The truth about Slender?
It's now been 2 hours since Faceless made himself welcome in our hotel room, Deans still out cold thanks to the sleeping tablets. As for me, Sam and Castiel, we've been sat in silence for those 2 hours, making those 2 hours drag painfully by. Dean begins to stir his his sleep, Sam immediately shoots up and runs over to Deans side, making sure he's ok. Everything's fine,Faceless won't bother us until he gets bored of chasing his other victims, the ones who welcome his presence a lot more than we do.
"What happened?" Dean glances over at me, a pained expression on his face, sighing, I stand up and slowly walk over to Dean. "Tell me what happened!"
"He came,toyed with you for a while, and took his anger out on me, It's normal for him" Dean looks up at me, for some reason he appears to be sorry, laughing slightly I place a hand on his shoulder "Don't worry, no serious damage"
"What did he do to you then?" Dean smiles slightly, slowly he stands up, he stays in one place for a few seconds, regaining his balance.
"Just threw me against the wall. Makes a change from a tree" That's it, you go ahead and joke about being hurt. Dean winces slightly, he looks at both Castiel and Sam who are stood next to each other, listening to our conversation.
"Did you check to see if Sarah has suffered any serious injuries"
"And how are we going to explain to a nurse, if I end up in a hospital. Oooh a tall faceless man wearing a suit threw me against the wall" I rudely interrupt Dean, a smirk on my face, I just want to get some food.
"We have to tell them the truth?" Castiel looks at me, tilting his head to the side questioningly,everyone just stares at him in awe.
"They won't believe us" Sam shakes his head slightly in disbelief "I know you're an angel and all that Cas, but I'm sure Sarah will be able to look after herself"Sam and Dean look over at me expectantly, slowly I nod my head, unzipping my jacket to reveal a black tee-shirt, with a strange symbol on it. Lifting up my tee-shirt slightly, I begin to press on my rib cage, feeling for any breaks or fractures, thankfully it was just bruising. "So you said you was hungry earlier, lets go down to the café" Sam and Dean walk out the door, the walk to the café was quiet, me and Castiel walked together, all we could do was look at the floor.
"We have a problem"Dean looks over at me, I instantly understood what he was talking about,reaching up I press my hands against my mask. Tracing my fingers along the edges, I lift the mask up to reveal my face, pale like the rest of my body, a small scar crosses the left side of my lip. My hazel eyes had no emotion to them, thanks to the months of running from Faceless, and him controlling me. For some strange reason Sam, Dean and Castiel couldn't help but stare at me, I wasn't exactly what you would call pretty, I was average if I'm completely honest with you.
"Uhm, where do I put it?" I ask the three men awkwardly, Sam and Dean clear their throat, both of them hold a hand out to me. Looking over at Castiel, I hold the mask out to him, gently he takes the mask out of my hand, his fingers trace every ridge of it gently, as if he wanted to remember what it was like. "I haven't taken my mask of in months" We all sit at a table, Sam and Dean on one side, me and Castiel across from them.
"So do you have a car?" Dean randomly asks me, as I skim read the menu, a small smile forms on my lips, as I remember the two cars I unfortunately left behind. I knew if I took one of them wherever I ran too, someone would notice that something was wrong with me, instead I decided to use any form of public transport I had the money for.
"I have two" Sam and Deans eyes were focused on me, as for Castiel, he wouldn't stop looking out of the window. Something was on his mind, I could tell, I wasn't going to say anything, I had a feeling he would tell us...eventually.
"So what you got then?" Sam smiles politely at me, I could tell that he and Dean wanted to find out more about me, as I did them.
"Well the main car I use is a Range Rover, as for the other car, a kitted up Ford Fiesta" I grin as Dean smiles appears to grow bigger as I mention my cars. Castiel was now listening to the conversation, although you could tell he wasn't remotely interested, he had no need to know about this information.

"Kitted up you say?" Dean randomly sticks his tongue out at me as I pull out my keys, each one had a mini photo of my cars. "Nice Fiesta. What year is it?"
"She" I randomly correct Dean, which causes Sam to laugh and Dean to look at me rather shocked "1994. The reason why she's black and green, I actually have no idea. It seemed like a good plan at the time"
"Well at least it suits the body"Sam smiles at the waitress, she couldn't keep her eyes of Dean, this didn't seem to bother him. I'm guessing he's a ladies man, he has got the looks for it, and well his personality seems fine. After ordering what we wanted, the conversation carried on as we waited for our food and drinks to arrive at our table.
"Got a job?" Sam asks me politely, resting his elbows on the table, then propping his head up with his hands.
"I did have one. I used to work for a secret government organization called Third Echelon, part of the C.I.A." Sam and Dean stare at me in shock, yes it was a strange job for someone who was being stalked by the Slenderman, but it was my dream job.
"Wow" Sam and Dean said at the same time as each other, clearly in shock. "How on earth did you get into that job?"
"A friend of my fathers was the top agent there, he volunteered to train me, and well that's how I got the job" I thank the waitress as she places the food and drink on the table, immediately I dive into my food, the first proper meal I had in months.
"How did he become interested in you?" Castiel says firmly, his eyes locking with mine, just how exactly did the Slenderman become interested in me? Well you're about to find out, of course I'm going to shorten it, I wouldn't want to bore you.
"I got involved with the wrong people in my free time, they was interested in demons and all that stuff. I remember one time, they decided to summon one, I don't know who or what it was, but I have a feeling it's still roaming around" Pushing the now empty plate away from me, I slouch down in my chair, an attempt to get comfy. "But I remember seeing Faceless as a child, children are his main prey, although he only wanted to play. As I got older, I saw him less and less. But the legend says he'll stalk you until you die, which I think he is doing with me."
"Well I don't remember seeing him when I was younger" Dean looks at me confused, just what exactly did Faceless want with Dean, was there something about him I needed to know? Why exactly was Castiel hanging around with them, he's an angel, and hanging around with us humans.
"Have you seen this symbol anywhere?" I point the the symbol on my tee-shirt, a circle with a x/cross through it, the mark of Slender.
"Once, some random guy in a black balaclava drew it on me with air" Dean shrugs his shoulders, it didn't seem to bother him. A guy in black balaclava, if it had a red sad face painted on it, that's the proxy who is supposed to be making sure I do what Slender wants. What on earth is Hoodie doing making random people victims of Faceless.
"This is the mark of Slender, it either protects people from him,or draws him to you. For me it does both, seeing as though I'm a proxy"
"So he's always following you?" Sam looks at me concerned, obviously about me and Dean "What if you take the top off?" Pulling down the left front side of my tee-shirt, just to my shoulder, I reveal a scar exactly like the mark of Slender.
"Have no choice, pretty much scarred for the rest of my life. The main thing I want to know about you three is" I turn around to look at Castiel,our eyes lock again "Why are you with these two?"
"Dean was in hell, I dragged him back" Castiel didn't seem moved by what he had just said, this is exactly what Faceless wants. He wants to put Dean back in his place, well that's what I think, only way to find out,is to sneak out at night whilst everyone's asleep, and meet him in the local woods.
"Right"I say rather awkwardly as I stand up, taking out my wallet I place some money on the table, and walk out of the café, leaving Sam, Dean and Castiel to talk among themselves.

There you are, a little back story about me and my life. You will eventually find out more about me, well that's if I'm willing to tell you.