haji came back and sat down across from her. The witch looked up lazily before her eyes went wide when she saw what condition he was in.

"What the hell happened to you?" Yukari shouted as he smiled widely, a few teeth missing and his hair smoking.

"Namikaze tried to defeat me but in the end I managed to prevail and knock him out!" The boy admitted while Yukari slammed her head down on the table.

"What happened to finding out his plans for Kokoa?!" She shouted with her head down as the teen paused.

"Oh uh well I don't know…" He quietly told her as she was silent for a moment before looking up with a blank look.

"Did you even remember to try and ask him?" The boys' silence was all the answer she needed before a loud shout got her attention.

"Running away won't save you asshole!" Came Naruto's voice echoing through the halls.

"I thought you said you knocked him out?"

"Well uh… I did… for a second. Then he got up and started chasing me and I um… ran?" He answered as Yukari's eye twitched.

"Then why'd you fight him in the first place?"

"He was kissing Kokoa-chan! I couldn't let that go!" Haji shouted as Yukari's eye twitched again. Why did she think he could help her find out what Naruto was planning? The girl suddenly ducked as she noticed something behind the boy as a fireball collided with his back.

"There you are bastard! Drop kick me when I'm spending time with my girl will you? I'm gonna beat the shit out of you!"

Really, what possessed her to think that Haji of all people could help her figure out Naruto's White Day plans for Kokoa?


"There. All set." Naruto muttered as he finished placing the last item into a basket for the day and grinned. The blond grabbed a smaller bag filled with little chocolates for the other girls before walking out his front door and heading to the clubroom. After his beat down of Haji and then subsequent scolding and talk with Yukari for sending the perverted bastard his way in the first place the previous day the blond had gone back to his dorm room and began to get to work on the final pieces to his plans. It had taken a bit but he had managed to get everything ready for the big day. Rushing to the clubroom the boy grinned when he saw the only other person there yet was Moka. "Morning Moka!" The boy chirped as he walked over.

"Oh, morning Naruto-kun." The girl replied with a smile as Naruto reached into his bag and pulled out a chocolate bar. "Thank you."

"Don't mention it." He grinned as he sat down next to her to wait for the others. The girl set the chocolate down as she glanced at the blond.

"Did you finish all your plans for my sister?" She asked as the boy nodded.

"Yep. I'm just gonna wait here first so that I can give the rest of the girls their chocolate before we swing by my dorm to get the stuff for our day together." He answered before turning the questioning around on her. "So how many chocolates were waiting at you doorstep miss 'second year beauty queen'? And how many tried to give you special chocolate on your way here?" He asked, knowing Moka was very popular around campus as one of the most beautiful girls at the Academy. Kurumu was as well to a lesser extent as was Mizore. The blond had also remembered being told there were a few times last year Tsukune had been attacked in the hopes of eliminating him so that the other males at the Academy could make a move on the girls. Moka let out a groan and rested her head in he hands as she slumped slightly.

"Too many." She admitted as Naruto chuckled. "I'm flattered, really, but my heart is set on Tsukune-kun so I couldn't accept any of them."

"Plus who knows, some of the more determined and less morally nice could've drugged the chocolates as well." Naruto pointed out as she nodded, knowing it was true as a couple had tried that last year as well. "But hey, at least you can count on my chocolate not being like that. I've got someone for me." Moka smiled as she looked up, happy for both the boy and her younger sister that they were together. Their attention was drawn as the door was opened and Kurumu and Yukari both came in, the younger scowling as Kurumu was laughing. "What's so funny?" He asked as the witch huffed while the succubus took a deep breath to calm her laughter so she could tell them.

"On our way over here Haji came up and pulled out a chocolate statue of Yukari with 'loli's are the best' carved into the base and gave it to her in front of everyone." Moka giggled as Naruto barked out a laugh. "She smashed it with her magic before dropping an iron pan on the guys head and stomping off." Kurumu finished as she started laughing again.

"It's not funny! I hate that bastard!" The witch growled as Naruto chuckled and reached into his bag.

"It's what you deserve after yesterday." The boy commented before pulling out two chocolates and handing them to the two girls. "Here ya go. Happy White Day." He chirped as they took them with smiles and sat down next to Moka to wait for the rest of the club.

"What happened yesterday?" Mizore asked as she popped up from under the table as they all jumped in shock. When had she come in? And for that matter, how long was she there?

"She tried to use that perverted bastard to find out my plans for Kokoa-chan but when he came by he attacked me for kissing her so I chased him down and kicked his ass." The boy explained before handing Mizore the last chocolate in his bag. "Here's yours Mizore."

"Thanks." She chirped before the door opened and Gin walked in with Kokoa right behind him, the girl scowling and holding a small chocolate in her hand. The older boy instantly grinned and ran over to the other girls to give them chocolate as Naruto got up and walked over to Kokoa.

"Hey, what's with the scowl?" He asked as she perked up when she heard his voice.

"Haji tried giving me some big carved chocolate. It pissed me off so I took the chocolate and smashed it over his head before kicking his ass." She told him as he chuckled.

"He tried the same thing with Yukari apparently." The boy chuckled as Kokoa joined in. "So I take it that's from Gin?" Naruto asked as she nodded so he wrapped and arm around her shoulder. "Well, that just leaves Tsukune for you as far as I know and then I'm taking you out of here for a great day, just the two of us."

"I don't really feel like waiting though." Kokoa whined lightly with a slight pout so the blond shrugged.

"You're choice." The blond commented as they walked out the door just as they saw Tsukune coming up. "Oh hey, perfect timing." He muttered as the older boy walked up

"Hey guys. I take it everyone else is in the room already?" He asked before handing Kokoa a chocolate.

"Thanks and yep." She replied while Naruto nodded.

"Okay then. And you're heading out for whatever Naruto has planned right?" The pair nodded so he gave them a grin before walking into the room. "See you later then." The pair looked back to the room as Naruto then turned to Kokoa.

"You know, I'm almost tempted to watch the show that's about to start."

"Why? It's just a rerun anyways." Kokoa quipped as Naruto started laughing and the two walked off.


After a small stop at Naruto's dorm to grab something the boy refused to show Kokoa he had blindfolded the girl before leading her off to someplace he wouldn't tell her. It took around ten minutes since he had to lead her by hand and make sure she didn't trip or bump into anything but finally he stopped. However he didn't take the blindfold off. "We're here Kokoa-chan."

"Can I take this off now?"

"Just a second." He told her as she heard scuffling and other noises letting her know the boy was setting something up for her first. It took him a couple minutes before the noises stopped and she felt him stand behind her. "Okay, now the blindfold can come off." He said as he took it off to let her see what the had done. The girl let out a gasp at the sight.

Naruto had brought them to the cliffs surrounding the school over looking the ocean surrounding them while lying on the ground was a black blanket. At the center of the blanket as a glass vase with white roses and next to it was a small wrapped box and a basket that was opened to show it had food made for the two of them. The girl spun around to face the blond as he had on a large grin for her. "You like it?" He asked but didn't get a verbal answer. Instead she grabbed him and pulled him into a passionate kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck. The two broke apart for air as Naruto blinked the surprise out of his eyes and smiled. "I'll take that as a yes." She just giggled as he led her over to the blanket and gently pulled her down to set next to him. "I made sure to get the roses since I know you like them and I got them white because its White Day so I thought it fit. I know flowers have different meanings but I don't know them so I just went with them because of the little pun." He admitted as Kokoa shook her head in amusement. "I also spent all of last night preparing the food for the two of us and making sure everything was perfect. I also made sure to grab this." The blond started as he reached into the basket to pull out a small portable radio.

"What's the radio for?" She asked as he smiled.

"For us to have music to dance to later since you like dancing." He replied before pulling up the small wrapped box. "And this is something special I got for you." He told her as he hand the box over and she took it to gently unwrap the item and open the box. Inside was a gold necklace with a small silver bat pendant with little rubies in its eyes. The girls' eyes watered as she gasped and took it out of the box to hold it up.

"It's beautiful."

"Well so are you." He quipped before taking it and moving behind her to put in on around her neck and then moving back to his previous spot in front of her.

"So how does it look?" She asked as he took her hand in his and smiled.

"It's even more beautiful now that it's on you." He admitted as she smiled and pulled him close for another kiss. The boy pulled back after a couple seconds with a smile before gesturing to the food. "So how about we eat and enjoy the day together?"


The pair was smiling as they walked back to the dorms, Kokoa holding onto Naruto's right arm and resting her head on his shoulder while going over the day's events. The pair had eaten and then danced and laughed the day away as the stars were out now and according to the blonds' watch it was past ten o'clock. Naruto had offered to walk her back to her dorm room so the girl had reluctantly accepted as she didn't want the day to end. It only took them fifteen minutes before they were standing outside Kokoa's dorm room. "I had a great time today Naruto-kun." Kokoa started as she pulled herself away from the boy. Naruto smiled before reaching into his pocket.

"Well there's one last thing for you Kokoa-chan." The girl tilted her head to the side wondering what else he could give her before he pulled out a small box. "Didn't you notice not once did I give you chocolate all day despite telling you that I was getting you some?" He asked as she smiled and took the chocolate from him. "I made that with my mom's chocolate recipe, but I added something special to it just for you. Go ahead, try it." He told her so she opened the package to see it was a regular bar though he had written 'I love you' on it with red frosting. Breaking off a corner the girl put it in her mouth for a taste and smiled.

"This is really good. But there's something familiar about it that I can't place. What did you add to it?" She asked so he chuckled and held out his hand.

"Well, you're a vampire. You tell me what your favorite treat is." He teased as she immediately got the reference. Blood. He had added some of his own blood to the chocolate, just for her. The boy raised his hand to cup her face as he smiled. "Kokoa-chan, when we started dating a couple months ago I said I loved you. Now, love isn't strong enough a word for what I feel for you. You're smart, strong, beautiful and with an attitude I can't help but love. Sure you're not perfect, you're extremely stubborn and jump ahead of yourself at times but those faults just make me love you more. My dad once told me the reason he fell for my mom was because of her faults and my mom is always telling me that real love comes from wanting the good and the bad in a person. With you I'm happy all the time. You don't care that I'm a Hanyou and the fact that I'm rich doesn't matter to you since you're rich too." He explained as the girl was smiling at how Naruto was listing off why he loved her. "Kokoa Shuzen, I love you."

She wasn't perfect but he didn't care. Just as she loved him despite his own faults. He was strong, loyal and kind despite being hated by almost everyone that found out who he really was. He always tried to look at the bright side of things instead of focusing on the negative even though there were times when he'd push himself away to try and hide his own pain. Yet through it all he would never abandon the people he cared for and do his best to keep them safe and happy.

The vampire smiled as her eyes watered up in happiness and she pulled him into a hug while kissing him on the lips passionately. The girl thought about everything about him before making a decision and pulling back and opening her door. "I love you too Naruto-kun." She started before pulling him into her dorm. "That's why I want to give you something myself." She told him as she shut the door behind them and dragged him to her bed, tossing the chocolate on her desk for later.

Without giving the blond much time to think about what was happening she pushed him onto the bed and climbed on top of him while bending down to kiss him again. Naruto responded to the kiss eagerly while his hand subconsciously went to her waist to hold her to him. The girl opened her mouth slightly and slid her tongue out, slipping it between his lips as he opened his mouth and brought his own into play. Their tongues pushed and pressed against one another in an intimate dance before Naruto decided to give in and let her have her way with his mouth. Eagerly she sent her oral appendage through his lips and began to explore his mouth. The boy for his part let her have her way as he ran his hands gently up and down her sides as she sat on top of him. Eventually the girl pulled her tongue back, liking how the blond tasted of ramen, as Naruto stole his chance and pushed his own tongue into her mouth.

Kokoa moaned at how he began to caress every inch of her mouth he could reach with his tongue. The girl could feel his member growing hard between her legs and rubbed herself against it slightly, delighting in the sensations it brought her. It was a couple minutes later that Naruto pulled his tongue back from the vampires' mouth while noting she tasted of blood and strawberries. The two broke apart panting heavily as they both had blushes on their faces and stared into the others' eyes while their foreheads were kept together. "Are… are you sure… sure you want this?" Naruto asked between breaths as Kokoa smiled.

"I wouldn't have it… have it any other way." She answered before darting in to kiss him again. The blond didn't resist and instead began to duel tongues with the girl again while he kept rubbing his hands along her sides. Kokoa though was starting to want more so she slipped her hands under his t-shirt and began rubbing his chest. Naruto grinned in their kiss before returning her actions by slipping his own hands under her shirt and cupping her small breasts through her bra. The girl let out a gasp as his thumbs ran over her cover nipples as they began to poke into the fabric. Kokoa pulled out the kiss for a moment as she sat up on top of him and began to unbutton her own shirt to take it off. Naruto took the quick break to slip himself out of his jacket and shirt while he still had on his godmother's necklace. Kokoa tossed her shirt away leaving herself in her bra as her new necklace stood out around her neck.

Naruto found the sight irresistible so he sat up against her and kissed her while his right hand went to her waist to hold her against him while his left went behind her and began to rub her back gently. Kokoa pulled her own hands up and wrapped her arms around the blonds' neck. Gently he broke the kiss and started to kiss his way down her face to her neck as he nipped at the skin and left small red marks. His hands had also come up and undid the clasp that held her bra on before pulling it off her and tossing it to the side without a care. With a slight grunt Naruto reversed their positions so that Kokoa was lying on the bed while he was on top of her. The vampire smiled at the move before gasping as one hand began to cup her mid-B cup breasts while he lowered his mouth on the other and began to suck on her skin. The blond used the hand rubbing her breast to start playing with her nipple as he moved his mouth over to suck the other one into his mouth and grip it gently between his teeth.

"Naruto-kun…" The orange haired girl gasped out as he tugged slightly on the nipple in his mouth. With his free hand the boy traced lines on her supple and toned skin while slowly curving his way down between her legs. Slipping his hand under her skirt and panties the blond traced his fingers over her lower lips while he kept his attention mostly on her chest. Kokoa was openly moaning at the feelings he was giving her while Naruto inwardly thought the sounds she let out were cute. Deciding to draw out more of the cute moans from her he ran a finger over her moist entrance before slipping his middle digit inside. Kokoa gasped as she raised her hands to his head and clutched him close to her. Naruto pulled his head off her chest and came up to kiss her while he began pumping his finger in and out of her.

"You're so wet Kokoa-chan…" The boy teased as he pulled back from her kiss, a string of their shared saliva connecting their mouths. "You really want this don't you?" He asked as she blushed but pulled his head back down and started kissing him again. Naruto inwardly chuckled before slipping in another finger to join the first as Kokoa moaned into their kiss and ran her hands across his chest. As she did she slipped one down and grasped his member through his pants and started to pump it slightly as he started to moan from her own motions on him. The two played with the other for a couple seconds before Naruto stopped and pulled his hand from Kokoa's now soaked panties and brought it up to his face. He slipped his wet fingers into his mouth and sucked off Kokoa's fluids before grinning down at the girl. "You know, you taste really good Kokoa-chan." He teased as she blushed.

"Stop teasing me…" She whined. With a light chuckled the blond pulled her hands up and held them above her head with his left while he braced himself up with his right. Naruto lowered himself down and kissed her passionately before pulling away and trailing down to her neck again. He stopped above her pulse point and gave her a slightly harder bite than he had before making her gasp. Pulling away from the now red hickey on her neck he started to kiss his way down to her breasts, this time giving his oral attention to the opposite breast from before while his right hand came up and caressed her free one and he let go of her hands. Kokoa wriggled below him slightly as he played with her chest, running a thumb over her pink nipple while he nipped and sucked on the other one. "Naruto-kun…" She moaned breathlessly so the boy pulled back with a slight grin and continued his trail downwards as he laid tender kisses on her stomach. The boy stopped to dip his tongue into her belly button making her giggle lightly while his hands slid her skirt down her legs. The boy kissed straight down from her navel to her panty clad mound and laid a kiss directly on top of the wet spot that had formed as he tossed her skirt away. Pulling back Naruto gently grasped her legs and set them on his shoulders as he kissed his way from her left thigh back up towards her lower lips before pulling back and doing the same with the right. Smiling gently the boy stopped at her soaked panties and pulled them to the side to expose her to the open air.

"So this is your core huh Kokoa-chan?" He teased as he leaned close and blew gently on her lips making the girl shudder. "You smell wonderful down here." He commented before running his tongue from the bottom up her labia and flicking her clitoris before pulling back. "Taste wonderful too." He teased as she blushed and looked down at his grinning face between her legs. "I think I'll have more of you Kokoa-chan." The blond teased her before leaning back in and running his tongue across her opening. With one hand he reached up and began to gently tease and pull on her clit while with the other he spread her outer lips to reveal the pink flesh they hid. Naruto eagerly sent his tongue into the girl and began to run it across her inner walls making her moan loudly as he gave her pleasure she'd never felt before. The girl brought a hand to his head and gently ran her fingers through his hair as she bucked slightly against his face.

"Naruto-kun… that feels so good." She moaned as he quietly slipped a couple fingers inside while moving up with his tongue to suck and lap at her sensitive nub. "Naruto-kun!" She cried out as she reached her climax and her vaginal walls clamped down on his fingers and her juices ran freely. The blond quickly pulled his fingers back out and threw his tongue into her to lap up her honey as he moved a hand back to caressing her clit to prolong her pleasure. When her spasms finally stopped and her juices ceased their flowing Naruto pulled back after giving her one long lick, his face shining from the juices he failed to lap up.

"I think I found my new favorite treat." He teased as the girl sat up and pulled him into a kiss, tasting herself on his tongue before licking her own fluids off his face.

"You're… you're right, I do… taste nice." She breathlessly quipped, making him blush as she was still coming down from her sexual high that he placed her in before grabbing him and flipping him back onto the bed with her straddling him. "But now I want to know how you taste Naruto-kun." She purred out before gently sliding herself down and undoing his pants button and pulling the denim jeans off, revealing a large bulge straining against his boxers. The vampire teasingly kissed it through the cloth before pulling back to remove those as well and release his manhood. Naruto let out a slight moan as the cool air finally had direct contact with his member and Kokoa grasped it lightly in her right and gently pumped up and down. "Wow, Naruto-kun, this is pretty big." She commented as she stroked him and looked up to his face. "What is this, eight inches?" She asked as the blond gasped when she ran her thumb over the head of his meat stick.

"E-eight and a half." He gasped out as she smiled and pulled her hand down to his base to play with his sack. Slowly the girl leaned forward and placed a kiss directly on the tip of his member before she started trailing them down his length and then working her way back up. Eyeing the manhood in her hands she leaned back in and let her tongue out to taste the boy by licking the head of his dick. Naruto gasped at feeling her tongue against his warm member as she started to drag it down, tracing the veins that stood out lightly against the skin. Kokoa had one hand cupping and gently rubbing his sack as her other pumped him up and down as she ran her tongue over every inch of flesh she could until it shined with her saliva. Pulling back and pumping him a few times the girl took a deep breath to steady herself before leaning in and opening her mouth to slip the head of his member inside. Slowly she ran her tongue over his crown before lowering herself down his member and sucking on it. "So good…" Naruto moaned as she did.

Pulling back up slightly the girl breathed through her nose before lowering herself back down and going further until she felt the tip bump against the back of her throat. She pulled up and let his manhood out of her mouth with a light pop as she eyed how far she had gotten down with her hand marking the spot. She scowled lightly at seeing how she only had an inch left before she would've had his entire member in her mouth while gently pumping him a few times as he just groaned from the feeling. Kokoa took a deep breath to relax herself before placing his manhood back in her mouth and bobbing her head gently up and down on him, going slightly deeper each time. Eventually she reached the mark she had struck before and relaxed herself and tried to fit that last inch down her throat. However despite her best efforts she couldn't fit the last of his manhood inside her mouth so she groaned in annoyance, causing vibrations to run through the boy's member that made him gasp as he placed a hand on her head and ran his hand through her hair much like she had done to him.

"D-don't worry about it K-Kokoa-chan." He stuttered out. "I don't w-want you to s-strain yourself." He told her as she scowled around his flesh. That was unacceptable to her. She only had one measly inch left and she couldn't do it? No! She was a Shuzen damn it! A proud and mighty vampire! They got what they wanted no matter what it took and right now she wanted to give her man as much pleasure as she could. She wasn't about to let one little inch hold her back from that goal. Kokoa pulled back before pushing her head down faster than before. The girl felt his tip impact the back of her throat but didn't care. Instead she just pulled back before shoving her face down on him again. The vampire girl repeated the move over and over as Naruto was losing himself to the feeling of her head bouncing along his manhood. Subconsciously his grip on her bobbing head tightened as she kept trying to fit his last inch into her mouth. The girl gave his balls a slight twitch in her hand as he bucked his hips up out of instinct while she came down. The result was the last inch disappearing into her mouth as the head of his manhood slipped past her throat. Kokoa's eyes widened at the feeling before she inwardly grinned at getting what she wanted and pulling back up slightly and then going back down, running her tongue along what she could as it was pinned down by his member. The girl kept bouncing and sucking on him as he groaned. "I'm gonna cum Kokoa-chan." He warned as she kept going. Finally the boy could take no more as his body tensed up. "Cumming!" He cried as she pulled back so that just the tip of his member was in her mouth and began to pump him while his manhood twitched and began to fire his seed.

The girl swallowed as his load was launched into her mouth while she ran her tongue over his head and kept pumping him to coax out more and extend his pleasure as he had for her. Eventually the flow tapered off as she sucked the rest out before pulling back and swallowing what was in her mouth. "Kind of bitter, but a little sweet too." She commented before climbing back up on top of the boy as he was breathing heavily with a smile and he rolled her onto her back and kissed her, not caring that he could taste himself on her tongue as he ran his own through her mouth. "Naruto-kun…" She moaned as she pulled back and brought a hand up to gently cup his cheeks. She gently ran her thumb over his whisker marks as his eyes glazed over slightly and he leaned into her touch while purring lightly. "Kawaii…" She quietly muttered before stopping as Naruto's member rubbed against her entrance as it stiffened up again.

"Last chance to stop now Kokoa-chan." The boy muttered as she smiled before wrapping her legs around his back and locking her feet together.

"Just try to back out." She taunted so he smiled and gently gripped his member to position himself correctly. With a slight push he pressed his manhood into her folds before sinking into her while she gasped out from the feeling of him inside her. He paused for a second mistaking her gasp for one of pain so she gripped his head between her hands and kissed him. "Go ahead. I broke my hymen years ago training so you've got nothing to worry about." The vampire told him so he slowly pushed the rest of himself into the girl until he was hilted entirely inside her. Kokoa moaned from the feeling as Naruto let out his own in concert with hers for the same reason. "So full…" She muttered while he closed his eyes and left himself still so that she could get used to his size and so that he wouldn't lose himself in her instantly.

"You're so warm and tight…" He gasped out before feeling her gently roll her hips underneath him. Taking that as his signal the Hanyou slowly pulled out until only the tip remained within her before sheathing himself fully inside her again in a single thrust. The two gasped as he pulled back out and repeated the move faster this time. Kokoa placed her arms around Naruto's neck while he braced himself above her and began to draw his hips out and push them back in faster to set a decent pace. In. Out. In. And then out once more. The blond began to piston himself back and forth inside the girl he loved as she moaned under him and panted from the feelings of pleasure coming from her lower lips. "So good…" Naruto grunted quietly as he leaned down to kiss the girl as he physically gave himself to her.

"Faster…" Kokoa gasped as they broke their kiss so the blond complied as he began to increase the speed of his thrusts. He also brought his hands up and began to cup and rub her breasts to increase her pleasure. "Faster." She moaned as she tightened her grip on the blond and he obeyed her by speeding up once more. Naruto leaned in to kiss her as he brought one hand away from her chest and placed it on her hips to brace her as he shoved himself into her. Kokoa eagerly kissed the boy as she began to buck her hips in time with his thrusts so that the two could gain greater pleasure from their lovemaking. Eventually though Kokoa could feel her climax building in her core. "I'm gonna…" She gasped out as Naruto sped up again for her.

"Me too." He grunted as she locked her legs behind him again to make sure he couldn't pull out. "Kokoa-chan I'm gonna-"

"I know." She gasped out but smiled as he continued to thrust into her. "It's fine… I want it inside." She told him before pulling him into a kiss as she felt her muscle clench up before she came. The blond Hanyou felt her inner walls clamp down and contract over his member as if to milk him for his seed so he lost control of himself as he reached his own release and gave her body what it wanted. Kokoa gasped at feeling his member twitch and fire its seed inside her and paint her innermost depths white. The blond panted above her as their orgasms died down before he slowly withdrew from her warm depths and collapsed onto the bed next to her.

"That was…" He gasped out as Kokoa rolled to her side and kissed him.

"Yeah…" She breathlessly agreed, already knowing what he was going to say. The blond smiled and wrapped his arms around her as he pulled her close so she snaked her own arms around his form and hugged him in return. "I love you Naruto-kun."

"I love you too Kokoa-chan." He replied before kissing her. The vampire eagerly returned his passionate action as she felt his member start to stiffen back up. The girl giggled and looked down as he blushed.

"Really Naruto-kun?" She teased as he looked away. However Kokoa just rolled him on to his back and swung a leg over him so that she straddled him. "It's alright." She told him before lining herself up with his member. "I want to enjoy tonight as much as possible." She said as she sheathed him inside her again with a loud moan and Naruto brought his hands to her hips to keep her steady. "So go ahead. I won't stop until you're satisfied." The blond smiled and leaned up to kiss her as he rolled his hips, getting started on another round.


The next morning the pair walked hand in hand towards the clubroom hand in hand as they were both still slightly exhausted from last nights activities. Kokoa was also wearing her new necklace proudly as both had smiles on their faces. The two heard loud giggling as they neared the door to their clubroom as well as Gin laughing so they shared a confused glance before opening the door and walking in. The moment they did the other club members turned to them and smiled. Tsukune was blushing off to the side and seemed to refuse to look at them while the girls all had blushes of their own as they were smiling at the pair and Gin had a large perverted grin on his face. "So they finally show up!" He cried as the freshmen pair walked in.

"What's going on?" Naruto asked as the club president walked up and tossed an arm over Naruto's shoulder.

"Well this morning I swung by your dorm to see if I could get some details about yesterday from you. Imagine my surprise when your room was empty and I didn't get a reply." The boy started as the pair paled. "Then I run back here and ask if any of the girls or Tsukune saw you around and instead it's sweet little Moka-chan that tells me you had apparently spent the night with Kokoa. Can you take a guess at how she knew?" He asked as they paled further and the pink haired girl smiled apologetically.

"Naruto-kun, Kokoa-chan… you forgot my dorm is right above hers didn't you?" She asked as they both nodded as it clicked into place. "And the walls here aren't very thick." She added as they blushed a bright red. The girls giggled at their shocked and terrified expressions while Gin shook his arm around Naruto.

"Now that's how a man does things!" He praised while freshmen pair fainted as their eyes rolled back into their heads and dropped to the ground. The club gathered around them to make sure they were okay while Kurumu grinned.

"Ha! Told you they'd faint! You owe me a hundred yen Moka!"

I hope you enjoyed this small extra and please review! I definitely want your opinions on the lemon as that is literally only the second one I have ever written. So please let me know what you think about it and the romance in the chapter overall.

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Guest 2/19/13 . chapter 7

Waow, no build up at all. First she thinks he's crap, then neutral and the next chapter they are dating?
And a perverted girl not having sex on valentines day? I call bullshit. Most couples end up having sex before they even start an official relationship, sex on the second date is pretty much expected. You don't need to write sex scenes, you can still follow the -rules without it bordering on the surrealistic.
I swear in so many fanfictions they date for like 3 years and nothing more than a kiss happens while they describe is as "love", people who hasn't even been in a relationship shouldn't write about them, it's like a straight person writing slash, it's just gonna fail miserably.
The entire "my mom sent it-scene" sucked. He should have either just yelled it, Kokoa wouldn't have overreacted, hell who reacts to somebody getting a gift? And even if she interrupted him he would have finished the sentence and the problem would have been solved.
And why would she even think about getting a rich guy something expensive earlier? That's just stupid.
And again, who tells somebody "I love you" before sleeping with them, before getting to know them well... It's like 15 year olds getting engaged and posting it on facebook... So fucking stupid.
Overall the story is decent, I just listed the stuff that really sucked.

You obviously didn't read the note at the beginning of last chapter. I specifically said the Valentine's Day special, and this one as well, are side stories that don't take place in the real plot. In other words, last chapter can be ignored in the grand scheme of things, which is why Kokoa's opinion went 'crap, neutral, and the dating'. In the main plot she's as you pointed out neutral with the arc I'm planning going to make her good friends with him so that they'll start going out later.

Also, while Kokoa is perverted, she's also pretty close to vampire royalty and as such was brought up with certain values and beliefs. You really think someone with strict parents and a 'noble' upbringing is going to just have sex with someone any old time? So they're taking things slow, that isn't unrealistic. Lots of couples do that, myself included. In fact, unless the girl offers it first, I don't even ask until we've been going out for at least a couple months so I can know them first.

And yes, Naruto could've shouted his mom gave him the chocolate to stop Kokoa from over-reacting, but he didn't. Plus, Kokoa wouldn't have listened right away anyways. She's the type of person that takes the smallest of details and runs with them until after she's either calmed down or gotten in trouble. Had Naruto said where it was from right away, she would've ignored it because she wasn't thinking straight.