"You know guys, I think Tahno's from the Foggy Swamp tribe." Korra's statement made Bolin and Mako turn their heads towards Korra as she sat there, looking at the radio as the announcer did a play by play of the match between the Wolf Bats and the Buzzard Wasps. Mako had been stirring something over a pot and Bolin was bathing off Pabu.

"What makes you think that?" Bolin asked. Without missing a beat, Korra said, "Because he's got this vine tattoo on him. Kinda like the ones in the pictures from the swamp." Bolin looked over at Mako, who quirked a brow. "He…doesn't have a tattoo Korra." Mako stated gently, as if Korra had gone crazy. He never remembered seeing any sort of tattoo on Tahno. Bolin pushed his brows together, trying to remember any time that he had seen Tahno with a vine tattoo.

"Yes he does. It's deep green and it looks like it's made of two or three vines winding together." Korra defended. But then it hit her why they probably didn't know about that tattoo. They probably had never seen Tahno fully unclothed. It made sense, considering the vine curled around his upper thigh on his right side, snaking up the crease of his thigh and ending right at the base of his cock. The only reason she knew about it was because her tongue liked to trace it as a tease.

"And where is this tattoo at?" Mako's suspicious voice made her blush and she turned away, trying to hide her face nonchalantly. "I think it's on that skinny ass of his. I overheard some girls talking about it in the market when I was trying to buy some groceries for the air temple." She covered her tracks hastily. Both of them looked at her, as if they weren't quite sure they believed it. However Pabu became a wonderful distraction as he scrambled out of the bowl Bolin had been washing him in. He darted over to Mako, wiggling his way up his pants legs. Korra laughed as Mako jumped back, trying to shake the furry creature out while Bolin tried to keep Mako from jumping around, saying that he was going to hurt Pabu by shaking him like that.


"I almost let our secret spill." Korra confessed as her fingers traced along that vine tattoo. She looked up and Tahno shook his head. "Oh Uh-vatar, what am I going to do with you." he sighed dramatically. She gave a pout as her tongue flicked out to taste skin, trailing along the intricate ink. His fingers threaded through her hair, pulling her closer to where he really wanted her mouth. She continued tracing that vine, enjoying the way he was groaning above her. She continued past the vine at the base of his erect member, letting her tip slide along the underside. He bucked lightly and she placed a gentle kiss on the head before pushing up and letting her lips meet his.

"I think you should punish me." She whispered hotly against his lips. She loved it when he punished her. He smirked and moved to push her onto her back. He lifted one hand, calling forth the vines that climbed along his bedroom wall. He liked to keep home close. Besides, they made excellent bindings. He pushed her hands above her head and she hissed as the moist stands began to wrap around her hands, then wrists, slowly traveling down in a tantalizing pace. He didn't stop until her arms were bound tightly above her. Vines began to snake from under his bed and curled around her feet and traveling up her legs, pulling and spreading her until she lay fully exposed before him. She lifted and rotated her hips in invitation and her gaze made him groan aloud.

"Time for a lesson Uh-vatar. Perhaps next time you'll remember not to have such loose lips." He smirked as a vine shot out and slipped over her mouth. She bared her teeth at him, but he only smirked back.

Tonight was going to be fun.