Oh, The Places You'll Go!

So...get on your way!

Rosalie's wedding to Royce would have been an elaborate affair, draped in silk and diamonds, hundreds of acquaintances, thousands of champagne glasses – an exhausting, stifling occasion.

So when Rosalie and Emmett planned their wedding, she insisted on simplicity above all things. The only people present were Bella, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Carlisle, Esme, Emmett's parents and Rosalie's parents. In addition, Maria Whitlock and the newly arrived Anthony Cullen came, Carlisle and Esme's four year old adopted son. Mike and Tyler also came.

Just fourteen people and they couldn't have been happier.

Rosalie didn't have bridesmaids and Emmett didn't have a best man. Bella and Edward acted as witnesses.

Emmett wore black trousers and a white shirt, but no jacket or tie. Rosalie wore a white lace dress that was impossibly simple, hitting just above the knee. Her hair was loose and she wore no jewellery other than the delicate diamond engagement ring that Emmett had given her just six months before.

They were married on a small pier on the coast of Bainbridge Island and the day was surprisingly bright and warm. The wind had stayed down and the ceremony was brief and full of laughter. Everyone had dressed in casual dresses or shirts and trousers (apart from Mrs Hale, who had clad herself in some designer outfit with a huge hat, which Maria could not stop staring at) and they all stood together as the minister read through the bare necessities of the wedding ceremony.

Emmett's large hand clasped Rosalie's throughout and his smile was broader than she had ever seen it. She could hardly focus on anything apart from the warmth of his hand and his dimple and the tears that kept threatening as her heart swelled with love and laughter bubbled from her throat.

As they were declared husband and wife, Emmett swept her up before the minister had finished speaking, his mouth on hers. Rosalie tightened her arms around his neck as their friends and family cheered and as he pulled away, Emmett grinned at her.

She pressed her forehead against his as the other flooded forward to embrace them, to offer congratulations.

Her journey was far from over but she wouldn't be alone as she continued.

And with that, Rosalie turned with her husband, her family, her friends and began to walk.

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