Meeting the Winchester brothers and Castiel.
Trees, trees everywhere, the leaves on the floor crunching beneath my feet as I ran through the forest. I ran as fast as my legs could take me, keeping the mask on my face, he won't control me again, well not today. My vision blurs as I approach the opening of the forest, focus, I must FOCUS!. Eyesight returns to normal, right in front of me, a children's play park, the swings and many other outdoor toys painted in bright colours. Shit, I've lead him straight to his prey, but he doesn't seem to want them lately, he wants...ME!. Looking behind me I see nothing, just trees that seem to go on forever, wait what's that over there? A figure in a black suit, he's tall, so much taller than me, his face... wait he has no face, he's just a pale tall man with no face, who wears a suit. But he's my master, he needs me, no he doesn't need me, he wants me, he wants me to follow him and do his bidding. Not today,I can't do his bidding today, I promised brown trench coat man I would help him, or at least meet him and tell him what was going on. I blink, he's no longer there, pulling my hood up, I turn back around and watch the children playing, making sure my mask is still on. Skimming the area I notice three grown men sat on a bench, the long haired one appeared to be the tallest yet youngest of the group, the man in the middle,black leather jacket and short dark brown hair, older than the long haired one. Wait! The man on the end... It's brown trench coat man,he mentioned something about people coming with him, maybe his friends? I'm not sure, he didn't specify what they were to him. Do I dare go and talk to trench coat man? I think I will, they need help, only I know what is going on around here. Slowly I step out of the forest, checking behind me every now and then, making sure suit man isn't following me. I look ahead of me, brown trench coat man appears to have noticed me, he begins to talk to the men he's sat with, oh god, they're all looking at me now. Be brave now... keep walking, you can do it. Finally after what feels like an eternity I stand in front of brown trench coat man, mask still on and hood still up,my dull lifeless eyes locking with his eyes which shine like diamonds in the light.
"Hello again" Trench coats rough voice escapes his lips as he looks at me, eyes inspecting my body and attire. My black zip up jacket was covered in mood, and what appeared to be blood, dark blue jeans which were tight, but not too tight were also stained with mud, big black boots covered my feet, perfect for walking long distances in. As for my face, well they couldn't see my face, it was covered by a white porcelain mask, eye sockets painted black, making it look like I had no eyes at all, along with the mouth, painted into a black frown, perfect black arched eyebrows above the eye sockets. All together the mask looked like it was mocking whoever it was looking at, or in trench coat mans eyes, mocking them. Slowly I tilt my head to the side, my way of questioning what was wrong, thankfully trench coat man understood. "We want to know what's happening" The man demanded, the wind blew his short hair slightly, it looked like it was dancing.
"As if they're gonna help us! I bet it's behind all this!" Leather jacket man shouted in annoyance, pointing at me as he said it. I must admit, that actually hurt slightly, but not that much, after all all I am to faceless is a puppet.
"Dean" Trench coat man said rather defensively, glaring at leather jacket man known as Dean. Annoyance clearly written on Dean's face, slowly but shakily I crouch down on the grass in front of trench coat man, a sigh escaping my lips.
"They can't even talk Castiel!" Dean bit back, now glaring at me, shifting awkwardly in the spot, I avert my eyes to the ground. Reaching out I start to play with the grass, leaving Castiel and Dean to quietly argue among themselves.
"Are you ok?" Long brown haired man spoke to me, his voice gentle and reassuring. Looking up at him, I slowly shake my head and look back at the forest, faceless wasn't there...Thankfully. "What's wrong? What can you see?" Long haired man was now being stared at by Dean and Castiel as he spoke to me.
"I..." My voice shaking, it was the first time I had spoke to someone in months "I was running, there's nothing there now" Groaning in annoyance at the fact I had revealed my secret, causing the three men to be more interested in me.
"Running from what?" Long haired man continued to question me, he wasn't pushing me in anyway, he was actually concerned about me. This is new, faceless isn't concerned about me, I know that as soon as he finds me, he'll beat me, although after he does this, he appears to apologize. I don't think he knows what he's doing though, or how to show his emotions.
"I can't say"
"See Sam, she's useless" Dean stood up, he began to walk away but Castiel grabbed him and sat him back down. Even though Dean didn't want to admit it, he wanted to know what was going on, people, adults and children going missing, mainly children. A tall faceless man, dressed in a business suit with tendrils sprouting out his back and no face appearing at random places.
"I'm not useless!" I shout, my eyes locking with Deans "I'm putting my life at risk by speaking to you" I growl, refusing to loose eye contact with Dean "You've seen him haven't you?"
"Who?"Castiel looks at me, clearly interested by what I was saying.
"The faceless man" Eyes still locked with Deans, I notice him tense up when I say this, smirking I laugh slightly, shaking my head at the same time. "He...he wants you"
"What do you mean he wants Dean?!" Sam shouts at me, grabbing me and lifting me up in the air, I start to kick my legs around, an attempt of freedom which is failing.
"The operator, he wants Dean."I choke out, tears welling up in my eyes, The Operator uses his height as an advantage of threatening me. Much like Sam is doing right now, I must admit, I don't know who I am more terrified of. Sam or The Operator. "I can protect you! Keep you safe from him" I blurt out randomly, I wasn't lying though, I knew I could keep him away from Dean.
"Sam put her down!" Castiel and Dean demand at the same time, Sam drops me to the floor, grunting in pain as the ground below comes into contact with my injured leg.
"Promise you'll help me?" Dean crouches down to my height, a twinkle in his eyes showing that he really wants me to help him. He was scared of The Operator, much like I am, the one thing me and Dean have in common, is The Operator.
"Yes" I choke out, lifting up my right jeans leg, I examine the wound which is now bleeding again. I trace the blood which is trailing down to my ankle, suddenly I feel myself being pulled up to my feet. Looking both ways I notice Dean and Castiel holding me up and Sam stood in front, smiling apologetically. "It's fine, you want to protect Dean. I understand"
"What's your name?" Sam smiles at me, awkwardly Dean and Castiel start leading me back to the black Chevrolet Impala.
"Sarah" I stutter out my name as Castiel sits in the back of the car with me. "My name is Sarah" The car purrs into life as Dean twists the key in the ignition. "Where are we going?" I question the three men as they pull onto the highway.
"Taking you back to the hotel. Gonna fix your leg, and hopefully find out more about this Operator" Dean glances back at me in the rear view mirror. "Can you take that mask of?" I quickly shake my head as soon as Dean says mask, I won't reveal my face to them just yet. As far as I'm concerned, the mask is my face.
And this is how I escape the wrath of The Operator with the help of the Demon Hunters, Sam and Dean Winchester, and The Angel of The Lord...Castiel.