This is the beginning of the tale "Leverage: the second generation" and in this chapter we meet Collin, Eliot's boy and the current problem he's facing.

Luckily he has just the perfect team to help him find out who he really is; more will be developed as the story goes on.

He takes the picture of its usual place on the wall; it's a small one, one of those that probably are used in passports and other documents like a driver's license. It doesn't matter how small it is, that picture will always have a great part on his life.

It's his momma and even though he never actually met the woman he finds the fact of simply looking at it very comforting.

He looks like her, he has the same pale skin and light blond hair of hers; his jaw his squarer though and the nose isn't hers. The rest is. Except for his eyes, his eye are dark brown and the woman's are blue just like Spencer's; that only proves the hitter could never be his biological father.

Collin doesn't care, Eliot never lied to him about being his father and until a few months ago it never made a difference, but now that he's starting to make questions he always comes back empty-handed; no one answers no matter who he asks. He's done with it; he's going to find out about his real parents and luckily he has just the perfect team for it.

I now this one is small but I am trying to set the compass on the story; the next will introduce the other kids and will be longer.

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