It was dark so they stopped for a rest; David had already got some water from the river, ready to pour into the PadThai. Tally and David never spoke on the way; she was going to have to attempt to start a conversation… "How long left on the PadThai?" she asked softly, "another minute I think, you alright after that long ride?" They'd been travelling for 7 hours non-stop. "Okay and yeah, you?" She looked around but there was no David, then suddenly he came from behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist like he used to, this moment felt special to Tally. He pulled her down to the floor kissing her neck. "David," she whispered, "I love you…" David's face lit up in the darkness, his eyes as shiny as the stars in the midnight sky. "Tally, I love you even more," she felt herself blushing. They both sat up staring into each other's eyes , this is what she wanted, her and David to be together, forever, no one getting between them, just the two of them out in the wild.

After a while they found themselves talking about babies, how weird it would be to look after a littlie in the wild. "You know if we had a child?" Tally asked sweetly, "what would you call it?" David's face lit up again like before, " if we had a boy id call it Zane, just for you beautiful, then… well if we had a girl you could pick" Tally smiled, he knew how much Zane had meant to her, memories came flooding back of the moments she'd spent with him, but this time they didn't feel special, she knew who she wanted to be with and that was David. "Awrh, David that really touched me," a tear trickled down her cheek as she lent to kiss him on the forehead; David gently wiped the tear away with rough fingertips. Tally couldn't imagine where she would be without David, she found her blue lips slowly moving towards his, their bodies together, his hands slid around her neck holding her closer, she put her long skinny arms around his muskily waist, making sure he didn't pull away. Tally felt a shiver go down David, they parted for breath, Tally looked up to see David wiping away tears from his pale eyes, what had she done Tally wondered? "David, are you alright?" she was extremely concerned, Tally had never saw David cry, not even when Az died… "Yeah, I'm fine, it's just the fact we haven't done this in almost four years, I've really missed…" he couldn't finish, tears were streaming out of his swollen eyes, Tally huddled him into a hug, kissing him lightly wiping away his tears. "Missed what babeey?" she whispered into his ear holding him even tighter, "I've missed holding you; I hated knowing you wasn't by my side. I was so afraid when you went for the operation, I couldn't bare thinking you might of forgotten all the times we had together, that's why I couldn't give you the pills in case you didn't remember me, I remember the first time I saw you in the white clouds of weeds, I thought to myself, that girl is beautiful!" He managed to control his crying, Tally felt his heartbeat easing, she released her grip slowly, they both walked into the freezing tent and sat on the damp floor across from each other, "it hurt so much thinking about you being with someone else that made you happier than I ever will, I care about you so much, I guess I just don't want this to end!" David was starting to cry again and so was Tally, she scooched over to where he sat and lent her head on his bare chest, Tally felt safe being next to David, they'd been apart for so long…

Tonight was enough for one night so they snuggled down next to each other in their cosy sleeping blankets. "Night David," Tally had no reply, she turned to her left to find him fast asleep, David looked like a baby, tally out her arm over his chest and fell to sleep almost instantly.

The next morning she felt herself falling, then suddenly her eyes opened, she'd been in a deep sleep. As her vision cleared she saw David hovering over her, "everything alright sleepyhead?" he asked softly, she couldn't find her voice so she nodded. David crouched down holding her hand; he kissed her lips carefully, trying not to fall on top of her rather slim body. Tally unzipped her sleeping bag and sat up slowly. She smelt PadThai cooking outside, she kissed David on the cheek and they both crept out of the green tent, the sun was glistening high up in the sky directly above them.

Tally and David set of straight after they had finished their breakfast (even if it was a little bit late) "David, you know we were talking about having children last night?" Tally questioned, "yeah?..." David replied. "Well what if we had children, I'm 20 now and your 22, don't you think it's a good time to start a family?" David's face was a light bulb; it was shining so brightly, "you really want to start a family with ME?" he asked. Tally smiled and let out a little chuckle, she couldn't believe what she'd just said but this is what she wanted to do. They decided to have a rest even though they'd only been riding for half an hour. David still looked shocked at what Tally had said. David hadn't said a word since Tally had told him that she wanted to start a family. "Did you really mean what you said?" David questioned nervously, "of course I did! You're the man I want in my life till the day I die," Tally said softly, he looked down at her, their eyes met as he finished his food. "You're so sweet, as well as beautiful," Tally laughed, nobody had ever said that to her, not even when she was a pretty. She gestured David over to where she sat, Tally felt his body heat as he moved closer, she felt safe. Tally grabbed hold of his hand that he was holding out in front of him. Suddenly she was lifted to her feet. As she found her balance she felt David's icy hands spreading across her bum cheeks.

This was the perfect moment to tell him, "David, we need to talk," she whispered anxiously. They held hands as they slowly walked into the tent that was falling apart. Tally and David sat down, still holding hands firmly, Tally could see David was nervous, "David, I need to tell you something…"