Jessie: Missing: Luke Ross and Emma Ross

Chapter 1

By: Heamic08

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It was an ordinary day for the Ross kids. Well, as ordinary as it could get.

"Luke! Give me back my phone!" Emma Ross yelled at her younger brother, Luke Ross.

"Psh, heck no! You got so much juicy gossip on here! 'Oh my gosh, Jessica! Derek is sooo cute!' That's gold!" Luke Ross said in his girly voice. Emma glared at Luke and lunged for him, but Jessie stopped them.

"Ok guys, break it up! Luke, give Emma back her cell phone. Emma, give Luke back Kenny the Koala." Jessie told them. They traded their items back.

"Jessie! Can I go to the park?" Luke asked, while putting down Kenny the Koala. Jessie nodded her head.

"As long as Emma can go with you." Jessie said. Luke's mouth fell open.

"What?! Why does she have to go with me?" Luke asked in disgust.

"Because, she has to do a project. Plus, I can't watch after y'all, so you're going to have to watch after yourselves." Jessie said, while turning around and heading back up the stairs. Luke and Emma glared at each other, then walked to the park. They finally got the park. They sat down on a bench and just looked at each other in disgust.

"Listen, I'm sorry for everything I've done." Luke said, while breaking the silence. He looked at Emma and saw her smiling at him.

"Thanks Luke. I'm sorry, too." She said. Luke smiled back at her.

"Umm Emma? Why is that guy staring at us?" Luke asked, while shrinking next to Emma more.

"I don't know, Luke. I just don't know."

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