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Chapter 4. Aftermath

'I wonder what took Galaco so long. She must have been done by now.' Mizki questioned herself, starting to pick the eleventh egg tart she baked a few hours ago when she was stopped by a hand.


Her crush sighed 'Mizu, you ought not to take so much sugar… you are sugar sick, aren't you?' he stopped, watching her expression 'last time you were sick you passed out after messing the whole bedroom up, if I'm not wrong.'

Mizki didn't protest. She would protest everyone but Yuma. Fact stated.

'I'm worried about our friends.' She admitted. Even though she never distrusted Eria, but it felt disheartened when your friends were nowhere to be found.

'Don't make egg tarts or sugar into your alcohol Mizu. You cannot just keep eating sugar when you're sad, even if it doesn't make you fat.'

Mizki laughed, felt a bit shaken but could still stand.

'I told you.' Yuma smiled slyly with worry 'Come back to bed and lie down, I'll see if Galaco finds anything.'

When Mizki went off, Yuma sat down next to the trance Vocaloid and gritted

'If I were you I would get off that blasted world of Dolls and find our friends.'

'Well, if it's Galaco she could be hanging out in the Dolls' World.' Power suggested

'Not the egg tarts' world?'

Galaco is obsessed with two things: egg tarts and dolls. You would probably understand now why she couldn't go into a trance without making sure her tarts didn't get thrown away.

'Depends on which world she came along first. Oh sometimes Galaco can be annoying.' Dark groaned.

They didn't have to wait long before someone came for them.

'Master Gallia, what honor do we have today?'

'My apology, but we received an emergency signal…'

'Yes…' Eria patiently replied 'it is from a friend, Eria Append Redeemed, who is, obviously, the most clueless person the Universe may know.'

'Well, the Synthesizers' world only, because we have a certain Gungan that is definitely more… idiotic.' GUMI Power fixed her. The other vocals suppressed a burst of laughter in order to not disrespect the Jedi Master before them, since she didn't understand a word.

Eria coughed…

'Anyways, would there be any help available for us to… help out our friends?'

Gallia nodded

'The Council has decided to allow me to accompany you, in the threat that there has been a war running by near the system and your friends may get hurt, and because your friends do not know you are on Coruscant.'

'Thank you Master Gallia.' Eria bowed politely. That was good enough. They would go to Serenno system and help the girls out. Plans settled.

Adi Gallia still looked warily

'Did you pry us, Vocaloids?'

They looked round

The purple haired maid managed all her Engrish efforts…

'I am sorry, I let Folia loose to see more of the Temple, and she came back to me telling me this.'

Though the pronunciation wasn't perfect, Adi still made out the main idea.

'Folia is?'

'My weapon, Master Jedi… Folia can spread to the end of the world and I can control it at will, though it does have a right to choose.'

Gallia raised her eyebrow [does she have eyebrows?]. She had heard the song Folia- Flight of the Iron Chain. "Maybe that's where the Folia power came from." She mused.

'It is ok, I suppose. I believe we should get going.'

'Silent I feel sleepy…' Redeemed murmured, probably being half asleep. Silent reached to comfort her friend.

'It's ok, I cover the job here. Go back to bed, little one.'

Redeemed smiled and came into sleep.

"Well… one cannot simply be angry of you for long…" Silent smiled warmly to herself.

If she could choose who to accompany next, Redeemed wasn't a bad choice.

'I hope Dooku didn't send us company.' She looked back. There was no company indeed, but she had a bad feeling.

At that very moment a missile passed them in inches.

Count Dooku was not very pleased with his intruders escape.

While probably Silent and Redeemed didn't intend to intrude his planet, he didn't know, and if he did, he would never care.

Still, back at the unpleased Dooku. He was definitely mad at his newest failure.

He failed quite a number of times against Skywalker and the Jedi, and then got tricked by a bunch of witches, and now ended up losing against two identical children?

He noticed that they looked the same. They must be twins. The other showed capable of using the Force… no… Telekinesis, not the Force. He could not feel her existence in the Force, it seemed as if both of them were from another world.

It was hard to stay focus then, he thought. Standing up, he was going to do some sparring with the Magna.

His silhouette was visible through the broken windows, heading out from his office.

Silent DID in fact break the eye-shaped window.

'General Skywalker, we spotted a Separatist ship in the middle of our near war. Should we take it down?' a clone reported to Anakin Skywalker, who was then in the middle of a battle. He had Ahsoka and clones securing the atmosphere of the planet, making sure the Separatists failing to send supports. Really, dealing with the current number of droids was enough.

'What model is that?' Anakin questioned. Oddly, his team didn't receive Redeemed's emergency signal, maybe their external receiver was broken, who knows?

'It's the solar type spaceship that is designed for Dooku, Master.' He heard Ahsoka's reply 'We are not sure if it is Dooku inside however. We attack or let it go, Master?'

If it had been Anakin who was on the Starfighter, hell yeah he would have blasted off the spaceship just because it belonged to Dooku. He did took himself time to consider.

'Attack, Ahsoka.' He pressed firmly 'In case the people in that spaceship are not Separatists, they can contact us to stop the fire.'

Little did he realize that his team's external receiver was broken. His whole team didn't, either. What a pity for the two Vocals.

'You heard him everyone, open fire!'

Jedi are well slow sometimes….

Redeemed was kicked out of her somewhat uncomfortable sleep [still she slept comfortably] by a big whack as Silent revolved the airplane yoke forty-five degrees.

'What now?!' she expressed. Didn't they get into enough troubles the last hours?

'We got attacked.'

Redeemed dusted her eyes to have a clearer view. Behind her, about five starfighters was shooting blue lasers at their ship as Silent tried hard enough to flip their vehicle, dodging the rain of blasters.

'This is not the bad guys, right?' she just had the feeling.

'Yeah, the one mistaken to be the bad guys is us.' Silent said sarcastically as she drove out of another bolts.

'Did you try to contact them?'

Silent replied

'It was pretty much my first reaction Redeemed, but it happens that their receiver… was broken. I bet they didn't receive your emergency just awhile ago.'

'Then we must open fire?'

'As if it would be such simple, even though the Republic will utterly fall – don't question why, I still support them. And I won't cause damage to them, even if we are threatened. There should be another way. Besides, we are not legally from here, so yeah, we should minimize damage taken.'

'Can I ask what the Republic is?'

'If you dare to I would force you to read Wookieepedia, the Old Republic article.' Silent concluded softly. Redeemed couldn't argue.

'So what do we do? Getting into hyperspace?'

'You do know what hyperspace is, wonderful. But unfortunately, we can't, until they cease fire. If we charge hyperspace now we will likely get hit, and it's not good.'

'Well, that hyperspace thing started when I passed by Solid and GUMI Power watching this show, and Dark answered my question regarding the subject.'

Silent thought, unsatisfied "Now Dark is even more patient than me, how disappointing have I become?"

Looking at the cockpit, she also found some other buttons. Her mind redirected back to the Article about the spaceship, and thought it had a shield. Not strong, but a shield.

She activated it. This would help her relax a little.

Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina:

Latts Razzi walked calmly toward the bar. Having done well her latest job, she then had spare credits for some drinks. On her way she found an old… ally and invited her over again for a drink. Well, the other woman accept, of course… who wouldn't?

'Nice to see you again, Razzi. Let this drink celebrate your latest success.'

'It is part of the job; I wonder how you are doing…'

Her partner turned around somewhat intensely and almost dropped her drink.

Latts sighed. What issues does that blasted Farce thing have that affect people? Did she even realize she may look stupid or over worried?

'So, feeling another monster heading this time?' Latts asked sarcastically. Honestly she didn't remember if she met that whatever monster her partner related to last time, and she didn't feel so dangerous.

A mark of amusement placed on the other's face.

'That is to be decided under different perspectives, but I sense a Sith Lord getting angry somewhere in this Galaxy.'

A Sith Lord?

Latts shrugged. She wouldn't want to know what this term means.

"What did she see inside that blasted Farce anyways? Really, need someone get amused when another is angry?"

'Well, but since Dooku wasn't the man that shows much frustrations, it is interesting indeed. By the way, it's the Force, not the Farce.'

Latts looked astonished for a moment, but she banished that look

'Can you please not use the Farce… the Force to read my mind? Are there no rules against that?'

The other replied

'Your thoughts are projected so loudly that I can even hear it, so try not to blame me.'

The bounty hunter would never ask what projecting thought is. This Force thing is annoying.

She didn't know if the other heard it, because her partner didn't say anything this time. Seriously, I need to learn how to stop that.

'So… why is he angry?' Latts asked reluctantly.

Her partner rolled her blue eyes

'You may not want to believe this, but… it seems that he was angry because he failed to defeat some droids those were only made to sing…'


To Latts Razzi at least… but in reality, that was close.

'We are leaving hyperspace General Gallia.' The admiral reported.

'Very well, Admiral. Ladies, we are leaving hyperspace to the place soon.'

'Thank you very much, Master Jedi.' Eria said politely. The Jedi did have some good points, somehow.

Only Eria mattered to look at the situation. The other vocals were stunned to inspect a Star Wars ship. Curiosity made mankind, so she let them free to look around, provided that they do not destroy a single thing.

As the light tunnel started to end, they entered a field of blue lasers.

'What the heck?' Solid shouted.

'Commander Gallia requests you to cease fire! Cease fire!' Adi Gallia nearly shouted to the receiver.

Now when we say external receiver, we mean the one that receive transmission from outside the Republic forces. Man my story telling is confusing!

Anakin received the request from Ahsoka 'Master Adi Gallia requested a cease fire.'

'Then cease fire!' Anakin said in his speaker.

All the Republic ship stopped firing. Silent sighed in relief.

Gallia contacted their ship

'This is General Adi Gallia, please identify yourself.'

Silent replied

'This is Eria Append Silent and Redeemed, we've just escaped the planet of Serenno during our unfortunate travel.'

'Unfortunate indeed' The Tholothian had a hard time identifying what the other said, since her voice was whispery and the transmitter wasn't so good. They really needed better warfare.

'So, all set clear. We are sorry for attacking you.' Anakin said as the two ships had landed.

'It was nothing, Master Jedi, it was just a misunderstanding.' Silent politely replied 'May I ask how your campaign is on going?'

Anakin rolled his eyes

'Not very well, I must admit.'

The others did the same.

'What is exactly… not well?' Eria suggested.

'That…' Anakin gestured. The Vocals leaped forward for a cleaner view.

'How the hell did they get so much robots there?!' Redeemed expressed.

Surely, below there were thousands of droids models gathering. They didn't seem to discover the team, but with that number they could easily overwhelm the republic's force.

They needed something. And it should be quick. Wide area of effect. No physical damage. Damn, what could it be?

The Vocaloids looked at each other

'Sonic Sound'

A/N: well, the idea of sonic sound is kinda crazy and unreal, but I managed. I'm not sure if the effect can truly happen, but let's see.